Friday, May 29, 2020 5:00a -
Sunday, May 31, 2020 11:30p

Boston +
Surrounding areas
Boston, MA

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Dropkick Murphys stream live from the infield at Fenway with Bruce Springsteen, and more things to do in Boston this weekend:

1) Streaming Outta Fenway http://bit.ly/---dpk
2) Kayaking + Paddleboarding http://bit.ly/---egp
3) Mendon Twin Drive-In http://bit.ly/---kva
4) Showcase Pop-Up Drive-In http://bit.ly/---hqb
5) Trustees Properties http://bit.ly/---mgw
6) Copley Sq Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---2zh
7) Union Sq Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---pbq
8) MoS Coleslaw’s Corner http://bit.ly/---7fo
9) Greenway Virtual Market http://bit.ly/---zbw
10) SoWa Vintage Market http://bit.ly/---ewk
11) Brewery Fest From Home http://bit.ly/---eoz
12) David Guetta: United at Home http://bit.ly/---obs
13) Arlington Jazz Festival http://bit.ly/---7bf
14) ICA Sunday Brunch Jams http://bit.ly/---trl
15) Online Wine School http://bit.ly/---5re
16) The Black Crowes http://bit.ly/---swp
17) Sharon Van Etten http://bit.ly/---cts
18) Concert For Colorado http://bit.ly/---3sb
19) Quarantine Comes Alive http://bit.ly/---tmg
20) Boston Public Market http://bit.ly/---5jc
21) ICA Play Date http://bit.ly/---efr
22) American Lamb Dinner http://bit.ly/---e3u
23) Virtual Beer Tasting http://bit.ly/---fpa
24) Virtual Beer Dinner http://bit.ly/---dxq
25) Virtual Cheese 101 http://bit.ly/---jeu
26) At Home Karaoke Party http://bit.ly/---alm
27) Fueling Musicians Stream http://bit.ly/---xra
28) ‘The Long Goodbye’ Seminar http://bit.ly/---6vw
29) Kathy Valentine @ ONCE http://bit.ly/---hac
30) Passim Streams: Honeysuckle http://bit.ly/---gzt
31) Scullers Living Room Live http://bit.ly/---bqz
32) Keyon Harrold http://bit.ly/---unr
33) HEROES Twitch Stream http://bit.ly/---hqy
34) QuaranTUNES Virtual Party http://bit.ly/---aox
35) ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Trivia http://bit.ly/---5rt
36) Britney 101 http://bit.ly/---fdm
37) Maritime Movie Club http://bit.ly/---zra
38) Walk for Hospice http://bit.ly/---tpv
39) Virtual Art Exhibition http://bit.ly/---edq
40) Saturday at the Armory http://bit.ly/---rmi
41) Charles River Market http://bit.ly/---2x
42) CX Fitness http://bit.ly/---zqh
43) BYPA Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---oxv
44) Aeronaut Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---6cd
45) Remnant Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---sdd
46) Latin American Cooking http://bit.ly/---hsq
47) Smoke Shop + Flour To Go http://bit.ly/---l5r
48) Make Your Own Zine http://bit.ly/---g5b
49) MoS Virtual Planetarium http://bit.ly/---8vm
50) A Far Cry Spring Soirée http://bit.ly/---ubr
51) Virtual Arts Celebration http://bit.ly/---z2t
52) The Comedy Studio http://bit.ly/---6ha
53) ImprovBoston MainStage http://bit.ly/---xsm
54) Comedycazi Video Live http://bit.ly/---3cr
55) Riot X Live-ish http://bit.ly/---y2f
56) ‘The Big Lebowski’ http://bit.ly/---eup
57) Virtual Macaron+Libation http://bit.ly/---ylk
58) ImprovBoston Baking http://bit.ly/---y7s
59) Online Distilling Class http://bit.ly/---wre
60) Passim Streams: Liz Longley http://bit.ly/---hys
61) Core Workshop http://bit.ly/---5dx
62) Cooking Live (At Home) http://bit.ly/---bbk
63) JArts JLive Food http://bit.ly/---sjh
64) BS Lecture Series http://bit.ly/---9kq
65) Apollinaire at Home http://bit.ly/---zvr
66) Human Variety Hour http://bit.ly/---9gt
67) Virtual Chocolate Show http://bit.ly/---3he
68) Raavi & The Houseplants http://bit.ly/---3ca
69) Boston Theater Marathon http://bit.ly/---rtp
70) AFH Social Distance Gallery http://bit.ly/---hjv
71) Concert for Our City http://bit.ly/---jeb
72) Coolidge Virtual Screenings http://bit.ly/---mkj
73) Boston Ballet Online http://bit.ly/---3cm
74) Brattle Virtual Rep Series http://bit.ly/---chd
75) Somerville Virtual Cinema http://bit.ly/---eym
76) Cambridge Art Exhibit http://bit.ly/---jda
77) Social Distancing Gallery http://bit.ly/---rgd
78) Somnyama Ngonyama http://bit.ly/---pmk
79) EmpowerHER Virtual Market http://bit.ly/---njd
80) FeministFuturist @ BCA http://bit.ly/---nxs

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/---8fg

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2yERrGl

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