Friday, Sep 18, 2020 6:00a -
Sunday, Sep 20, 2020 11:30p

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Our picks for 80 things to do around Boston (both on & offline) over the final weekend of summer 2020...

1) Fierce Urgency of Now https://bit.ly/--paj
2) Boston-Area Haunted Houses https://bit.ly/--b00
3) Pumpkin Picking Near Boston https://bit.ly/--kl1
4) Bronwyn Oktoberfest https://bit.ly/--nwj
5) Boston Freedom Rally https://bit.ly/--n1j
6) Haley House Beer Garden https://bit.ly/--p1
7) Half Price Ferry to Harbor Islands https://bit.ly/--gft
8) Cardio Dance @ Castle Island https://bit.ly/--ktt
9) Haunted Drive-in Theater https://bit.ly/--pjc
10) Remnant Brewing Oktoberfest https://bit.ly/--nqj
11) Stillwater Oktoberfest https://bit.ly/--gtd
12) Salt Bae’s Restaurant Opening https://bit.ly/--pj4
13) BOS Public Market Reopening https://bit.ly/--pj1
14) Davis Mega Corn Maze https://bit.ly/-maze4
15) Nubian Summer Drive-In https://bit.ly/--gst
16) Clippership Wharf Concert https://bit.ly/--pfj
17) White Sharks & Whales Live https://bit.ly/--pdj
18) Italian Beer Meets Formaggi https://bit.ly/--pj3
19) Sauchuk's Corn Maze https://bit.ly/--kkt
20) The Smoke Shop Popup @ BHD https://bit.ly/--nej
21) Linda Wellness Warrior Yoga https://bit.ly/--ktj
22) National Clean Up Day https://bit.ly/--klt
23) Children's Hospital Blood Drive https://bit.ly/--kp
24) Cupcake Mojo Opens in Seaport https://bit.ly/--gat
25) Haitian Dance @ Starlight Sq https://bit.ly/--ntj
26) France vs. Italy Wine & Cheese https://bit.ly/--nhj
27) Live Piano Concert https://bit.ly/--ktv
28) Brew @ Home w/AERONAUT https://bit.ly/--nyj
29) MIT Virtual Playwright Festival https://bit.ly/--pjj
30) Hack Week 2020 https://bit.ly/--pjh
31) Live Jazz @ Herter Park https://bit.ly/--kct
32) Sketch Boston @ Franklin Park https://bit.ly/--npj
33) Savin Hill Yard Sales https://bit.ly/--kht
34) Flannel Fridays @ Dillon's https://bit.ly/--ndj
35) Self-Love Practice for Women https://bit.ly/--pj9
36) Corn Mazes Near Boston https://bit.ly/--k1
37) Fall Fun @ Powisset Farm https://bit.ly/--n2j
38) Monument Sq Walking Tour https://bit.ly/--kta
39) BLM Demonstrations https://bit.ly/--ft1
40) Rock Band @ Herter Park https://bit.ly/--pjk
41) Backyard Music Salon Series https://bit.ly/--ktq
42) Greenway Chocolate Tour https://bit.ly/--pjf
43) Seaport Sweat: Align n' Flow https://bit.ly/--pja
44) Boston-Area Rooftop Bars https://bit.ly/--pty
45) Boston-Area Beer Gardens https://bit.ly/--gbV
46) Boston Lights at the Zoo https://bit.ly/--js1
47) Live Music @ Herter Park https://bit.ly/--ngj
48) SoWa Farmers Market https://bit.ly/--ktw
49) Virtual Sip+Stitch https://bit.ly/--naj
50) Healthworks’ Outdoor Fitness https://bit.ly/--xt1
51) Boston Rally for Basic Income https://bit.ly/--noj
52) Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery http://bit.ly/-boo7
53) Boston Winery Wine Tastings https://bit.ly/--j1y
54) Sunday Sunset Beach Yoga https://bit.ly/--ktm
55) Stand Out for BLM https://bit.ly/--ktx
56) Experience Chinatown https://bit.ly/--1kd
57) Architecture & Garden Tour https://bit.ly/--pj5
58) Saturday Beach Yoga https://bit.ly/--ktg
59) Design Your Dream Job https://bit.ly/--pj8
60) Copley Sq Farmers Market https://bit.ly/--pj0
61) Virtual Slow Flow Yoga https://bit.ly/--ktf
62) Back Bay Chocolate Tour https://bit.ly/--kts
63) Outdoor Yoga in Cambridge https://bit.ly/--nfj
64) Boston Stream Party Live https://bit.ly/--ktl
65) Rock N' Roll Brunch https://bit.ly/--ku
66) Reiki Healing for Women https://bit.ly/--nkj
67) Free Outdoor Fitness https://bit.ly/--pto
68) Pencil Drawing & Illustration https://bit.ly/--kft
69) Bully Boy Cocktail Garden https://bit.ly/--gt1
70) Alcove Boston Pop-up Patio https://bit.ly/--x1j
71) Sunday Outdoor Yoga https://bit.ly/--kty
72) Boston Parks Fitness https://bit.ly/--z1y
73) The Fenway Fridays 3.0 https://bit.ly/--pj6
74) Provincetown Fast Ferry https://bit.ly/--h1y
75) Live @ 5 at The Anchor https://bit.ly/--t7k
76) Mayday! Cocktail Bar https://bit.ly/--knV
77) BPM @ Seaport https://bit.ly/--ktd
78) Spanish Happy Hour https://bit.ly/--pj2
79) Spanish for Lunch https://bit.ly/--pj7
80) Moonrise Cinema Seaport https://bit.ly/--ct1

All weekend events: https://bit.ly/2ZNq47h

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09/18/2020 06:00:00 09/20/2020 23:30:00 America/New_York 80 things to do in Boston this weekend Our picks for 80 things to do around Boston (both on & offline) over the final weekend of summer 2020... 1) Fierce Urgency of Now https://bit.ly/--paj 2) Boston-Area Haunted Houses https://bit.... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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