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Boston +
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Boston, MA

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The NFL playoffs come to Foxboro and lots more to do around Boston over the long weekend:

1) Patriots vs. Titans http://bit.ly/---gp
2) Free MFA Open House http://bit.ly/---kv
3) Free ICA Admission http://bit.ly/---em
4) Free Gardner Museum http://bit.ly/---wm
5) New England Auto Show http://bit.ly/---ap
6) SoWa First Friday http://bit.ly/---wph
7) Lana Del Rey @ TD Garden http://bit.ly/---snt
8) Boston Got Sole Sneaker Con http://bit.ly/---zjh
9) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/--ija
10) Timberfakes @ The Sinclair http://bit.ly/---os
11) Breakfast Cereal Bar http://bit.ly/---oa
12) Arisia Sci-Fi Convention http://bit.ly/---sz
13) Camberville Brewery Crawl http://bit.ly/---mzu
14) Shanghai Dance Theater http://bit.ly/---ms
15) 'Ada/Ava' @ ArtsEmerson http://bit.ly/---kzj
16) 'Lost Girls' http://bit.ly/---nzy
17) 'Three Sisters' http://bit.ly/---zjy
18) Lyric Stage Co.: 'Road Show' http://bit.ly/---oxw
19) 'Shakespeare in Love' http://bit.ly/---zps
20) 'Sense and Sensibility' http://bit.ly/---ks
21) The Brattle's Best of '17 http://bit.ly/---re
22) 'Phantom Thread' in 70mm http://bit.ly/---ej
23) Guster @ House of Blues http://bit.ly/---zpe
24) Cracker, Camper V. Beethoven http://bit.ly/---qmh
25) Yacht Rock Revue http://bit.ly/---zpl
26) 10,000 Maniacs http://bit.ly/---zpo
27) The Felice Brothers http://bit.ly/---qkg
28) Walk the Moon http://bit.ly/---kre
29) Bill Janovitz http://bit.ly/---ibh
30) Save Ends @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/---kza
31) Upheaval @ ONCE http://bit.ly/---pqa
32) The Verve Pipe http://bit.ly/---wnz
33) Tim Gearan @ Atwood's http://bit.ly/---ixr
34) Colonial Tavern Night http://bit.ly/---dnj
35) Following Boston IG Meetup http://bit.ly/---smy
36) The Wave Boston Dance Party http://bit.ly/---rnj
37) Backbar 6th Birthday Party http://bit.ly/---msq
38) James Bond Disco Party http://bit.ly/---ozr
39) Namaste Yoga @ the MFA http://bit.ly/---ozu
40) Yoga @ Bully Boy Distillers http://bit.ly/---hzt
41) Yoga @ Trillium Roslindale http://bit.ly/---yze
42) Horse Jumper of Love http://bit.ly/---msy
43) Parlour Bells @ ONCE http://bit.ly/---ztr
44) Tom Petty Covers Night http://bit.ly/---pzo
45) Boston Youth Symphony http://bit.ly/---enh
46) MLK Memorial Breakfast http://bit.ly/---kzy
47) MLK Day of Service http://bit.ly/---spm
48) Festival of Films from Iran http://bit.ly/---lzu
49) World Family Film Festival http://bit.ly/---pzw
50) Coolidge After Midnite http://bit.ly/---lzi
51) Boston Winter Skating Path http://bit.ly/---de
52) Boston Wine Festival http://bit.ly/---kzq
53) 'Game of Thrones' Pop Up Bar http://bit.ly/---uhf
54) Ice Skating in Boston http://bit.ly/---lk
55) East Meets Words http://bit.ly/---yzk
56) Haley House Slam http://bit.ly/---onh
57) Thrift Story @ Aeronaut http://bit.ly/---cp
58) Paper Flower Crafting http://bit.ly/---uzr
59) Beyonce Brunch http://bit.ly/---uzm
60) Odds Bodkin Storytelling http://bit.ly/---wnh
61) New Rep Theatre: 'Thurgood' http://bit.ly/---pzr
62) '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' http://bit.ly/---mzh
63) Megan Bascom & Dancers http://bit.ly/---wmk
64) Fuego y Candela Salsa http://bit.ly/---qmu
65) Soulelujah @ ZuZu http://bit.ly/---ozy
66) ONCE in Valhalla Viking Dinner http://bit.ly/---yxe
67) City Tap House Long Weekend http://bit.ly/---vqr
68) Boston Gumbo: A Conversation http://bit.ly/---izu
69) Compagnie Hervé Koubi http://bit.ly/---isn
70) I-Opener Dance http://bit.ly/---lzd
71) DanceWorks Boston http://bit.ly/---zp
72) Annie Lederman http://bit.ly/---dvc
73) Owl Prowls http://bit.ly/---smj
74) ArtBid @ AREA Gallery http://bit.ly/---zh
75) Dram Night @ The Haven http://bit.ly/---njt

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2DoO5VW

Photo by @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2muM3Ms

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