Friday, Apr 17, 2020 5:00a -
Sunday, Apr 19, 2020 11:30p

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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 75 virtual and streaming things to do in Boston:

1) Live at Five: Amanda McCarthy http://bit.ly/---weg
2) One World: Together At Home http://bit.ly/---3cs
3) Earth Day 2020 Rally http://bit.ly/---hsd
4) Music Lives Streaming Festival http://bit.ly/---2rm
5) 'That Thing You Do' Watch Party http://bit.ly/---3cq
6) The Killers Instagram Live http://bit.ly/---cva
7) Robyn's Club DOMO Stream http://bit.ly/---2hg
8) Passim Bluegrass Festival http://bit.ly/---3ag
9) Down Under Yoga Festival http://bit.ly/---2ve
10) IG Live SoWa Market http://bit.ly/---ihs
11) Rebel Rebel Wine School http://bit.ly/---8ah
12) Mei Mei Dumpling Class http://bit.ly/---3xf
13) Formaggio Cheese Night http://bit.ly/---n4f
14) QuaranTUNES Virtual Party http://bit.ly/---3mf
15) Club Quarantini http://bit.ly/---vsx
16) HEROES Twitch Stream https://bit.ly/---2vu
17) Children’s Hosp. Game Night http://bit.ly/---jgf
18) Living Room Livestream http://bit.ly/---jqg
19) Local Focus #21 http://bit.ly/---hsv
20) Show Love from Home http://bit.ly/---eyr
21) Vegan Benefit Livestream http://bit.ly/---2zf
22) Honey Cutt @ WTBU http://bit.ly/---6de
23) Yoko Miwa Live Stream http://bit.ly/---3eu
24) Booksmith Titanic Party http://bit.ly/---p5x
25) Brattle Virtual Premiere http://bit.ly/---3ew
26) Riot X 2-Minute Plays http://bit.ly/---ksa
27) The Gas Comedy http://bit.ly/---zvs
28) Don't Tell Comedy http://bit.ly/---9nf
29) Midway Comedy http://bit.ly/---j5t
30) Boston vs. Seattle Comedy http://bit.ly/---2ra
31) Virtual Team Trivia Night http://bit.ly/---vhf
32) Cartoon Cereal Party http://bit.ly/---2jc
33) Daybreaker LIVE http://bit.ly/---yfc
34) Rock and Roll Playhouse http://bit.ly/---cyq
35) Jazz Funk Dance Class http://bit.ly/---bhf
36) SambaViva Samba Class http://bit.ly/---2yn
37) Jean Appolon Dance http://bit.ly/---gaj
38) Preorder Farmers’ Market http://bit.ly/---htr
39) Instagram Live HIIT http://bit.ly/---wms
40) Aeronaut Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---fdj
41) Remnant Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---2kem
42) Lamplighter Virtual Yoga http://bit.ly/---gaf
43) Saturday Morning Yoga http://bit.ly/---3qs
44) Friday Unwind Yoga http://bit.ly/---zhs
45) Brunch with Chef Suzi http://bit.ly/---5fx
46) Virtual Cabaret http://bit.ly/---7bg
47) Water Cycle/Edge Petal Burn http://bit.ly/---4ka
48) Virtual Mess Around http://bit.ly/---h6k
49) Revels Connects http://bit.ly/---gud
50) When Particles Collide http://bit.ly/---3et
51) Scott Ainslie http://bit.ly/---zyb
52) Passim Streams: Chris O'Brien http://bit.ly/---zgv
53) Danielle Miraglia http://bit.ly/---n4g
54) Sundays at Sarah’s http://bit.ly/---9md
55) Michael Clem & Rusty Speidel http://bit.ly/---yse
56) From the Top Livestream http://bit.ly/---wtr
57) Silkroad Home Sessions http://bit.ly/---jgc
58) Apollinaire at Home http://bit.ly/---zvr
59) Atwood's At Home http://bit.ly/---luw
60) Strategies for Creatives http://bit.ly/---csv
61) ClassPass Free Workouts http://bit.ly/---9tf
62) Boston Theater Marathon http://bit.ly/---rtp
63) Coolidge Virtual Screenings http://bit.ly/---mkj
64) Brattle Virtual Rep Series http://bit.ly/---chd
65) Somerville Virtual Cinema http://bit.ly/---eym
66) BSO at Home http://bit.ly/---xvc
67) Milk Street Free Cooking School http://bit.ly/---pjd
68) FeministFuturist @ BCA http://bit.ly/---nxs
69) AFH Social Distance Gallery http://bit.ly/---hjv
70) Social Distancing Gallery http://bit.ly/---rgd
71) EmpowerHER Virtual Market http://bit.ly/---njd
72) Boston Ballet Online http://bit.ly/---3cm
73) ArtsEmerson: ‘Sequence 8’ http://bit.ly/---7nq
74) Metropolitan Opera Streams http://bit.ly/---vsj
75) Virtual Design Festival http://bit.ly/---8ng

All virtual and streaming events this weekend: https://bit.ly/3btXOKV

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2yqBUcQ

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04/17/2020 05:00:00 04/19/2020 23:30:00 America/New_York 75 virtual and streaming things to do in Boston this weekend You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 75 virtual and streaming things to do in Boston: 1) Live at Five: Amanda McCarthy http://bit.ly/---weg 2) One World: Tog... Boston + , Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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