Monday, Nov 07, 2022 7:00a -
Sunday, Nov 13, 2022 11:00p

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Celebrate November festivities with over 81 FREE things to do. 

1) Snowport Holiday Market (Fr-Su) https://bit.ly/-B2d

2) TEDxBoston (Su) https://bit.ly/-Pr2

3) Fall Fest Community Night (Sa) https://bit.ly/-f8e

4) Boston Women's Holiday Mkt (Su) https://bit.ly/-Cv2

5) Holiday Art Show (Fr) https://bit.ly/-B2e

6) Antique Book Sale (Sa-Su) http://bit.ly/-Bsz

7) Community Give Back Day (Sa) https://bit.ly/-nb8

8) Feed Your Soul @ Bow Mkt (Su) https://bit.ly/-B2a

9) Women’s Fashion History (Th) https://bit.ly/-Wba

10) Artist Demonstration (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Ba7

11) Ales, Vintage & Vinyls (Su) https://bit.ly/-Kus

12) BU Acapella (Fr) https://bit.ly/-2b8

13) Music Photography (Th-Su) https://bit.ly/-Bze

14) Special Effects Screening (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bld

15) Silent Reading Party (Th) https://bit.ly/-Yd7

16) Aeronaut CanJam (Sa) https://bit.ly/-sb8

17) NaNoWriMo (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Px9

18) SoWa Vintage Market (Su) https://bit.ly/-Meq

19) Drinking & Drawing (We) https://bit.ly/-Hb8

20) Stand-up Underground (Su) https://bit.ly/-Kd8

21) Full Moon Comedy (Mo) https://bit.ly/-os8

22) Veterans Day Salute (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Jbi

23) Contemp. Chinese Culture (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Ebd

24) Bike Talk @ Landry’s (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bdv

25) Our Will to Live Concert (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Bzs

26) Bhakti Gathering (We) https://bit.ly/-d8d

27) Stone Soup Poetry Night (We) https://bit.ly/-skf

28) Midterms Discussion (Th) https://bit.ly/-Vse

29) Book Signings in Rozzie (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Oz6

30) ‘Bounty’ Film Discussion (Sa) https://bit.ly/-dib

31) Art, Life, Adventure (We) https://bit.ly/-ya8

32) Trivia @ Broken Records (Th) https://bit.ly/-d7b

33) Book Talk (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bsg

34) Fall Forest Explorations (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Wen

35) Beacon Hill Books (Tu-Su) https://bit.ly/-Eb8

36) Art, Wine & Cheese (Tu) https://bit.ly/-r8B

37) Modern Art Exhibit (We-Su) https://bit.ly/-Zl9

38) Ruth First Memorial Lecture (We) https://bit.ly/-Jil

39) Art & Science Talk (We) https://bit.ly/-Wxe

40) ‘The Great Boston Fire’ (We) https://bit.ly/-Zd0

41) Harvard Art Museums (Su) https://bit.ly/-Gb8

42) Vinyl Party in Kendall (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Abe

43) ‘NAVALNY’ Screening (Su) https://bit.ly/-id2

44) Anti-racism Meditation (Su) https://bit.ly/-3cd

45) MIT EnergyHack Symposium (We) https://bit.ly/-JIl 

46) Roxbury Worx Conference (Th) https://bit.ly/-Xbd 

47) Nov. Project: Mondays (Mo) https://bit.ly/-WbJ

48) Caregiver Retreat (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Be9

49) Virtual Dance Fit (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Zb7

50) Virtual HIIT (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Zc7

51) Fall Yoga (Tu) https://bit.ly/-ZB9

52) Music Bingo (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Xbp

53) First Time Home Buyer (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Wbl

54) Comedy @ the Burren (We) https://bit.ly/-Gx8

55) Waterfront Wellness (We) https://bit.ly/-fb8

56) Sip & Stitch (We) https://bit.ly/-mb8

57) Virtual Conditioning (We) https://bit.ly/-ya7

58) Comedy @ Bill’s Bar (We) https://bit.ly/-ya6

59) Chairmaking Workshop (Th) https://bit.ly/-Bde

60) Free Wine Tasting (Th) https://bit.ly/-Dcb

61) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) https://bit.ly/-Cbd

62) Trivia @ Sam Adams (Th) https://bit.ly/-Wbp

63) Your Family Tree (Th) https://bit.ly/-Oid

64) Having a Home Discussion (Th) https://bit.ly/-Wbd 

65) LGBT Romeo & Juliet (Th-Su) https://bit.ly/-Sbo 

66) Simpsons Trivia Night (Th) https://bit.ly/-Fba

67) Fall Foliage in New England (Fr) https://bit.ly/-s1p 

68) Open Memorial Drive (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Xb2

69) Dragon Boat Workout (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Db2

70) Morning Yoga (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Bew

71) Make with MAAM (Sa) https://bit.ly/-idw

72) Arlington Open Studios (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Kz7

73) Women’s Film Club (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Zbd

74) The Opioid Project (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-z6b

75) ‘The Presence of Absence’ (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Qbs 

76) The Makanda Project (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Zbe

77) Bad Intersection Comedy (Su) https://bit.ly/-irE

78) Trivia @ 21st Amendment (Su) https://bit.ly/-Jze

79) ‘Taken Hostage’ (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Nd8

80) Public Health Tweetup (Mo) https://bit.ly/-B5f

81) Healthy Product Design Workshop (We) https://bit.ly/-B2r

All FREE experiences this week: https://bit.ly/3tsEkRG


Photo by @oschapov

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11/07/2022 07:00:00 11/13/2022 23:00:00 America/New_York 81 FREE things to do in Boston this week <p>Celebrate November festivities with over 81 FREE things to do. </p><p><br></p><p>1) Snowport Holiday Market (Fr-Su) <a href="https://bit.ly/-B2d">https://bit.ly/-B2d</a></p><p>2) TEDxBoston (Su)... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY