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Make the most of your week without breaking the bank with our picks for 84 FREE things to do in/around Boston. You're welcome.

1) Sledding in/around Boston http://bit.ly/--mIl
2) Free Omni Theater (Fr) http://bit.ly/--lIr
3) A.R.T. New Year Celebration (Su) http://bit.ly/--fjl
4) Harvard Sq Chinese New Year (Su) http://bit.ly/--gjl
5) Mardi Gras at a Distillery (Tu) http://bit.ly/--lIj
6) Intro to Fermentation (Tu) http://bit.ly/---lIa
7) Salsa @ Faneuil Hall (Th) http://bit.ly/--jId
8) Wine-Down Tasting (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIf
9) Int’l Women's Day @ EF (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIh
10) Women in Boston Tech (We) http://bit.ly/---kjl
11) Pizza & Pitching (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIz
12) Bach Cantata BWV 57 (Su) http://bit.ly/--wjl
13) Climate Change Talk (We) http://bit.ly/--hlI
14) Blue Light Bandits Live (Th) http://bit.ly/--lIp
15) Drinking + Drawing (We) http://bit.ly/--jlg
16) How to Be Happy (Tu) http://bit.ly/--lIs
17) Art Reception: Love Language (Fr) http://bit.ly/--jlp
18) Tell Her She Can (Tu) http://bit.ly/--lId
19) Making the Earth & Moon (Tu) http://bit.ly/--lIg
20) Sugar, Sex, and Poison (We) http://bit.ly/--jig
21) JID x Since The 80s (We & Th) ​ http://bit.ly/--dIl
22) Int’l Women's Day Concert (Fr) http://bit.ly/--lIq
23) Art Gallery Reception (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIk
24) MFA Free Wednesdays (We) http://bit.ly/--jlx
25) Drawing in the Galleries (We) http://bit.ly/--jlf
26) Book Launch Party (Mo) http://bit.ly/--lIv
27) Fatty Spice Art Exhibition (Fr) http://bit.ly/--lIw
28) VR Demos (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIw
29) Sculptors Gallery Reception (Su) http://bit.ly/--djl
30) SoWa Second Sunday (Sa) http://bit.ly/--ljl
31) Stargazing (We) http://bit.ly/--jia
32) Personal Appearance Class (We) http://bit.ly/--jlz
33) CouchSurfing Meet-Up (We) http://bit.ly/--jIt
34) Open Stage at the Armory (We) http://bit.ly/--jis
35) Coffee Tasting (Fr) http://bit.ly/--lIt
36) Art Reception @ J.P. Licks (We) http://bit.ly/--jih
37) Circuit Hacking Night (We) http://bit.ly/--jik
38) Dorchester Art Project (We) http://bit.ly/--jil
39) Intro to Zen Meditation (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIa
40) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIl
41) Venture Café in Session (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIe
42) Author Reading: B. Franzel (We) http://bit.ly/--jla
43) Fit + Fabulous Fitness (We) http://bit.ly/--jlh
44) MetroCommon 2050 (We) http://bit.ly/--jlj
45) Nov. Project: Stairs (We) http://bit.ly/--jlv
46) B3 Organ Trio Live (Tu) http://bit.ly/--jln
47) Live Irish Music (Tu & Sa) http://bit.ly/--jlm
48) 10k Boot Camp Run (Tu) http://bit.ly/--jlw
49) Adult Coloring Book Night (Tu) http://bit.ly/--lIf
50) Meet & Hire @ GA (Tu) http://bit.ly/--lIk
51) Healthcare & Data @ GA (Mo) http://bit.ly/--lIl
52) Bundle Making Workshop (Mo) http://bit.ly/--lIz
53) Mindfulness @ Faneuil Hall (Mo) http://bit.ly/--lIc
54) Nov. Project: Dest. Deck (Mo) http://bit.ly/--lIn
55) Social Knit Night (Fr) http://bit.ly/--lIm
56) Wine Down Friday (Fr) http://bit.ly/--lIe
57) Live Music @ Bastille (Th) http://bit.ly/--lIy
58) Country, Gospel, Soul, & RnB (Th) http://bit.ly/--lIu
59) Marvel Trivia @ Short Path (Th) http://bit.ly/--lIi
60) Your Terrible Ex! (Th) http://bit.ly/--lIo
61) Duolingo Spanish Meetup (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIs
62) Art_Latin_America (Th) http://bit.ly/--jIr
63) MIT Swing Dance/Lesson (We) http://bit.ly/--jIy
64) IRL Trip Giveaway Party (Fr) http://bit.ly/--jIu
65) Mardi Gras Masquerade (Tu) http://bit.ly/--jlt
66) Makers Market @ La Brasa (Sa) http://bit.ly/--bjl
67) Somerville Farmers Market (Fr) http://bit.ly/--mjl
68) Cambridge Farmers Market (Fr) http://bit.ly/--zjl
69) Roslindale Farmers Market (Fr) http://bit.ly/--ojl
70) Dorchester Farmers Market (Fr) http://bit.ly/--vjl
71) Adult Folktale Telling (Su) http://bit.ly/--ajl
72) Bushmills Whiskey Tasting (Su) http://bit.ly/--sjl
73) Teeling Whiskey Tasting (Sa) http://bit.ly/--xjl
74) Clothing Swap! (Su) http://bit.ly/--kjl
75) SoWa Vintage Market (Su) http://bit.ly/--qjl
76) Coffee & Conversation (Su) http://bit.ly/--rjl
77) Storytelling Workshop (Su) http://bit.ly/--tjl
78) Klezmer Music Festival (Sa & Su) http://bit.ly/--yjl
79) Charleston Dance Lesson (Sa) ​ http://bit.ly/--3In
80) Navigating Negative Space (Sa) http://bit.ly/--ujl
81) LGBTQ Grad Student Mixer (Fr) http://bit.ly/--jli
82) “Naila and the Uprising” (Th) http://bit.ly/--sIl
83) Human/Machine Art Making (Mo) http://bit.ly/--fIl
84) French 2D Architecture (We) http://bit.ly/--gIl

All FREE events this week: http://bit.ly/2TvU2e0

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03/04/2019 07:00:00 03/10/2019 23:59:00 America/New_York 84 FREE things to do in Boston this week Make the most of your week without breaking the bank with our picks for 84 FREE things to do in/around Boston. You're welcome. 1) Sledding in/around Boston http://bit.ly/--mIl 2) Free Omni Th... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY