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Boston, MA
Boston, MA

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This week is full of Boston fun! Enjoy the solar eclipse and Boston Marathon festivities plus many more FREE things to do around the city.

1) 128th Boston Marathon (Mo) bit.ly/ji-p

2) Boston Marathon Fan Fest (Fr-Su) bit.ly/iv1-

3) Happy Hour Market (We) bit.ly/-WqZ

4) Solar Eclipse Parties in Boston (Mo) bit.ly/jt-o

5) Cisco Seaport Opening Day (Th) bit.ly/49yz

6) MFA College Night (Th) bit.ly/5T-o

7) Eclipse Party in Cambridge (Mo) bit.ly/3vF-

8) One Boston Day (Fr-Mo) bit.ly/Na-9

9) Boston Marathon Festivities (Mo-Mo) bit.ly/It-j

10) Arboretum Cherry Blossoms (Fr) bit.ly/4cK-

11) Aeronaut Astronomy on Tap (Th) bit.ly/-1vl

12) Loneliness Epidemic Talk (Mo) bit.ly/7-p1

13) Marathon Finish Line Fun (Fr-Su) bit.ly/4c1-

14) Small Mart Vintage Market (Sa) bit.ly/-IT9

15) Art Exhibit Reception (Th) bit.ly/4-r1

16) Marathon Daffodil Dash (Sa) bit.ly/4-9l

17) Sam Adams Marathon Wknd (Fr-Su) bit.ly/4t-i

18) Make a Marathon Sign (Su) bit.ly/laI-

19) Eclipse Party in Chelsea (Mo) bit.ly/3x-R

20) Back Bay Magnolia Tour bit.ly/-Po9

21) Eclipse @ Larz Anderson (Mo) bit.ly/4a1-

22) Boston Marathon Expo (Fr-Su) bit.ly/3-g0

23) Red Sox Watch Party (Tu) bit.ly/-6o1

24) Watch Eclipse @ Fenway CC (Mo) bit.ly/3l-B

25) Solar Eclipse @ The Anchor (Mo) bit.ly/1-sW

26) Opening Day @ Sam Adams (Tu) bit.ly/0li-

27) Art in Progress Party (Th) bit.ly/3-8z

28) Spring Blooms in Boston bit.ly/-l1K

29) Spanish Convo Practice (We/Fr) bit.ly/4cL-

30) House of Carbs Party (Su) bit.ly/e-4c

31) Wine Tasting (Th) bit.ly/3TnU

32) Spring Fashion Show (Th) bit.ly/4c0G

33) Music & Art Showcase (Sa) bit.ly/zFj-

34) Jam Popup @ Curio (Sa) bit.ly/3xl-

35) Trident Tea Tasting (Th) bit.ly/kS-Y

36) Beat Wknd @ The Liberty (Fr/Sa) bit.ly/4aMv

37) Marathon Shakeout Run (Sa) bit.ly/49p-

38) 19 Famous Movie Locations bit.ly/Th-0

39) Chocolate Popup @ Curio (Su) bit.ly/Gw-D

40) Museum Family Day (Sa) bit.ly/4c-j

41) Famous Boston Literary Spots bit.ly/jI1-

42) 20+ Live Music Nights in Bos bit.ly/-bbk

43) Country Music @ BPM (Fr) bit.ly/4aG-

44) 5 Places to Work Remotely bit.ly/iy-i

45) Make Friends in Boston P1 bit.ly/Fr-i

46) Make Friends in Boston P2 bit.ly/2-pt

47) Flamenco Dance Class (Tu) bit.ly/4p-1

48) BPL Art & Arch Tour (Mo-Su) bit.ly/3NS-

49) Poetry Open Mic (Su) bit.ly/3xj-

50) Live Music @ the Liberty (Mo) bit.ly/-KxV

51) SoWa Sundays (Su) bit.ly/4cgA

52) 9 Unique Boston Book Clubs bit.ly/l1-I

53) Film Networking Conf (Fr-Su) bit.ly/3vI-

54) Organ Concert (Tu) bit.ly/9ak-

55) Irish Music @ The Burren (Mo) bit.ly/4aM-

56) Coffee Tasting (Fr) bit.ly/-Jd1

57) Musical Bingo @ BPM (Th) bit.ly/4aJh

58) Latin Dance Fiesta (Sa) bit.ly/3vy-

59) Moving in Community (Mo) bit.ly/4c-l

60) Recital @ King’s Chapel (Tu) bit.ly/3v-2

61) Star Gazing @ BU (We) bit.ly/-sKF

62) Writing Workshop (Mo) bit.ly/4-q7

63)Self-guidedGraffitiTour bit.ly/f-4v

64) Sensory-friendly USS (Su) bit.ly/3Jd-

65) BPL Library Card Perks (Mo-Su) bit.ly/-l-k

66) Comedy @ GrandTen (Su) bit.ly/4aMQ

67) Jug Band Jam (Tu) bit.ly/-Vu1

68) RuPaul Watch Party (Fr) bit.ly/49t-

69) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) bit.ly/9T8g

70) BPM Tour & Tasting (Tu/Fr) bit.ly/3uf-

71) Harvard Art Museums (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-5Yw

72) ‘Finding Armenia’ Showing (We) bit.ly/KvLi

73) Comedy @ White Bull (We) bit.ly/4a-p

74) Trivia @ BPM (We) bit.ly/3x-C

75) Jazz at a Brewery (Th) bit.ly/4aJz

76) Friday Night Trivia (Fr) bit.ly/4cM-

77) Music Composer Panel (We) bit.ly/-7em

78) Freedom Runners (Tu) bit.ly/4cN-

79) Bingo @ Fenway CC (Fr) bit.ly/7a-U

80) Comedy @ Union Tavern (Tu) bit.ly/4cLN

81) D&D @ Aeronaut (Sa) bit.ly/l5-j

82) Nov Project: Harvard Stairs (We) bit.ly/4nK-

83) 30+ Trivia Nights in Boston bit.ly/-BAZ

84) Trivia @ PKL (We) bit.ly/SeE-

85) Meditation Gathering (We) bit.ly/-pvF

86) Porch Jam Sundays (Su) bit.ly/cGd-

87) Karaoke @ Roxy's (We) bit.ly/8l-K

88) Live Music @ PKL (Sa) bit.ly/0a-U

89) Venture Café Gathering (Th) bit.ly/-mLy

90) Seaport Smalls (Sa) bit.ly/8Gsd

91) Make with MAAM (Sa) bit.ly/F-aE

92) Jeff Jam Sing-a-long (Fr) bit.ly/w-Si

All FREE experiences this week: bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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04/08/2024 07:00:00 04/15/2024 23:00:00 America/New_York 92 FREE things to do in Boston this week: Apr 8–15, 2024 <p>This week is full of Boston fun! Enjoy the solar eclipse and Boston Marathon festivities plus many more FREE things to do around the city.</p><p><br></p><p>1) 128th Boston Marathon (Mo) <a href=... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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