Monday, Aug 08, 2022 7:00a -
Sunday, Aug 14, 2022 11:00p

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Check out 90 of the coolest no-cost events under the August sun (and moon). 

1) Madonna Della Cava Feast (Fr-Su) https://bit.ly/-iIi

2) ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Outside (Th/Sa) https://bit.ly/-Jus

3) August Moon Festival (Su) https://bit.ly/-ofu

4) Aeronaut Allston Beach Party (Sa) https://bit.ly/-D7s

5) Liberty Hotel Yappier Hr (Mo/We) https://bit.ly/-Pns

6) Concerts in the Courtyard (We) https://bit.ly/-Xs3

7) ‘Get Out!’ in Copley (Th) https://bit.ly/-zZ8

8) August Moon Hike (Th) https://bit.ly/-Kgh

9) Full Moon Comedy (Fr) https://bit.ly/-7Ft

10) Under the August Moon (Su) https://bit.ly/-Xhf

11) ZUMIX Summer Concert (Su) https://bit.ly/-Dhb

12) Somerville Yart Sale (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Tm2

13) curds&co Birthday (Sa) https://bit.ly/-4rw

14) Campsite Concert Series (Th) https://bit.ly/-Qrh

15) Amp Up Boston Concert (We) https://bit.ly/-Zis

16) New Narratives Series (Sa) https://bit.ly/-G2h

17) ‘Fast Five’ on the Greenway (We) https://bit.ly/-Bsw

18) Reproductive Justice (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Pfw

19) Red Sox Author Talk (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Vks

20) ‘Selma’ on the Harbor (Su) https://bit.ly/-Xhs

21) Family Flicks: ‘Tangled’ (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Hfr

22) Jazz in the Park (Th) https://bit.ly/-Wxh

23) Live Music in Roxbury (Tu) https://bit.ly/-N2e

24) Art, Wine & Cheese (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Cqe

25) Cinema Strange (We) https://bit.ly/-shH

26) Condon Shell Concert (Th) https://bit.ly/-Ysw

27) SoWa Open Market (Su) https://bit.ly/-MfN

28) ICA Harborwalk Sounds (Th) https://bit.ly/-Dbh

29) ‘I Was I Am I Will Be’ (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bh2

30) Saborcito Dancing (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Bs2

31) Folk Dancing in Copley (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Vw7

32) ‘The Bachelorette’ + Beer (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Jt2

33) Animals Like Us Concert (Su) https://bit.ly/-Bhs

34) Health Center Celebration (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Ow7

35) Greenway Art Tour (Tu/Sa) https://bit.ly/-Xwd

36) Free Outdoor Concerts (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-V9s

37) Best Picnic Spots (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-3LB

38) Free Fitness Classes (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-9uo

39) Outdoor Line Dancing (We) https://bit.ly/-Zy5

40) Bike Commuting Basics (We) https://bit.ly/-9sr

41) Sculptor Talk Online (We) https://bit.ly/-D2h

42) Peach Festival (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Ose

43) Comedy & Music Festival (Sa) https://bit.ly/-g6r 

44) Move with MAAM (Sa) https://bit.ly/-BhI

45) MIT Art Tour (We) https://bit.ly/-dgr

46) Coffee Networking (Th) https://bit.ly/-Aye

47) Family Registers Lithographs (Th) https://bit.ly/-IiL

48) Thursdays on the Lawn (Th) https://bit.ly/-Vsh

49) SPL Crafting (Th) https://bit.ly/-Rfh

50) Free Wine Tasting (Th) https://bit.ly/-Nrw

51) Business Workshop (Mo) https://bit.ly/-C7t

52) Simpsons Trivia (Th) https://bit.ly/-v8s

53) Music @ the Liberty (Mo) https://bit.ly/-l8t

54) SPL Writing Workshop (Mo) https://bit.ly/-S8t

55) Union Tavern Comedy (Mo) https://bit.ly/-7tT

56) ParkARTS Concerts (Mo/We) https://bit.ly/-X6r

57) Longfellow House Concert (Su) https://bit.ly/-Cl6 

58) Summer in the City (Tu-Th) https://bit.ly/-Bh8

59) The Lawn on D (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-3kD

60) ICA Watershed (Tu-Su) https://bit.ly/-3n8

61) JP Tour (Sa) https://bit.ly/-buH

62) Boston Landing Open Mrk (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Dx8 

63) Cultural Night (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Mu8

64) Virtual Writing Workshop (Tu) https://bit.ly/-ghB 

65) Trivia @ Local 149 (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Os2

66) Summer Film Series (Tu) https://bit.ly/-thS

67) Mayor’s Movie Nights (Tu) https://bit.ly/-z3s 

68) Fitness for Seniors (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Wb8

69) Buddha Philosophy (We) https://bit.ly/-Gha

70) Free Thursdays @ the ICA (Th) https://bit.ly/-Xh2

71) Bebop Open Mic (Th) https://bit.ly/-MpB

72) ‘The Heart of Paris’ (Th) https://bit.ly/-fb2

73) Live Music @ the Burren (Fr) https://bit.ly/-W3e

74) Sip & Stitch (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Tms

75) Hingham Shipyard Concert (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Jo3

76) ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Vs3 

77) Jen Kearney Band (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Ofj

78) JP Run (Sa) https://bit.ly/-8rw

79) Chinatown Lion Dances (Sa) https://bit.ly/-8fr

80) Sounds of Fort Warren (Sa) https://bit.ly/-It4

81) The Makanda Project (Sa) https://bit.ly/-4It

82) Gardening Workshop (Sa) https://bit.ly/-5rT

83) Harvard Art Museums (Su) https://bit.ly/-Tbh

84) Jazz @ Spectacle Island (Su) https://bit.ly/-OsH

85) Eliot Schoolyard Concert (Su) https://bit.ly/-vsK

86) Open Coworking (Mo-Fr) https://bit.ly/-Shb

87) Plant Monitoring (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Pfs 

88) Home Art Show (Th) https://bit.ly/-bhS 

89) Fun Run (Su) https://bit.ly/-Wby

90) ICA Teen Night (We) https://bit.ly/-PfI

All FREE experiences this week: https://bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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08/08/2022 07:00:00 08/14/2022 23:00:00 America/New_York 90 FREE things to do in Boston this week <p>Check out 90 of the coolest no-cost events under the August sun (and moon). </p><p><br></p><p>1) Madonna Della Cava Feast (Fr-Su) <a href="https://bit.ly/-iIi">https://bit.ly/-iIi</a></p><p>2) ‘... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY