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88 things to do in Boston this weekend through New Year’s Day 🎉

1) First Night ​Boston http://bit.ly/---2Iq
2) Ice Sculpture Stroll http://bit.ly/---3fI
3) Boston Harbor Fireworks ​http://bit.ly/---2Ia
4) First Flag Raising http://bit.ly/---6Ii
5) Copley Pyrotechnics Show http://bit.ly/---2Id
6) NYE at Committee (no-cover) http://bit.ly/---2Ih
7) Frog Pond Spectacular http://bit.ly/---2If
8) “Great Escape” NYE http://bit.ly/---2Il
9) Boston Common Fireworks http://bit.ly/---2Is
10) New Year's Day Hangover Buffet http://bit.ly/---6If
11) Free Concert: Boston Baroque http://bit.ly/---5It
12) Free Intro to Yoga http://bit.ly/---4Ic
13) Champagne & Hot Dogs ​http://bit.ly/---5Iw
14) Sweat It Out Mobile Sauna http://bit.ly/---5Iy
15) Taproom Yoga at Night Shift http://bit.ly/---5ln
16) Winter Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---4Ix
17) Art Gallery Closing Reception http://bit.ly/---5Is
18) Union Sq. Donuts Brew Brunch http://bit.ly/---6Ir
19) Spoko Pierogi Pop Up http://bit.ly/---4Im
20) World’s Fair 1940/3040 http://bit.ly/---2Iw
21) Detroit Rock-Cade NYE http://bit.ly/---2Iz
22) NYE at Bow http://bit.ly/---2It
23) NOTICE: Art Displayed http://bit.ly/---4Iq
24) Anni. of the Battle of HMS Java http://bit.ly/---4Ib
25) "Secret Garden" at Liberty http://bit.ly/---2Ig
26) NYD Vegas Brunch Buffet http://bit.ly/---6Ig
27) New Year’s Day Recovery Brunch http://bit.ly/---6Ih
28) New Year’s Day Bike Ride http://bit.ly/---6Ij
29) Night Shift New Year’s Brunch http://bit.ly/---6Ik
30) First Day Hike at Blue Hills http://bit.ly/---6Il
31) New Year’s Day Brunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---6Iw
32) New Year’s Vegan Banquet http://bit.ly/---6It
33) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones http://bit.ly/---6Iy
34) Happy New Year, PAGU! http://bit.ly/---2Ij
35) Basic AF NYE http://bit.ly/---2Ic
36) Bowling into the New Year http://bit.ly/---2Iv
37) Lamplighter 80s Prom http://bit.ly/---2Ir
38) Soulelujah NYE http://bit.ly/---2Iy
39) An Italian Masquerade http://bit.ly/---3ia
40) Royal Masquerade Ball http://bit.ly/---3Ls
41) Annual Brew Year's Eve http://bit.ly/---3Le
42) Gin 101 at Our Fathers http://bit.ly/---5Ia
43) Friday Night Flights http://bit.ly/---3Ii
44) Otis Grove at Down the Road http://bit.ly/---3Io
45) Metal Brunch at Short Path http://bit.ly/---5Im
46) Yoga at Remnant Brewing http://bit.ly/---5Iq
47) Patriots Bingo at Slumbrew http://bit.ly/---5Ir
48) Ellis Paul at Club Passim http://bit.ly/---5Iu
49) Michelle Wolf at the Wilbur http://bit.ly/---3Lz
50) 40 South St. NYD Sale http://bit.ly/---6Iq
51) Wasted Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---3Ip
52) Sketchy Holiday Ha-Ha http://bit.ly/---5Ih
53) Paint & Edibles Night http://bit.ly/---4Ih
54) Bad Rabbits with STL GLD http://bit.ly/---4Ij
55) Social Knit Night at Third Piece http://bit.ly/---3Iu
56) Disney On Ice: ‘Dream Big’ http://bit.ly/---4Ia
57) The Rihanna Experience at MoS http://bit.ly/---4It
58) ‘Black Panther’ Screening http://bit.ly/---4Id
59) Kate Matzell at the Lilypad http://bit.ly/---4If
60) Hot Chocolate Cruise http://bit.ly/---4In
61) BUMP: Improvised Musical http://bit.ly/---4Iy
62) The Silks at Bull McCabe’s http://bit.ly/---4Ii
63) ‘90s Party at the Milky Way http://bit.ly/---4Io
64) The Ballroom Thieves at Royale http://bit.ly/---5Id
65) Christmas with The Stampede http://bit.ly/---5If
66) Hop Along at Paradise http://bit.ly/---5Ig
67) Prince Tribute at the Wilbur http://bit.ly/---5Ij
68) The Gravel Project at Aeronaut http://bit.ly/---5Ik
69) Riot Improv http://bit.ly/---5Il
70) New Year's Eve Eve Eve http://bit.ly/---5Iz
71) The Curtis Mayflower http://bit.ly/---5Ix
72) Mendoza Line Comedy Show http://bit.ly/---5Ic
73) Love Strangers Duo http://bit.ly/---5Iv
74) Soulelujah at the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---5Ib
75) Greg Klyma at Aeronaut http://bit.ly/---4Iw
76) ‘Two Mile Hollow’ http://bit.ly/---4Il
77) ImprovBoston’s CageMatch http://bit.ly/---4Iu
78) Dirty Disney http://bit.ly/---4Iz
79) Boston Swing Central http://bit.ly/---4Ie
80) Mark Normand at Laugh Boston http://bit.ly/---4Is
81) Radiohead Experience at MoS http://bit.ly/---4Ig
82) Doom Lover at BMH http://bit.ly/---4Ik
83) KERPLUNK! at the Rockwell http://bit.ly/---4Iv
84) Twiddle NYE Concert http://bit.ly/---3lo
85) Liquid Courage Comedy http://bit.ly/---5Io
86) New Year’s Eve EVE at Oberon http://bit.ly/---5Ip
87) Jamaica Pond First Day Parkrun http://bit.ly/---6Is
88) Arts First Day 2019 http://bit.ly/---6Id

All weekend events: https://bit.ly/2s0MCAg

FREE NYE events in Boston: http://bit.ly/2SPy0ie

Curated list of NYE events: http://bit.ly/2S62U6c

All 12/31 events in Boston: http://bit.ly/2Bkqh4N

Happy New Year!

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12/28/2018 09:00:00 01/01/2019 19:00:00 America/New_York 88 things to do in Boston this weekend through New Year’s Day 🎉 88 things to do in Boston this weekend through New Year’s Day 🎉 1) First Night ​Boston http://bit.ly/---2Iq 2) Ice Sculpture Stroll http://bit.ly/---3fI 3) Boston Harbor Fireworks ​http://bit.... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY