Friday, May 15, 2020 5:00a -
Sunday, May 17, 2020 11:30p

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Boston, MA

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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 85 virtual and streaming things to do in Boston:

1) Friday Live at Five http://bit.ly/---phf
2) Restaurant Strong Telethon http://bit.ly/---vnn
3) FB + IG Graduation 2020 http://bit.ly/---2au
4) Graduate Together http://bit.ly/---jas
5) Nacho Average Showdown http://bit.ly/---kfs
6) Flour Bakery IG Series http://bit.ly/---4vr
7) ICA Sunday Brunch Jams http://bit.ly/---4ax
8) Rebel Rebel Wine School http://bit.ly/---wdo
9) SoWa IG Vintage Market http://bit.ly/---2wv
10) Katy Perry on Amazon Live http://bit.ly/---b5i
11) Jason Isbell + Amanda Shires http://bit.ly/---wwn
12) Corb Lund + Colter Wall http://bit.ly/---zqs
13) Rachael Price + Taylor Ashton http://bit.ly/---2ao
14) Prince and the Revolution Live http://bit.ly/---hsm
15) Gimme Shelter Virtual Concert http://bit.ly/---kxe
16) The Channel Concert Series http://bit.ly/---ams
17) Low Cut Connie http://bit.ly/---ag4
18) Dykes on Mics http://bit.ly/---3fw
19) ART Off the Wall http://bit.ly/---oft
20) Harpoon Virtual 5-Miler http://bit.ly/---4tt
21) Box, Brunch & Beats http://bit.ly/---ked
22) Scullers Living Room Live http://bit.ly/---zwg
23) The Boston Pops At Home http://bit.ly/---qzs
24) BSO Heroic Performances http://bit.ly/---ykq
25) 'Slave 4 U' Choreography http://bit.ly/---ptb
26) Nelly vs. Ludacris http://bit.ly/---n5
27) Rainbows and Riots http://bit.ly/---2yd
28) Weird Local Film Festival http://bit.ly/---zz7y
29) The Talk Show @ ONCE http://bit.ly/---nxg
30) QuaranTUNES Virtual Party http://bit.ly/---arp
31) Virtual Wine Dinner http://bit.ly/---nxf
32) Jimmy Fund Bingo Night http://bit.ly/---2ma
33) Birding @ Emerald Necklace http://bit.ly/---2wq
34) Burn The Quarantine 15 http://bit.ly/---n5x
35) Public Art in the Digital Age http://bit.ly/---3ta
36) MoS Virtual Planetarium http://bit.ly/---jwq
37) Aeronaut Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---yqy
38) Remnant Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/--ysk
39) New Wave Yoga http://bit.ly/---25t
40) Paridaez Go Move http://bit.ly/---8ta
41) Twilight Slow Flow Yoga http://bit.ly/---xqf
42) HEROES Twitch Live Stream http://bit.ly/---zkh
43) Vinyasa with Live Violin http://bit.ly/---2zx
44) Human Variety Hour http://bit.ly/---cks
45) In Good (ac)Company http://bit.ly/---w9q
46) Dave Derby @ ONCE http://bit.ly/---pxa
47) Sundays are for Soul http://bit.ly/---2wy
48) Passim Streams: Isa Burke http://bit.ly/---7wm
49) RevelsConnects http://bit.ly/---6cy
50) Tunes at Noon http://bit.ly/---3tk
51) Comedy Studio Live http://bit.ly/---tzq
52) ImprovBoston on Twitch http://bit.ly/---znh
53) Dungeons and Dropkicks http://bit.ly/---a8v
54) Walter Sickert's Bunker Buds http://bit.ly/---9pf
55) ONCE Broadcast Bingo http://bit.ly/---kfm
56) Dumplings and Wontons http://bit.ly/---mpt
57) Cooking Live (From Home) http://bit.ly/---6zj
58) Thai Curry at Home http://bit.ly/---8yg
59) Virtual Chocolate Show http://bit.ly/---dkf
60) Happy Hour Spanish http://bit.ly/---2xb
61) A Far Cry Concert http://bit.ly/---7xa
62) RiotX Virtual Event http://bit.ly/---bhs
63) Beers with the Brewers http://bit.ly/---z4i
64) ComedySportz All-Stars http://bit.ly/---nbs
65) Puppet Showplace Slam http://bit.ly/---3md
66) Laughing Liberally http://bit.ly/---3dk
67) Harvard Books: Joanne Ramos http://bit.ly/---pcw
68) Tertulia Virtual http://bit.ly/---2tw
69) How to Make a Ribbon Lei http://bit.ly/---zhh
70) The Story Collider http://bit.ly/---8d
71) Apollinaire at Home http://bit.ly/---zvr
72) Coast to Coast Roast http://bit.ly/---jph
73) Unbound Arts: Wellness http://bit.ly/---qug
74) Boston Theater Marathon http://bit.ly/---rtp
75) Coolidge Virtual Screenings http://bit.ly/---mkj
76) Boston Ballet Online http://bit.ly/---3cm
77) Brattle Virtual Rep Series http://bit.ly/---chd
78) Somerville Virtual Cinema http://bit.ly/---eym
79) Cambridge Art Exhibit http://bit.ly/---jda
80) Social Distancing Gallery http://bit.ly/---rgd
81) EmpowerHER Virtual Market http://bit.ly/---njd
82) FeministFuturist @ BCA http://bit.ly/---nxs
83) AFH Social Distance Gallery http://bit.ly/---hjv
84) Concert for Our City http://bit.ly/---jeb
85) See You Yesterday http://bit.ly/---cqb

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3fO1hGx

All weekend events: https://bit.ly/2zzphMZ

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05/15/2020 05:00:00 05/17/2020 23:30:00 America/New_York 85 virtual and streaming things to do in Boston this weekend You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 85 virtual and streaming things to do in Boston: 1) Friday Live at Five http://bit.ly/---phf 2) Restaurant Strong Teleth... Boston +, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY