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75 spooky (and not so spooky) things to do around Boston over this pre-Halloween weekend:

1) Boston Book Festival http://bit.ly/--s2l
2) SoWa Spooktacular http://bit.ly/--b5o
3) Taza Day of the Dead Festival http://bit.ly/--c3s
4) Halloween Horror Marathon http://bit.ly/--x8t
5) Lawn on D Pumpkin Palooza http://bit.ly/--l6e
6) Brooklyn Brewery Mansion http://bit.ly/--x8r
7) Halloween Pet Parade http://bit.ly/--w9c
8) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/--ija
9) Fall Foliage Cruises http://bit.ly/--uyu
10) Sunday Evening Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/--p6x
11) Cirque of the Dead http://bit.ly/--gbq
12) Halloween Pub Crawl http://bit.ly/--xox
13) CBC Great Pumpkin Fest http://bit.ly/--x8k
14) 'Thriller' Dance Party http://bit.ly/--kjk
15) 'Carrie' Party @ the Liberty http://bit.ly/--m8d
16) Boston BeauTease http://bit.ly/--sms
17) Halloween Hangover XIII http://bit.ly/--nxj
18) Winona Ryder Double Feature http://bit.ly/--c6t
19) Colonial Tavern Night http://bit.ly/--z8z
20) Laughing in the Dark http://bit.ly/--s8p
21) 'The Werewolf' http://bit.ly/--i3v
22) The Automatic Hell's Night http://bit.ly/--p2g
23) Ghoulelujah @ ZuZu http://bit.ly/--b8r
24) Sam Adams Octoberfest http://bit.ly/--j4j
25) Cheat Codes Halloween http://bit.ly/--xth
26) Tribute Bands @ ONCE http://bit.ly/--z8p
27) Growing Up Spooky http://bit.ly/--c6q
28) Dorchester Brew. Trick or Beer http://bit.ly/--n8t
29) Howloween @ Night Shift http://bit.ly/--pd4
30) Lamplighter After Dark http://bit.ly/--p5x
31) 'Twin Peaks' Halloween http://bit.ly/--m4j
32) Black Light Halloween Party http://bit.ly/--m8f
33) DTX Doggone Parade http://bit.ly/--m7c
34) Seaport Howl-o-ween http://bit.ly/--m4d
35) Boston Costume Dash http://bit.ly/--z9n
36) Boston to Salem Ferry http://bit.ly/--zlz
37) Harvard Square Ghost Tour http://bit.ly/--zhx
38) Sunset Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/--lzo
39) Pilobolus Dance Theatre http://bit.ly/--z6j
40) Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre http://bit.ly/--pep
41) The Revolutionists http://bit.ly/--ahv
42) 'In the Heights' http://bit.ly/--f2k
43) Alton Brown @ Boch Center http://bit.ly/--d5q
44) Green Arts Festival http://bit.ly/--p6s
45) Comicazi Cookie Clash http://bit.ly/--m5w
46) Harbor Sightseeing Cruise http://bit.ly/--uxz
47) Boston Architecture Cruise http://bit.ly/--c_Q
48) Lyric Stage Co: 'Souvenir' http://bit.ly/--pfp
49) OUT'Hood Fest http://bit.ly/--zp3
50) ATK Boston EATS http://bit.ly/--z9j
51) Fall Out Boy @ TD Garden http://bit.ly/--d7q
52) Origins of 'Stranger Things' http://bit.ly/--xrm
53) '80s Halloween Party http://bit.ly/--m7i
54) GoreFest XV @ ImprovBoston http://bit.ly/--y3p
55) Tomes of Terror http://bit.ly/--z7n
56) Raven Queer Halloween Bash http://bit.ly/--d7e
57) Break the Chains Dance Party http://bit.ly/--k7o
58) Babashook Spooky Ball http://bit.ly/--c7e
59) Galloween @ the Gallows http://bit.ly/--j7s
60) Brookline Pumpkin Fest http://bit.ly/--p3s
61) Franklin Park Zoo Howl http://bit.ly/--x9l
62) Prudential Center Pru Boo http://bit.ly/--bh9
63) Central Scare @ Central Flea http://bit.ly/--z8r
64) Boston Hassle Black Market http://bit.ly/--x7e
65) House of Freakz http://bit.ly/--m7n
66) Drag Me to Brunch Halloween http://bit.ly/--n8u
67) Stranger Things Murder Mystery http://bit.ly/--z6y
68) Nightmare on Broad Street http://bit.ly/--c8o
69) Halloween Freak Show http://bit.ly/--e8x
70) Devil's Carnival http://bit.ly/--v7l
71) Bootie Boston Halloween http://bit.ly/--b6s
72) Haunted Tiki Party http://bit.ly/--b7b
73) East Somerville Block Party http://bit.ly/--n7e
74) Costume Yoga Fundraiser http://bit.ly/--x6n
75) Franklin Park Zoo Howl http://bit.ly/--x7q

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2iyngbs

Halloween Night events: http://bit.ly/2h9rsef

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