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Make the most of the last weekend of spooky season and the first weekend of November with our picks for 88 things to do in Boston -- and don't forget to enjoy 50% off a ride up to $10 to the MFA First Fridays, courtesy of Lyft and The Boston Calendar. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) MFA First Fridays http://bit.ly/---5wk
2) Dia de los Muertos Parade http://bit.ly/---a2c
3) ICA First Fridays http://bit.ly/---uwd
4) SoWa First Friday http://bit.ly/---o4f
5) Peabody Museum DotD http://bit.ly/---8gr
6) DotD @ Bow Market http://bit.ly/---b6z
7) Massachusetts Cheese Festival http://bit.ly/---j5h
8) Post 390 Donut Throwdown http://bit.ly/---4hy
9) ‘RENT’ @ Boch Center http://bit.ly/---8ye
10) Ink Spot Festival http://bit.ly/---j9k
11) Free Rock Climbing http://bit.ly/---1hc
12) Haunted Houses http://bit.ly/---5hg
13) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---dtc
14) Fall Foliage Spots http://bit.ly/---y6g
15) Fall Foliage Brunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---sdj
16) Fall Foliage Lunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---ysg
17) Fall Foliage River Cruise http://bit.ly/---pnr
18) Boston Harbor Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/---p4d
19) Aeronaut Pindrop Sessions http://bit.ly/---4ms
20) Ultimate Tailgate Party http://bit.ly/---9uq
21) Renegade Craft http://bit.ly/---4wq
22) Puppet Palooza http://bit.ly/---4qr
23) Monster Ball @ Oberon http://bit.ly/---8re
24) Downton Murder Mystery http://bit.ly/---n7e
25) The Summoning @ Backlash http://bit.ly/---5ux
26) Halloween Crypt Tours http://bit.ly/---7kq
27) Halloween Pub Crawl http://bit.ly/---9ks
28) Halloween Party Cruise http://bit.ly/---8sx
29) DotD @ Casa Cana http://bit.ly/---j5n
30) Collection of Horrors by Poe http://bit.ly/---j4t
31) ‘Coco’ @ More Than Words http://bit.ly/---b4c
32) Galloween @ the Gallows http://bit.ly/---i6a
33) Fall Foliage Spots http://bit.ly/---y6g
34) Empty Bowls Art Fundraiser http://bit.ly/---w6w
35) Haitian Art Sale http://bit.ly/---k8x
36) Pints & Poses for Pups http://bit.ly/---3uq
37) Yoga @ Remnant Brewing http://bit.ly/---p8f
38) Saturday Beach Yoga http://bit.ly/---2kq
39) Ogilvy Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/---8ws
40) Artists Guild Opening http://bit.ly/---7kr
41) After Hours @ Harvard Books http://bit.ly/---8gy
42) Tipsy Chocolate Tour http://bit.ly/---q1d
43) Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka http://bit.ly/---q6j
44) Improvised History http://bit.ly/---8da
45) Puppet Palooza http://bit.ly/---j8f
46) Soulelujah @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---w3u
47) Viking Feast @ Magoun’s http://bit.ly/---7nd
48) Two Truths and A Lie http://bit.ly/---8kb
49) Brighton SuperHero Gala http://bit.ly/---4ud
50) ‘The Princess Bride’ http://bit.ly/---g5x
51) ‘Falling Out Of Time’ http://bit.ly/---6wy
52) Comedy Party @ Zone 3 http://bit.ly/---7mx
53) Odyssey Opera http://bit.ly/---5jv
54) Seu Jorge @ Berklee http://bit.ly/---o2y
55) Nico Rivers @ Atwood’s http://bit.ly/---8fy
56) Whisky Blind Tasting http://bit.ly/---n6h
57) CultureHouse Film Friday http://bit.ly/---b5w
58) Pedro Martinez Fndn Gala http://bit.ly/---6sx
59) Power Health Tour http://bit.ly/---u9g
60) Music Under the Dome http://bit.ly/---9sy
61) JP Licks Art Reception http://bit.ly/---9eq
62) Compost Compendium http://bit.ly/---o9m
63) Sign Painting Demo http://bit.ly/---j2a
64) Tomes of Terror http://bit.ly/---5ci
65) Eataly Restaurant Fest http://bit.ly/---k8c
66) Hustle Culture Con http://bit.ly/---j6k
67) Japan-US Science Forum http://bit.ly/---b4w
68) Punkin Chunkin Quincy http://bit.ly/---u3d
69) DotD Family Concert http://bit.ly/---6cs
70) The Makanda Project http://bit.ly/---i7a
71) Good Bands on Sundays http://bit.ly/---f5b
72) Original Vinyl Show http://bit.ly/---g4o
73) Learn to Screen Print http://bit.ly/---9aq
74) PurpleStride Boston http://bit.ly/---8qk
75) CIC Gaming Marathon http://bit.ly/---8eq
76) Waltham Mills Open Studio http://bit.ly/---7ky
77) Cambridge Half Marathon http://bit.ly/---m8c
78) Brass Brunch @ W Boston http://bit.ly/---j3a
79) BarkHappy Boston http://bit.ly/---u6n
80) Hideout Comedy http://bit.ly/---4gi
81) Owl Prowl http://bit.ly/---a6u
82) Talking Turkey http://bit.ly/---5nf
83) ISGM Concert Series http://bit.ly/---4wy
84) Create the Change Day http://bit.ly/---9wk
85) Boston Civic Symphony http://bit.ly/---8qs
86) The Art of Leadership http://bit.ly/---n5d
87) ‘We Design’ http://bit.ly/---4ef
88) Skip the Small Talk http://bit.ly/---g5e

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/331Qstx

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2BWN0oi

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