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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 75 things to do around Boston -- and don't forget TBC is teaming with Lyft to provide 50% off a ride up to $10 to Japan Festival Boston on the Common. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Japan Festival Boston http://bit.ly/---fjt
2) Independent Film Festival Boston http://bit.ly/---iff
3) Brite Lights Music Festival http://bit.ly/---Fmn
4) Art in Bloom @ the MFA http://bit.ly/---Djk
5) Independent Bookstore Day http://bit.ly/---Jnd
6) Mexican Street Food Festival http://bit.ly/---Ujn
7) Painted Burro Guac Off http://bit.ly/---Vdf
8) Courageous Sailing Open House http://bit.ly/---yBc
9) Boston Sailing Open House http://bit.ly/---Dqa
10) ArtWeek MA http://bit.ly/---Djv
11) Cher @ TD Garden http://bit.ly/---pWj
12) Rock & Roll Rumble http://bit.ly/---Bdr
13) Run of the Charles http://bit.ly/---Qja
14) Boston College Arts Festival http://bit.ly/---bca
15) Thirst Boston Cocktail Fest http://bit.ly/---Sjm
16) Dorchester Beer Spring Fling http://bit.ly/---Bxc
17) Taste of the North End http://bit.ly/---Jvf
18) Brookline Open Studios http://bit.ly/---fPD
19) Company One: ‘Vietgone’ http://bit.ly/---Sfv
20) 'black odyssey boston' http://bit.ly/---Rjn
21) World Tai Chi Day http://bit.ly/---Sak
22) Arlington Jazz Festival http://bit.ly/---Fkm
23) Astronomy After Hours http://bit.ly/---Fng
24) Betty Who @ Berklee http://bit.ly/---Ajf
25) Patti Smith @ the Orpheum http://bit.ly/---Dcb
26) Bizarre World of Frank Zappa http://bit.ly/---fZc
27) Gordon Parks Exhibition http://bit.ly/---Dkm
28) Boston Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---jds
29) Harbor Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/---pfe
30) City Lights Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---Xmb
31) Boston Tea Party Cruise http://bit.ly/---Pfh
32) Sunday Evening Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/---Xjs
33) Huntington Theatre: ‘Indecent’ http://bit.ly/---ind
34) 'James and the Giant Peach' http://bit.ly/---Bdq
35) Lyric Stage Co: ‘Twelfth Night’ http://bit.ly/---Bgh
36) Apollinaire Theatre Co http://bit.ly/---Dgy
37) Comedy Party @ Zone 3 http://bit.ly/---jDc
38) 'Holmes Legacy' @ CitySpace http://bit.ly/---Bnd
39) West Medford Open Studios http://bit.ly/---Xzm
40) Women in Arts Trading Cards http://bit.ly/---Djh
41) Drag Me to Brunch http://bit.ly/---Bsd
42) Elephante @ The Grand http://bit.ly/---Msj
43) Soulelujah @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---Cvd
44) Bomba @ the Milky Way http://bit.ly/---Adj
45) Disco Fridays @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---Dmf
46) Level Up @ Good Life http://bit.ly/---Psw
47) Binary @ Sonia http://bit.ly/---Nds
48) Sexpardy @ Make Shift Boston http://bit.ly/---Jsn
49) Yoga @ Remnant Beer http://bit.ly/---Mxd
50) Yoga @ Backlash Beer http://bit.ly/---dPs
51) Cat Yoga http://bit.ly/---Xsa
52) Evolve Bootcamp http://bit.ly/---env
53) Brass Brunch at W Hotel http://bit.ly/---Zfv
54) Boston Roller Derby http://bit.ly/---Gbj
55) Drunk Opera History http://bit.ly/---fMx
56) Spring Poetry Slam http://bit.ly/---Uhf
57) Vanguard Zine Release http://bit.ly/---Dkv
58) Chinatown Mural Tour http://bit.ly/---Dhu
59) Codman Square Earth Day Fest http://bit.ly/---Svn
60) Agricultural Festival http://bit.ly/---Xju
61) International Cat Show http://bit.ly/---Bdf
62) Sheepshearing Festival http://bit.ly/---Gdf
63) JP Flea Market http://bit.ly/---Dbq
64) Mixology Class w/ Short Path http://bit.ly/---Ghm
65) Beer and Ice Cream Flights http://bit.ly/---dBg
66) Boston Art Review Launch http://bit.ly/---dPf
67) Spring Spa Day @ Athleta http://bit.ly/---sVd
68) Boss Chick Dance Workout http://bit.ly/---Kdm
69) Graffiti Alley Cypher http://bit.ly/---xDv
70) Dance Saturdays: TAP http://bit.ly/---Sgb
71) Intergalactic Blender Bender http://bit.ly/---Cnh
72) Bartending Competition http://bit.ly/---Wqh
73) The Prince Experience http://bit.ly/---xGf
74) Indonesian Food Bazaar http://bit.ly/---Kdk
75) SoWa Vintage Market http://bit.ly/---Ndj
76) Tipsy Chocolate Tour http://bit.ly/---Whf
77) Music at Gallery 263 http://bit.ly/---Xvb
78) Somerville Theatre Festival http://bit.ly/--Bdk
79) ‘Not For Resale’ http://bit.ly/---Xkj
80) Belmont World Film Series http://bit.ly/---Dgs

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2GB6xN1

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2UUL3V7

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