Friday, May 22, 2020 5:00a -
Sunday, May 24, 2020 11:30p

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Boston, MA

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Make the most of Memorial Day Weekend 2020 with our picks for 82 things to do around Boston:

1) Copley Sq Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---wfj
2) Union Sq Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---y6k
3) Open Trustees Properties http://bit.ly/---mgw
4) ‘The Match’ Golf Competition http://bit.ly/---exn
5) Passim Campfire Festival http://bit.ly/---mcp
6) Emo Night Boston Remote http://bit.ly/---lfm
7) ICA Sunday Brunch Jams http://bit.ly/---hfa
8) Movement at Home Fest http://bit.ly/---gubj
9) Dillon Francis IDGAFOS http://bit.ly/---nta
10) Smoke Shop BBQ Box http://bit.ly/---3do
11) Sausage Guy Pop-Up http://bit.ly/---9mc
12) Front Row: Brandi Carlisle http://bit.ly/---mfj
13) Boston Stream Party http://bit.ly/---czx
14) Social Shutdown Show v6 http://bit.ly/---2aw
15) Virtual Run to Remember http://bit.ly/---ahm
16) Virtual Flag Garden 🇺🇸 http://bit.ly/---faz
17) SoWa IG Vintage Market http://bit.ly/---9hu
18) Rebel Rebel Wine School http://bit.ly/---w4z
19) Channel Concert Series http://bit.ly/---kzt
20) Live! at The Beehive http://bit.ly/---c8f
21) Big Gay Home Bar Crawl http://bit.ly/---mcf
22) Gigabit Local Focus http://bit.ly/---msf
23) HEROES Twitch Stream http://bit.ly/---wsa
24) QuaranTUNES Virtual Party http://bit.ly/---6fb
25) Scullers Living Room Live http://bit.ly/---wrz
26) Yoko Miwa Livestream http://bit.ly/---xmj
27) John McDermott Concert http://bit.ly/---nyz
28) C+Life Virtual Music http://bit.ly/---j6p
29) Atwood's At Home http://bit.ly/---h9w
30) Club Quarantini http://bit.ly/---p7m
31) Brighton Sounds http://bit.ly/---sqj
32) Low Cut Connie http://bit.ly/---pkh
33) 7th-Inning Stretch http://bit.ly/---lpf
34) BSO Heroic Performances http://bit.ly/---ykq
35) Viva Chile Boston http://bit.ly/---qtq
36) MassArt Streaming Pegs http://bit.ly/---2aq
37) Haim Zoom Dance Class http://bit.ly/---8ok
38) MoS Virtual Planetarium http://bit.ly/---w6p
39) Interwoven Virtual Festival http://bit.ly/---cdh
40) ARTery Film Conversation http://bit.ly/---fto
41) Dorchester Running Loop http://bit.ly/---dac
42) Remnant Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---3gz
43) Aeronaut Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---usm
44) Paridaez GoMove Workout http://bit.ly/---osv
45) BollyX Dance Party http://bit.ly/---yth
46) Power Flow Yoga http://bit.ly/---3en
47) Phoenix Virtual ‘Murph’ http://bit.ly/---pgr
48) Human Variety Hour http://bit.ly/---vjh
49) Virtual Death Cafe http://bit.ly/---zka
50) RiotX Virtual Event http://bit.ly/---sqc
51) Spanish Workshops http://bit.ly/---psc
52) Alex Williams Standup http://bit.ly/---ksh
53) The Comedy Studio http://bit.ly/---6na
54) ImprovBoston MainStage http://bit.ly/---tns
55) ImprovBoston FaceOff http://bit.ly/---tfk
56) ComedySportz Interactive http://bit.ly/---8nk
57) Comedycazi Video http://bit.ly/---ajg
58) Pandemonium DJ Sets http://bit.ly/---xim
59) Kaia Wilson @ ONCE VV http://bit.ly/---4sg
60) Silkroad: Hankus Netsky http://bit.ly/---2zt
61) Drag Queen Story Hour http://bit.ly/---c5hs
62) Asian Heritage Cooking http://bit.ly/---fco
63) Story Collider Online http://bit.ly/---xaf
64) History of Salsa http://bit.ly/---8mb
65) Charles River Market http://bit.ly/---x5f
66) Virtual Chocolate Show http://bit.ly/---i5p
67) MA Chocolate History http://bit.ly/---wrg
68) Apollinaire at Home http://bit.ly/---zvr
69) Coast to Coast Roast http://bit.ly/---jph
70) Unbound Arts: Wellness http://bit.ly/---qug
71) Boston Theater Marathon http://bit.ly/---rtp
72) Coolidge Virtual Screenings http://bit.ly/---mkj
73) Boston Ballet Online http://bit.ly/---3cm
74) Brattle Virtual Rep Series http://bit.ly/---chd
75) Somerville Virtual Cinema http://bit.ly/---eym
76) Cambridge Art Exhibit http://bit.ly/---jda
77) Social Distancing Gallery http://bit.ly/---rgd
78) EmpowerHER Virtual Market http://bit.ly/---njd
79) FeministFuturist @ BCA http://bit.ly/---nxs
80) AFH Social Distance Gallery http://bit.ly/---hjv
81) Concert for Our City http://bit.ly/---jeb
82) See You Yesterday http://bit.ly/---cqb

All weekend events: https://bit.ly/3cSnEZt

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3bQB1bi

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05/22/2020 05:00:00 05/24/2020 23:30:00 America/New_York 82 things to do in Boston this weekend Make the most of Memorial Day Weekend 2020 with our picks for 82 things to do around Boston: 1) Copley Sq Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---wfj 2) Union Sq Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---y6k 3)... Boston +, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY