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You only get one weekend a week, make the most of it with our picks for 87 things to do in Boston this weekend -- including FREE oatmilk ice cream, NOTCH Boston’s grand opening, a cider popup in a shipyard, Somerville ArtBeat, and much more...

Friday, 7/9: 79º 🌧
Saturday, 7/10: 75º 🌤
Sunday, 7/11: 77º ☁️

1) Free Oatmilk Ice Cream & More http://bit.ly/--OAT
2) NOTCH Boston Grand Opening http://bit.ly/--KlI
3) Downeast Outdoor Cider Garden http://bit.ly/--kRz
4) Owl’s Nest Assembly Now Open http://bit.ly/--JIt
5) ICA Summer Sessions http://bit.ly/--Kre
6) ArtBeat 2021 http://bit.ly/--kRv
7) Esplanade Dock Party http://bit.ly/--Krs
8) Concerts in the BPL Courtyard http://bit.ly/--Krr
9) Double Zero on Newbury Opening http://bit.ly/--Krb
10) Spectacle Island Disco Party http://bit.ly/--kR8
11) ICA Watershed 2021 http://bit.ly/--RJy
12) Free HIIT at Harpoon http://bit.ly/--kRe
13) Top 14 Rooftop Bars in Boston http://bit.ly/--yAy
14) 32 Beer/Wine Gardens in Boston http://bit.ly/--jIx
15) Live Music @ Lawn On D http://bit.ly/--Kr1
16) 'The Shining' at a Psych Hospital http://bit.ly/--kRl
17) Jane Austen Garden Party http://bit.ly/--kRs
18) Cruise Aboard a Tall Ship http://bit.ly/--kRa
19) Free Salsa Dance Lesson http://bit.ly/--kRx
20) Live Music @ The Porch http://bit.ly/--kRd
21) Free Outdoor Workout w/ a DJ http://bit.ly/--KRz
22) Trivia Night @ Trident http://bit.ly/--jK2
23) Grilled Cheese Popup + Beer http://bit.ly/--jK3
24) Free Yoga in the Garden http://bit.ly/--Krc
25) Meet the Birds of Prey http://bit.ly/--Kru
26) Comedy @ Democracy Brewing http://bit.ly/--kRn
27) Storytelling Show @ the Armory http://bit.ly/--kRr
28) BNB Flea Market in JP http://bit.ly/--Krf
29) Free Jazz Concert @ Starlight Sq http://bit.ly/--kRc
30) Yoga for a Cause in the Fens http://bit.ly/--kRh
31) Bootcamp & Brunch in Seaport http://bit.ly/--kRk
32) 11th Annual Teddy Bear's Picnic http://bit.ly/--Kr9
33) SoWa Open Market http://bit.ly/--kR9
34) Mission Hill Arts Festival http://bit.ly/--kRm
35) SoWa Second Sunday http://bit.ly/--kR0
36) Drag Brunch @ Kimpton http://bit.ly/--kRq
37) Pay What You Want @ Clover http://bit.ly/--jK5
38) McGregor vs. Poirier at a Bar http://bit.ly/--jK1
39) Lesbian/Queer Brewery Party http://bit.ly/--kRj
40) CX Fit: Free Outdoor Workouts http://bit.ly/--Krj
41) OnPoint Improv to Benefit BLM http://bit.ly/--kRo
42) MA VaxMillions Giveaway http://bit.ly/--1M
43) Concerts on the Lawn in Quincy http://bit.ly/--kRy
44) Free HarborFit Outdoor Workout http://bit.ly/--Kr2
45) Outdoor Archery @ the Gore http://bit.ly/--Krh
46) Cardio Dance @ Carson Beach http://bit.ly/--kRt
47) After 5 Social: Patio Party http://bit.ly/--Krw
48) July Beach Cleanup w/ Everlane http://bit.ly/--kRf
49) Summer Picnic Concerts http://bit.ly/--Krq
50) Aerial Restorative in a Hammock http://bit.ly/--Kr7
51) Taste of Cambridge & Somerville http://bit.ly/--Kr3
52) Free Yoga in Franklin Park http://bit.ly/--kR2
53) The Comedy Studio @ Vera’s http://bit.ly/--Rig
54) Saturday @ Powisset Farm http://bit.ly/--kR6
55) Union Square Farmers Market http://bit.ly/--kR3
56) Meet the Maker: Berkshire Roots http://bit.ly/--kR5
57) Open Memorial Drive http://bit.ly/--KIF
58) Free HIIT in the Navy Yard http://bit.ly/--Krx
59) Walking Tour of Monument Sq http://bit.ly/--Krd
60) Outdoor Yoga on the Charles http://bit.ly/--Krn
61) Brighton Farmers Market http://bit.ly/--Kr6
62) Outdoor Fitness @ The Street http://bit.ly/--RJz
63) Boston Parks Summer Fitness http://bit.ly/--INi
64) Donate Blood @ CambridgeSide http://bit.ly/--Krp
65) Tour of the Entire Freedom Trail http://bit.ly/--Kro
66) Malden Summer Music Series http://bit.ly/--Kr4
67) Kayaking on the Charles https://bit.ly/--tm1
68) Seaport Sweat Outdoor Fitness http://bit.ly/--yK7
69) BOS Summer Fitness Challenge http://bit.ly/--KTi
70) Public Garden Swan Boats http://bit.ly/--Tpc
71) Free Workout in the Park http://bit.ly/--Krv
72) Ferry Service to Spectacle Island http://bit.ly/--jVo
73) Boston Open Market @ Copley http://bit.ly/--Krg
74) Free Waterfront Sunset Flow http://bit.ly/--Kr0
75) Free Workout in the Navy Yard http://bit.ly/--kRp
76) Yoga in the Beer Garden http://bit.ly/--Krm
77) Comedy in the Navy Yard http://bit.ly/--kRi
78) Dance Heels w/ Tara Brown http://bit.ly/--Kr8
79) Ben & Jerry's Community Party http://bit.ly/--kRb
80) Historic House Museums Talk http://bit.ly/--Krt
81) Popportunity Pop-Up Shops http://bit.ly/--kRg
82) Taverns to Tea Houses Tour http://bit.ly/--kRu
83) Farmers Markets Around Boston http://bit.ly/--Yi2
84) Yoga Overlooking Fenway Park http://bit.ly/--kR7
85) Yoga @ Pier's Park http://bit.ly/--kR1
86) Greenway Artisan Market http://bit.ly/--Krk
87) Beach Yoga w/ daisyface flow http://bit.ly/--Kry

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/3dmCgmu

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