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Boston +
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Super Bowl parties, chili cook-offs, and lots more to do over the first weekend in February:

1) Super Bowl LIII http://bit.ly/---fVf
2) Super Bowl Parties http://bit.ly/---cVs
3) Harvard Sq. Chili Cook-Off http://bit.ly/---9ls
4) ICA First Friday: Red Hot http://bit.ly/---cFs
5) MFA First Friday http://bit.ly/---Fth
6) SoWa First Fridays http://bit.ly/---7li
7) Extreme Beer Fest http://bit.ly/---bDq
8) Olde Magoun’s Chili Cook-Off http://bit.ly/---9lz
9) Dorchester Brewing Wing Fest http://bit.ly/---nBc
10) Eric Church @ TD Garden http://bit.ly/---bst
11) STL GLD Album Release Party http://bit.ly/---oBv
12) Franklin Park Winter Festival http://bit.ly/---7ln
13) Frost Fit Workouts http://bit.ly/---9lf
14) SB Party with Lamont Price http://bit.ly/---iFg
15) Magoun's BBQ Tailgate Buffet http://bit.ly/---oHy
16) Smoke Shop BBQ Super Bowl http://bit.ly/---jjg
17) Yoga Union Free Classes http://bit.ly/---xgn
18) A Taste of Liguria http://bit.ly/---cDr
19) Japanese Film Festival http://bit.ly/---bFt
20) Errol Morris: 'American Dharma' http://bit.ly/---nDe
21) Ron White http://bit.ly/---vHy
22) Colin Jost http://bit.ly/---jMe
23) Greg Fitzsimmons http://bit.ly/---cDe
24) Model Ship Show http://bit.ly/---9ld
25) Coolidge After Midnite http://bit.ly/---xDq
26) Science on Screen, Jr. http://bit.ly/---nBg
27) Lunar New Year Celebration http://bit.ly/---mNx
28) Bedlam's Pygmalion http://bit.ly/--nDr
29) Carole King Musical http://bit.ly/---cSw
30) 'Nat Turner in Jerusalem' http://bit.ly/---hFt
31) Extreme Pig Roast http://bit.ly/---xDs
32) Beer Fest Afterparty http://bit.ly/---dGq
33) Don't Tell Comedy http://bit.ly/---xNs
34) Bar Crawl Bingo Pub Crawl http://bit.ly/---nHd
35) Dawes @ the Wang Theatre http://bit.ly/---mCt
36) Ladysmith Black Mambazo http://bit.ly/---pMu
37) Rayland Baxter @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---bdt
38) Jon Spencer @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/---jCf
39) Ali McGuirk @ Bull McCabe's http://bit.ly/---cGe
40) Groundhog Day Spectacular http://bit.ly/---jVd
41) NAO @ Royale http://bit.ly/---xHe
42) Twin Peaks Tribute @ ONCE http://bit.ly/--cXl
43) Call of Booty @ Night Shift http://bit.ly/---xSq
44) Space Jesus @ Royale http://bit.ly/---pHt
45) Honeysuckle @ Passim http://bit.ly/---cSe
46) The Macrotones @ ONCE http://bit.ly/--bCf
47) Actor|Observer at O’Brien’s http://bit.ly/---oVx
48) Winter Reggae Splash http://bit.ly/---bGr
49) Short Path Whiskey Wknd http://bit.ly/---kHy
50) Cognac & Armagnac Tasting http://bit.ly/---hCr
51) Sandwich Showdown http://bit.ly/---nDk
52) A.R.T.: ‘Othello’ http://bit.ly/---mXf
53) 'The Wolves' http://bit.ly/---cNv
54) ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’ http://bit.ly/---qHr
55) 'Paul Bunyan' http://bit.ly/---gCn
56) Somerville Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---7lc
57) Cambridge Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---7lm
58) Roslindale Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---7lv
59) Dorchester Farmers Market http://bit.ly/---7lb
60) Broad City Trivia http://bit.ly/---bHq
61) Greek New Year Celebration http://bit.ly/---iVd
62) Box Not Found: Stories http://bit.ly/---9lh
63) FPAC Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/---7lz
64) Gallery Party: Winning Shots http://bit.ly/---7lp
65) Women Changemakers http://bit.ly/---7lr
66) Chinatown Flower Market http://bit.ly/---7lo
67) Steven Pinker http://bit.ly/---cBs
68) Improvised History http://bit.ly/---sDe
69) Somerville Night Live http://bit.ly/---jDf
70) Flamenco @ Aeronaut http://bit.ly/---pKe
71) Suitcase Stories http://bit.ly/---cXj
72) EHChocolatier Grand Opening http://bit.ly/---7ly
73) La Boum Queer Night http://bit.ly/---kCr
74) Soulelujah @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/---nCg
75) Fiber Arts Swap http://bit.ly/---mNc

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2RYF9RI

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