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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 75 things to do around Boston -- and don't forget to enjoy 50% off a ride up to $10 to SoWa First Friday, courtesy of Lyft and The Boston Calendar. Redeem your discount via this link.

Sledding in/around Boston: http://bit.ly/---iko

1) SoWa First Friday http://bit.ly/---ljd
2) ICA First Friday http://bit.ly/---pHr
3) MFA First Friday http://bit.ly/---nKi
4) Chillin' On D @ Lawn on D http://bit.ly/---lit
5) Mass Ave Mardi Gras http://bit.ly/---jln
6) Boston Mardi Gras Ball http://bit.ly/---nDq
7) BKBX Opening Party http://bit.ly/---ljg
8) Unbound Arts Mardi Gras http://bit.ly/---pKo
9) Omni Free Film Fridays http://bit.ly/---jMx
10) Dine Out Boston http://bit.ly/---kMj
11) Aeronaut Pindrop Sessions http://bit.ly/---dGc
12) Dorchester Art Anniversary http://bit.ly/---jlz
13) Free BSO Chamber Concert http://bit.ly/---jlu
14) National Golf Expo http://bit.ly/---xFr
15) Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration http://bit.ly/---mVd
16) Climb to the Top Boston http://bit.ly/---oKe
17) Odds Bodkin Storytelling http://bit.ly/---xHa
18) 'M.I.A.' at MIT http://bit.ly/---ljt
19) ART: 'Endlings' http://bit.ly/---nJi
20) 'Romeo and Juliet' http://bit.ly/---vNj
21) Speakeasy Stage: 'Once' http://bit.ly/---jDq
22) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---mfs
23) The Somerville Flea http://bit.ly/---jly
24) ICA Harbor Market http://bit.ly/---jlm
25) SoWa Vintage Market http://bit.ly/---jli
26) Musa Collective Opening http://bit.ly/---jlv
27) Gallery 263 Opening http://bit.ly/---nJe
28) Galatea Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/---ljo
29) Ogilvy Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/---lji
30) Grand Opening Yoga Sculpt http://bit.ly/---jlb
31) Free Orangetheory Workout http://bit.ly/---jlo
32) Mardi Gras @ Cheeky Monkey http://bit.ly/---jll
33) Oliver Tree @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/---pfd
34) Pop Up Ice Bar http://bit.ly/---cGy
35) Wines of Westeros http://bit.ly/---bHe
36) John Cameron Mitchell http://bit.ly/---zHq
37) Rafiq Bhatia @ the MFA http://bit.ly/---oKj
38) The Makanda Project http://bit.ly/---jYh
39) Project 31 Dance http://bit.ly/---pJi
40) Free Improv Class http://bit.ly/---bJu
41) ‘Spamilton’ http://bit.ly/---hDx
42) Oscar-Nominated Short Films http://bit.ly/---dsq
43) Yoga @ Remnant Brewing http://bit.ly/---jBh
44) Boston Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/---zjd
45) Boston Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---jds
46) Harbor Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/---pfe
47) City Lights Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---njk
48) Moving Images Film Fest http://bit.ly/---jlt
49) MFA Film: 'The Wizard of Oz' http://bit.ly/---kMn
50) Children's Museum Soiree http://bit.ly/---ncb
51) Printmaking Date Night http://bit.ly/---kMy
52) Big Fuzzy @ the Armory http://bit.ly/---ljy
53) Romeo & Juliet Masquerade http://bit.ly/---jDe
54) Boston Bridal Bash http://bit.ly/---bCf
55) Tastings and Tales http://bit.ly/---nCa
56) BarkHappy Boston Party http://bit.ly/---jHy
57) Silent Film + Live Music http://bit.ly/---xHu
58) League of Laughs Comedy http://bit.ly/---nCf
59) Indoor Group Rides @ Giant http://bit.ly/---mJu
60) ‘90s Hip Hop Brunch http://bit.ly/---fhu
61) Soulelujah @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---jVg
62) Old Fox @ Aeronaut http://bit.ly/---cJq
63) Improvised History http://bit.ly/---hDa
64) Social Knit Night http://bit.ly/---lju
65) Wine Down Friday http://bit.ly/---ljp
66) ‘The Christians’ http://bit.ly/---fGy
67) ‘The Little Foxes’ http://bit.ly/---cXp
68) 'The Runaway Bunny' http://bit.ly/--13x
69) Bedlam's Pygmalion http://bit.ly/--nDr
70) The Prince Experience http://bit.ly/---jMc
71) Taste of Israel Week http://bit.ly/---jKi
72) Somerville Famers Market http://bit.ly/---jlq
73) Cambridge Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---jlr
74) Roslindale Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---jlw
75) Dorchester Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---jle

Full list of weekend events: http://bit.ly/2Ud5A2S

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