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Make the most of the last weekend before Christmas with our picks for 88 things to do around Boston -- and don't forget to enjoy 50% off a ride up to $10 to Boston Snowport, courtesy of Lyft and The Boston Calendar. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Boston Snowport http://bit.ly/---snb
2) Holiday Ice Show http://bit.ly/---msd
3) Winter Wonderland http://bit.ly/---iny
4) Soulelujah Xmas Bash http://bit.ly/---jbr
5) Daybreaker BOS http://bit.ly/---prw
6) ‘Elf’ @ Trident http://bit.ly/---jxc
7) ‘Die Hard’ @ the Coolidge http://bit.ly/---ujv
8) Beer & Carols http://bit.ly/---osr
9) Common Menorah Lighting http://bit.ly/---mdj
10) Charlie Brown Christmas http://bit.ly/---knh
11) ‘White Christmas’ http://bit.ly/---qgi
12) Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker http://bit.ly/---8nb
13) Urban Nutcracker http://bit.ly/---jxq
14) Mateo Ballet’s Nutcracker http://bit.ly/---7nfv
15) Holiday Pops http://bit.ly/---jwr
16) Christmas Celtic Sojourn http://bit.ly/---gcj
17) ART: ‘Thumbelina’ http://bit.ly/---mze
18) Cocoa & Carols Cruise http://bit.ly/---ard
19) Holiday Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/---hcb
20) Holiday Brunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---j3x
21) Holiday Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/---8mh
22) Irish Christmas Carol Cruise http://bit.ly/---zoe
23) The Anchor’s Winter Garden http://bit.ly/---xtg
24) Holiday Buzz Market http://bit.ly/---ira
25) Maccabee Bar @ Backbar http://bit.ly/---n5t
26) Puerto Rican Holiday http://bit.ly/---une
27) Piebad @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/---izg
28) Lil Jon House Party http://bit.ly/---hnc
29) Hanson @ House of Blues http://bit.ly/---kzv
30) Chadwick Stokes http://bit.ly/---bds
31) Disney on Ice http://bit.ly/---mxv
32) 'A Christmas Carol' http://bit.ly/---n6r
33) Dolly Parton’s Christmas Carol http://bit.ly/---nf
34) The Sweetback Sisters http://bit.ly/---umc
35) ART: ‘Moby-Dick’ http://bit.ly/---vyg
36) Holi-dogs Costume Parade http://bit.ly/---jxh
37) Have a Heart Day http://bit.ly/---dgw
38) Urbanity Dance Classes http://bit.ly/---mht
39) ‘Die Hard’ @ CultureHouse http://bit.ly/---mjy
40) ‘Friends’ Pop Up http://bit.ly/---tla
41) 'Murder on the Orient Express’ http://bit.ly/---m2r
42) ‘Oliver!’ http://bit.ly/---nq2
43) Apollinaire Theatre Co http://bit.ly/---mds
44) Miracle at the Marlowe http://bit.ly/---5rw
45) Harvard Sq Holiday Fair http://bit.ly/--ikj
46) Sippin’ Santa @ Shore Leave http://bit.ly/---8qy
47) Art at Ten Essex http://bit.ly/---zmf
48) Winter Wellness Walk http://bit.ly/---ogc
49) Free Rock Climbing http://bit.ly/---wqt
50) Mistletoe Art Fair http://bit.ly/---8gd
51) Music on the Row http://bit.ly/---k8h
52) Disco Holidaze Party http://bit.ly/---3eg
53) Winter Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---ziv
54) Holiday in Roxbury http://bit.ly/---ite
55) The Tarbox Ramblers http://bit.ly/---mjd
56) The Nightcap Standup http://bit.ly/---nsd
57) HolidAY Tent http://bit.ly/---6cg
58) ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ http://bit.ly/---ugv
59) Boston Gay Men’s Chorus http://bit.ly/---ivs
60) A Ho-Ho Heroes http://bit.ly/---mwr
61) Wrap it Up! Market http://bit.ly/---pty
62) Yoga @ Lamplighter http://bit.ly/---jxf
63) Yoga @ Remnant http://bit.ly/---y3b
64) Skate with Santa http://bit.ly/---nre
65) Make a Gingerbread House http://bit.ly/---unc
66) Cirque Us Benefit Show http://bit.ly/---kcf
67) Ugly Sweater Party http://bit.ly/---ung
68) Copilot @ Beat Brew Hall http://bit.ly/---mhx
69) S&M Comedy Show http://bit.ly/---ivd
70) Sip+Stitch http://bit.ly/---pxg
71) Back Bay Chorale http://bit.ly/---its
72) Irish Music Session http://bit.ly/---iwg
73) Drink Up, Grinches http://bit.ly/---ife
74) Hot Dog Fest http://bit.ly/---jnd
75) Disco Fridays http://bit.ly/---vfx
76) Craftwoods @ Atwood’s http://bit.ly/---ntw
77) Anderson Comedy Holiday http://bit.ly/---mdc
78) The Gas Comedy http://bit.ly/---zqe
79) Good Luck Fest 2 http://bit.ly/---zjs
80) Holiday Hootenanny http://bit.ly/---yoa
81) Harry Potter Trivia http://bit.ly/---urs
82) Solstice Celebration http://bit.ly/---fchh
83) Holiday Burlesque http://bit.ly/---jgr
84) History of Psych Abuse http://bit.ly/---5wr
85) Lululemon Run Club http://bit.ly/---kcg
86) Jamaica Pond Parkrun http://bit.ly/---ocg
87) Seaport Interactive Art http://bit.ly/---qrh
88) Eastie on Immigration http://bit.ly/---rhs

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2EAV3bu

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2EvBHol

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