Monday, Jan 13, 2020 5:00a -
Sunday, Jan 19, 2020 11:30p

Boston +
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Boston, MA

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Keep your calendar (and wallet) full with our picks for 80 FREE things to do around Boston this week:

1) Boston Bike Party (Fr) http://bit.ly/---7xk
2) BSO Community Concert (Su) http://bit.ly/--8rd
3) Uncommon Movement (T/Th) http://bit.ly/---ahl
4) Yoga Sculpt + Panel (Su) http://bit.ly/---5qc
5) Brookline Snowflake Fest (Su) http://bit.ly/---y5n
6) Lunar New Year Celebration (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8eg
7) Emo Night Boston (Th) http://bit.ly/----m4s
8) Cambridge Women's March (Sa) http://bit.ly/---7jc
9) Live Mural Painting (Mo-Fr) http://bit.ly/---enw
10) Temporary Tattoo Gallery (Tu) http://bit.ly/---3ah
11) CultureHouse Film Friday (Fr) http://bit.ly/---xjy
12) SCATV Screening Series (Th) http://bit.ly/---wrh
13) Gallery 263 Opening (Fr) http://bit.ly/---ivh
14) 13FOREST Opening (Sa) http://bit.ly/---xrh
15) Winter Chili Classic (Su) http://bit.ly/---3ey
16) Dolly Parton Brunch (Su) http://bit.ly/---8md
17) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) http://bit.ly/---obx
18) Pay-what-you-can MFA (We) http://bit.ly/---pwt
19) Free Rock Climbing (Th-Su) http://bit.ly/---ism
20) Drinking + Drawing (We) http://bit.ly/---yxa
21) Somerville Farmers Market (Sa) http://bit.ly/---ebw
22) Cambridge Farmers Market (Sa) http://bit.ly/---u3b
23) Roslindale Farmers Market (Sa) http://bit.ly/---y5x
24) McGreevy’s Free Comedy (Mo-Tu) http://bit.ly/---jar
25) Glue Factory Comedy (Th) http://bit.ly/---uxc
26) The Nightcap Comedy (Fr) http://bit.ly/---nbd
27) Comedy @ Pourhouse (We) http://bit.ly/---jau
28) Drag Queen Story Hour (Sa) http://bit.ly/---4kw
29) Big Game Summit (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ct
30) Black Tea Workshop (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8uy
31) National Bootlegger's Day (Fr) http://bit.ly/---u5y
32) Rough Cut Media (We) http://bit.ly/---8sf
33) Danehy Park Parkrun (Sa) http://bit.ly/---pnx
34) The November Project (We) http://bit.ly/---qbe
35) Winter Wonderland (We) http://bit.ly/---e2h
36) Blake Newman Quartet (Tu) http://bit.ly/---8q
37) GA Career Camp (Mo) http://bit.ly/---zsf
38) Observatory Open Night (We) http://bit.ly/---9sd
39) Intro Boxing Class (Tu) http://bit.ly/---q4c
40) Classic Trivial Pursuit (Mo) http://bit.ly/---q4t
41) Yoga at the Hyatt (We) http://bit.ly/---3pe
42) Tracksmith Speed Workout (Tu) http://bit.ly/---s5z
43) lululemon Run Club (Su) http://bit.ly/---9mv
44) Podcast Workshop (Fr) http://bit.ly/---s4w
45) Better Banter @ Remnant (Th) http://bit.ly/---8xt
46) Crafts & Drafts (Su) http://bit.ly/---7hw
47) Silent Book Club (Mo) http://bit.ly/---onv
48) Well Wednesday Meditation (We) http://bit.ly/---suj
49) Cambridge Forum (Tu) http://bit.ly/---ysc
50) CCTV Orientation (Mo) http://bit.ly/---hxw
51) Irish Music Session (Su) http://bit.ly/---2ux
52) Books and Bon Bons (Fr) http://bit.ly/---kdg
53) Lunch Writing Series (We) http://bit.ly/---ujq
54) The B3 Kings (Th) http://bit.ly/---nxh
55) Stops Blues Trio (Th) http://bit.ly/---7rg
56) JP Sax Quartet (Fr) http://bit.ly/---hdk
57) Music @ Article 24 (Fr) http://bit.ly/---deb
58) Chowda Day (We) http://bit.ly/---maj
59) Star Trek Social Hour (Fr) http://bit.ly/---jdt
60) Networking + Socializing (Tu) http://bit.ly/---ajm
61) Intro to Virtual Reality (We) http://bit.ly/---unz
62) Value of Old Books (Mo) http://bit.ly/---ush
63) Brazilian Jazz (We) http://bit.ly/---hzq
64) Sip+Stitch (Fr) http://bit.ly/---cbj
65) Queer Board Game Night (Sa) http://bit.ly/---5dv
66) Games @ Distraction (Th) http://bit.ly/---xgx
67) Board Game Bonanza (Mo) http://bit.ly/---qhk
68) Disco Fridays (Fr) http://bit.ly/---j5c
69) Fashionably Late (Th) http://bit.ly/---c5g
70) Summit Ave Run (Fr) http://bit.ly/--3as
71) Open Stage @ Union Tavern (Tu) http://bit.ly/---qtj
72) Boston Ballet School (Mo-Th) http://bit.ly/---7se
73) Spanish Conversations (Tu) http://bit.ly/---isc
74) Seaport Interactive Art (Mo-Su) http://bit.ly/---qrh
75) Eric Nuzum @ PRX (Th) http://bit.ly/---8dh
76) MIT Starr Forum (Th) http://bit.ly/---6ee
77) Superfood Society Demo (Su) http://bit.ly/---6dq
78) Pineapple Express Trivia (We) http://bit.ly/---7jx
79) Happy Hour Writing (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8vh
80) Emmanuel Music (Su) http://bit.ly/---3qc

All FREE events this week: http://bit.ly/38azo79

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/37XdQuo

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