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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 86 things to do in Boston -- and don't forget to enjoy 50% off a ride up to $10 to the Harvard Square Taste of Chocolate Festival, courtesy of Lyft and The Boston Calendar. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Taste of Chocolate Festival http://bit.ly/----ox
2) Don't Ask Don't Tell Anniversary http://bit.ly/----us
3) The Wave Boston Day Party http://bit.ly/---7qw
4) Beer Flights + Donut Bites http://bit.ly/----jm
5) RV & Camping Expo http://bit.ly/----qr
6) GrandTen Fire Puncher Day http://bit.ly/----ht
7) Art Battle Boston http://bit.ly/----ug
8) Lion Dance @ JFK Library http://bit.ly/---jsd
9) ICA Play Date: We Belong http://bit.ly/----hx
10) Night Tubing and Brewery Trip http://bit.ly/----jzh
11) ‘80s Apres Ski Party http://bit.ly/----jv
12) Australia Day Party http://bit.ly/----af
13) Chinese New Year http://bit.ly/---qoh
14) Nikki Glaser http://bit.ly/----ka
15) G. Love & Special Sauce http://bit.ly/----yd
16) ART: 'Gloria: A Life’ http://bit.ly/----db
17) ‘The Shadow Whose Prey...’ http://bit.ly/----qc
18) SpeakEasy Stage: ‘Pass Over’ http://bit.ly/---u6w
19) 'Bright Half Life' http://bit.ly/----nx
20) New Rep Theatre: 'Hair' http://bit.ly/----tv
21) Cary Elwes @ Chevalier Theatre http://bit.ly/----dv
22) Free Total Body Workout http://bit.ly/----hj
23) Free Tennis Lessons http://bit.ly/----gc
24) Grand Cognac Tasting http://bit.ly/----tr
25) The Fresh Rave http://bit.ly/----hv
26) Dirty Disney @ Bow Street http://bit.ly/---ahx
27) A CATpella Festival http://bit.ly/----nq
28) Ice Cream Sundae Bar http://bit.ly/---jr
29) Punk Rock Aerobics http://bit.ly/----jd
30) Yoga @ Remnant Brewing http://bit.ly/----sh
31) Hip Hop Yoga @ Lamplighter http://bit.ly/----nk
32) Winter Wildlife Cruise http://bit.ly/----gr
33) ‘The Blob’ @ the Coolidge http://bit.ly/----zd
34) Metal Yoga @ ONCE http://bit.ly/----5j
35) Yoga @ Night Shift http://bit.ly/----5h
36) Catalysts Dance http://bit.ly/---nfj
37) Bos Conservatory: Ex-Movere http://bit.ly/---znd
38) Field Day @ Lizard Lounge http://bit.ly/---nsa
39) Boston Youth Symphony http://bit.ly/----uk
40) Live Woodwind Trio http://bit.ly/----bh
41) Photography Opening http://bit.ly/---dm
42) Boston Modular Showcase http://bit.ly/----brg
43) Belmont Art Opening http://bit.ly/----hq
44) Wood Sign Workshop http://bit.ly/----8hy
45) Somerville Night Live http://bit.ly/----gx
46) Hideout Comedy http://bit.ly/---qh
47) The Gas Comedy http://bit.ly/----jz
48) The Nightcap Stand Up http://bit.ly/----hc
49) Midway Cafe Comedy http://bit.ly/----nf
50) Lobby Libations Class http://bit.ly/----ju
51) Bacon + Beer http://bit.ly/----jf
52) CBC Barleywine Fest http://bit.ly/----jt
53) We Banjo 3 http://bit.ly/----qt
54) Somerville Farmers Market http://bit.ly/----nu
55) Cambridge Farmers Market http://bit.ly/----vh
56) Roslindale Farmers Market http://bit.ly/----qh
57) Dorchester Farmers Market http://bit.ly/----fd
58) Short Path Smoke Show http://bit.ly/----zj
59) Design Museum Mornings http://bit.ly/---n4h
60) Lamplighter Hot Dog Fest http://bit.ly/---hqw
61) Wild & Scenic Film Fest http://bit.ly/----yb
62) Boxaree Warehouse Weekend http://bit.ly/---paq
63) Soulelujah @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/----qd
64) Disco Fridays http://bit.ly/----ux
65) Good Bands on Sundays http://bit.ly/----jq
66) Mozart + Haydn http://bit.ly/----oz
67) Charity Bowling Event http://bit.ly/----hd
68) Hot Chicken Pop Up http://bit.ly/----qm
69) Bollywood Fridays http://bit.ly/----kz
70) Onesie Party @ Blend http://bit.ly/----dh
71) PMC Winter Cycle 2020 http://bit.ly/----kx
72) From Puerto Rico to Boston http://bit.ly/---ry
73) Winter Wellness Walk http://bit.ly/----jx
74) Phoenix Rock Climbing http://bit.ly/----th
75) Indie Exposure http://bit.ly/----js
76) ThotBot @ Bow Market http://bit.ly/---3at
77) Irish Music Sessions http://bit.ly/----hf
78) Open Kitchens 2020 Launch http://bit.ly/----gd
79) Yuna @ City Winery http://bit.ly/---4wx
80) Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer http://bit.ly/----yf
81) Good Bands on Sundays http://bit.ly/----jq
82) EJ Carey @ Time Out http://bit.ly/----yc
83) TEDxNatick http://bit.ly/----uz
84) Lululemon Run Club http://bit.ly/----qx
85) Danehy Park 5K Run http://bit.ly/----aj
86) Black Studies Reading http://bit.ly/----pv

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2NRpjEf

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2RlYHgZ

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