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Keep your calendar (and wallet) full with our picks for 90 FREE things to do around Boston this week... and don't forget The Boston Calendar is partnering with Lyft to provide 50% off a ride up to $10 to the Ignite Global Street Food and Fire Festival. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Fire + Food Festival (Sa) http://bit.ly/---5dn
2) North End Feast (Fr-Su) http://bit.ly/---9eh
3) Boston African Festival (Sa) http://bit.ly/---d7h
4) August Moon Festival (Su) http://bit.ly/---3hk
5) Mayor’s Movie Night (Mo) http://bit.ly/---x5h
6) Inman Sq Movie Night (Th) http://bit.ly/---s4b
7) GospelFest @ City Hall (Su) http://bit.ly/----1hb
8) Nick Cave Art Opening (Th) http://bit.ly/---2hb
9) Free Shakespeare (Fr-Su) http://bit.ly/---3hj
10) Free Fun Fridays (Fr) http://bit.ly/---c9
11) Georges Island Cruise (Sa) http://bit.ly/---d7m
12) Int’l Movie Night (Fr) http://bit.ly/---c7p
13) Hyde Sq Movie Night (We) http://bit.ly/---a6y
14) Assembly Row Movie (Sa) http://bit.ly/---3hv
15) Pru Family Films (Sa) http://bit.ly/---2hp
16) Hairspray @ Faneuil Hall (Th) http://bit.ly/---5ha
17) Hatch Shell Flicks (Fr) http://bit.ly/---p6v
18) Movies by Moonlight (Fr) http://bit.ly/---p7j
19) Mercury Orchestra (We) http://bit.ly/---2hk
20) Landmarks Orchestra (Su) http://bit.ly/---3pr
21) Share the Harbor Cruise (Mo) http://bit.ly/---3hy
22) ICA Harborwalk Sounds (Th) http://bit.ly/---q3h
23) ZUMIX Concert (Su) http://bit.ly/---3wd
24) Free ICA Thursdays (Th) http://bit.ly/----24h
25) Pay-what-you-can MFA (We) http://bit.ly/---15b
26) SoWa Open Market (Su) http://bit.ly/---w4f
27) Salsa in the Park (Mo) http://bit.ly/---b4i
28) Astronomy After Hours (Fr) http://bit.ly/---a5v
29) BU Open Observatory (We) http://bit.ly/---2yf
30) Castle Island Yoga (Sa) http://bit.ly/---2hn
31) Assembly Row Yoga (Sa) http://bit.ly/---3hp
32) Franklin Park Yoga (Sa) http://bit.ly/---s4y
33) Greenway HIIT (Mo) http://bit.ly/---4jm
34) RiverFit Zumba (Tu) http://bit.ly/----s6o
35) shrINK at Underground http://bit.ly/---d7k
36) RiverFit Lynx (We) http://bit.ly/---c6u
37) Sunset Yoga (Th) http://bit.ly/---2ha
38) FIT on the Garden (We) http://bit.ly/---8hm
39) Old Ironsides Yoga (We) http://bit.ly/---a3w
40) Summer Barre Class (Th) http://bit.ly/---s6q
41) Off the Record (Fr) http://bit.ly/---x6y
42) Free Punk Show (Sa) http://bit.ly/---q4a
43) Gypsy Jazz Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---w4j
44) Crossings Gallery (Th) http://bit.ly/---a2h
45) Moon Rocks Concert (Sa) http://bit.ly/---1hg
46) Sing Out Strong (Th) http://bit.ly/---s5f
47) ParkARTS Concert (Mo) http://bit.ly/---b4q
48) Regattabar Free Series (Mo) http://bit.ly/---d6n
49) Science by the Pint (Mo) http://bit.ly/---c5n
50) Revere Beach Movie (Th) http://bit.ly/---b4d
51) Saturdays on Spectacle (Sa) http://bit.ly/---3gm
52) Music and Literature (Mo) http://bit.ly/---d6k
53) ‘Detective Pikachu’ (Su) http://bit.ly/---3ub
54) Columbus Park Movie (Su) http://bit.ly/---1dh
55) Cityside Comedy (Mo) http://bit.ly/---d6l
56) Tango in the Park (Sa) http://bit.ly/---q5f
57) Mini Kite Fest (Sa) http://bit.ly/---3jm
58) Disco Fridays (Fr) http://bit.ly/---v4p
59) Hyde Park Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---1hs
60) Kendall Square Concert (Tu) http://bit.ly/---s5b
61) Latin Music Series (Th) http://bit.ly/---1hm
62) Pop-Soul Tuesday (Tu) http://bit.ly/---s6p
63) ‘Swipe Right for Murder’ (Fr) http://bit.ly/---c6a
64) ‘Lobster War’ Screening (Tu) http://bit.ly/---a5f
65) Schitt’s Creek Trivia (Mo) http://bit.ly/---x5x
66) Settlers of Catan (Mo) http://bit.ly/---d3h
67) The November Project (We) http://bit.ly/---6rm
68) Winthrop Sq Yoga (Su) http://bit.ly/---2hv
69) Race for the Planet (Su) http://bit.ly/---7hg
70) Rooftop Lynx (We) http://bit.ly/---z5v
71) Summer Dance Series (We) http://bit.ly/---a5y
72) Cambridgeside Fitness (We) http://bit.ly/---a2t
73) Rooftop Cooking Class (We) http://bit.ly/---1gb
74) Moonlighters Club (Fr) http://bit.ly/---q5c
75) Brews + Brown Dog (Su) http://bit.ly/---b4f
76) Atlantic Wharf Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---v5r
77) Makanda Project (Sa) http://bit.ly/---e5u
78) BOS Calling Block Party (Th) http://bit.ly/---v6t
79) BPL Concert (We/Fr) http://bit.ly/---a1q
80) ‘Hello Girls’ @ Trident (We) http://bit.ly/---g4g
81) Hidden Art Gallery (Th) http://bit.ly/---q1j
82) Davis Museum Film (Th) http://bit.ly/---3hn
83) Comedy Studio Jazz (Th) http://bit.ly/---b5h
84) Market Test Kitchen (Fr) http://bit.ly/---3ha
85) Dancing on the Row (Fr) http://bit.ly/---z6
86) CCTV Screening (Th) http://bit.ly/---4cc
87) Ping Pong Tourneys (Su) http://bit.ly/----4hb
88) Outdoor Fitness Classes (Mo-Fr) ​http://bit.ly/---5j6
89) Outdoor Concerts (Mo-Fr) http://bit.ly/---4if
90) Outdoor Movies (Tu-Fr) http://bit.ly/---4iz

All free events this week: http://bit.ly/2ODOxcc

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ZunCAj

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