Monday, Oct 17, 2022 7:00a -
Sunday, Oct 23, 2022 11:00p

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Fall is in full swing! Celebrate with Boston’s 87 best FREE experiences this week. 

1) Head of the Charles (Fr-Su) https://bit.ly/-HzB

2) USS Constitution Birthday (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Jzb

3) Independent Comics Expo (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Ybi

4) Haunted History Slam (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bzl

5) Spooky Book Fair & Beer (Tu) https://bit.ly/-8Bs

6) Fall Foliage in Boston (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-Jh2

7) SoWa Open Market (Su) https://bit.ly/-Czb

8) Drinking & Drawing (We) https://bit.ly/-8Ps

9) Pao Arts Cello Performance (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Zxb

10) Boston Style Expo (Sa) https://bit.ly/-BzG

11) Suicide Awareness Walk (Sa) https://bit.ly/-B8m

12) Coding for Girls (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Zb9

13) Coding for Women (Su) https://bit.ly/-BzB

14) Makers’ Market (Su) https://bit.ly/-Siz

15) Ukrainian Foodfest (Su) https://bit.ly/-Fzb

16) Growing Center Yard Sale (Sa) https://bit.ly/-UBz

17) Cider Hill Farm Fall Fridays (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Az7

18) Free Wine Tasting (Th) https://bit.ly/-9Vx

19) Free Thursdays @ The ICA (Th) https://bit.ly/-Nz9

20) Sam Adams Trivia (Th) https://bit.ly/-UbZ

21) Breakfast Beats (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Vz0

22) Bach Cantata BWV 199 (Su) https://bit.ly/-Kzb

23) Maya Heritage (Th) https://bit.ly/-Kzo

24) Media and Murder (Mo) https://bit.ly/-B8p

25) U.S. Marine Band Concert (Tu) https://bit.ly/-V8L

26) DEI Summit (Sa) https://bit.ly/-NbI

27) Boston Philharmonic Class (Sa) https://bit.ly/-BzK

28) ‘Black Narcissus’ (Th) https://bit.ly/-Pzb

29) Healing & Play & Art (Th) https://bit.ly/-Ch8

30) State Senate Discussion (Mo) https://bit.ly/-B8B

31) White Fragility (Mo) https://bit.ly/-BsL

32) Native Archeology (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Qb8

33) Wilson Farm Pumpkin Wall https://bit.ly/-G8X

34) Quincy Quarries (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-Wbo

35) Rare Book Talk (Tu) https://bit.ly/-B0s

36) Art, Wine & Cheese (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Jzk

37) Oceans & Climate Change (Th) https://bit.ly/-Iba

38) Practical Philosophy (Th) https://bit.ly/-BzL

39) Free Health Screenings (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Gz8

40) Prison Book Program (Tu) https://bit.ly/-V8z

41) Book Talk @ The Umbrella (Tu) https://bit.ly/-B8x 

42) Fenway Comedians (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bzp

43) Photo Book Market (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Mbz

44) Women Gallerists (Su) https://bit.ly/-Bz9

45) Artist Demonstration (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Sb8

46) Opioid Project (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Bzi

47) South Boston Comedy Night (Th) https://bit.ly/-Yzi 

48) Make with MAAM (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Lbz

49) BP Running Club (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Ir7

50) Virtual Dance Fit (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Mg8

51) Affordable Housing Guide (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Bs9 

52) Free Goofs on a Monday (Mo) https://bit.ly/-B8P

53) Da Boneyard Exhibit (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-Mgt

54) Portraits of Pride (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-H8g

55) Echoes of Light (We-Su) https://bit.ly/-Ksb 

56) The Arnold Arboretum (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-BJ6

57) “Doctor, I’m Dizzy” (Tu) https://bit.ly/-B8l

58) Financial Wellness Wrkshp (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Bsp

59) Fall Yoga (Tu) https://bit.ly/-F8z

60) Evening Meditation (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Vs8

61) Boston Skyline Chorus (Tu) https://bit.ly/-G5x

62) Virtual Writing Workshop (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Bsn

63) Comedy @ The Jungle (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Vwr

64) Slow Flow Yoga (We) https://bit.ly/-Vz8

65) Virtual Zumba (We) https://bit.ly/-7If

66) ‘Nagasaki’ Book Talk (We) https://bit.ly/-B8z

67) Homebuyer Workshop (Th) https://bit.ly/-Xcv 

68) The Alzheimer's Gene (Th) https://bit.ly/-Nz8

69) Trinity Organ Concert (Fr) https://bit.ly/-3Yi

70) LGBTQ+ Meditation (Fr) https://bit.ly/-ey7

71) 90s Karaoke @ Lily’s (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Xvb

72) Open Memorial Drive (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Bzn

73) Jamaica Pond Run (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Hzm

74) Outdoor Morning Yoga (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Lzb

75) Gentle Yoga (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Nzb

76) Aviation Acad, Open House (Sa) https://bit.ly/-iJi 

77) Healing Through Dance (Sa) https://bit.ly/-BzF

78) Women’s Film Club (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Zbd

79) Young Dancers Open House (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Czk

80) Author Talk (Sa) https://bit.ly/-BzP

81) Compaq Big Band (Sa) https://bit.ly/-ZbL

82) Harvard Art Museums (Su) https://bit.ly/-Uzb

83) Language of Leaves (Su) https://bit.ly/-Bzd

84) Harvard Art Museums Tour (Su) https://bit.ly/-Bzk 

85) Enlightenment Prints (Su) https://bit.ly/-NBz

86) Online Artist Talk (Su) https://bit.ly/-JBz

87) Fenway Flea (Su) https://bit.ly/-CzL

All FREE experiences this week: https://bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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10/17/2022 07:00:00 10/23/2022 23:00:00 America/New_York 87 FREE things to do in Boston this week <p>Fall is in full swing! Celebrate with Boston’s 87 best FREE experiences this week. </p><p><br></p><p>1) Head of the Charles (Fr-Su) <a href="https://bit.ly/-HzB">https://bit.ly/-HzB</a></p><p>2)... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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