Friday, Feb 03, 2017 5:00a -
Sunday, Feb 05, 2017 11:30p

Boston + surrounding areas
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Boston, MA


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Super Bowl parties, silent disco walks, chili cook-offs, and plenty more things to do around Boston this weekend:

1) Super Bowl LI http://bit.ly/--h7j
2) Silent Disco Snow Day http://bit.ly/--sdn
3) Harvard Sq. Chili Cook-Off http://bit.ly/--bsd
4) MFA Chinese New Year http://bit.ly/--nfg
5) ICA First Friday http://bit.ly/--qpg
6) MFA First Friday http://bit.ly/--bzf
7) SoWa First Friday http://bit.ly/--mqh
8) Extreme Beer Fest http://bit.ly/--jzx
9) Root+Reboot Wellness Fest http://bit.ly/--jqj
10) We Are One Somerville Rally http://bit.ly/--h5y
11) Super Bowl Whole Hog Buffet http://bit.ly/--nrw
12) Chicken Wing Throwdown http://bit.ly/--nzr
13) Aeronaut Super Bowl Party http://bit.ly/--n3y
14) Magoun's Chili Cook-Off http://bit.ly/--p5c
15) BPL Book Sale http://bit.ly/--8fh
16) Bad Rabbits @ Middle East http://bit.ly/--jxj
17) The Ballroom Thieves http://bit.ly/--bts
18) George Takei http://bit.ly/--bdi
19) Old School Game Show http://bit.ly/--8xk
20) Urbanity Dance http://bit.ly/--xby
21) Grassfed Disco @ ZuZu http://bit.ly/--s8n
22) DJ Big Bear http://bit.ly/--n3u
23) India.Arie @ Berklee http://bit.ly/--m3a
24) Cocek! Brass Band http://bit.ly/--s5h
25) Cash Cash @ Royale http://bit.ly/--nxw
26) Valentino Khan @ Ascend http://bit.ly/--n4y
27) Golden Girls Drag Parody http://bit.ly/--5hy
28) Hot Chocolate Tasting Tour http://bit.ly/--j3v
29) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/2kZD2sD
30) 'Something Rotten' http://bit.ly/--bqg
31) Company One: 'Really' http://bit.ly/--mtx
32) 'Trans Scripts' @ ART http://bit.ly/--ogc
33) 'A Doll's House' http://bit.ly/--dqu
34) Super Bowl Texas BBQ Bash http://bit.ly/--n6s
35) Pancake Party Benefit http://bit.ly/--n2o
36) Paula Poundstone @ the Wilbur http://bit.ly/--b3j
37) South End Warm in the Winter http://bit.ly/--s6e
38) Broken Hearts Social http://bit.ly/--8sv
39) No Hope/No Harm @ O'Brien's http://bit.ly/--n5j
40) The Duppy Conquerors http://bit.ly/--nfq
41) AFI @ The Paradise http://bit.ly/--n4u
42) Priests @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/--h4x
43) Burlesque Against Humanity http://bit.ly/--b3h
44) Hasty Pudding Theatricals http://bit.ly/--m7g
45) Multiple-Choice Play http://bit.ly/--qkn
46) 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' http://bit.ly/--jzd
47) 'Hand to God' http://bit.ly/--plq
48) 'The Princess and the Pea' http://bit.ly/--ync
49) ID Festival: Kit Yan http://bit.ly/--xfq
50) ID Festival: Calpernia Addams http://bit.ly/--n4q
51) Delicate Steve @ Middle East http://bit.ly/--f5j
52) Johnnie & the Foodmasters http://bit.ly/--zrh
53) Berlin Philharmonic http://bit.ly/--d8h
54) Level Up @ Good Life http://bit.ly/--d5h
55) MFA Film: 'Ms. 45' http://bit.ly/--m2j
56) Abilities Dance http://bit.ly/--hhy
57) Top Shelf Cookies Pop Up http://bit.ly/--g5j
58) Jaju Pierogi Dinner http://bit.ly/--x6j
59) E-Som Market http://bit.ly/--x6y
60) Back Alley Ribs http://bit.ly/--v6t
61) Coolidge After Midnite http://bit.ly/--g3l
62) Dana Farber Yoga Fundraiser http://bit.ly/--d4n
63) Young Composers Festival http://bit.ly/--bqu
64) Kingston Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/--nvg
65) Ogilvy Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/--nbk
66) HallSpace Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/--rzv
67) Judy Garland and Company http://bit.ly/--n7x
68) 'The White Rabbit Show' http://bit.ly/--n4h
69) Dire Literary Series http://bit.ly/--bzu
70) Humor for Humanity http://bit.ly/--b6y
71) 'The Autopsy of Jane Doe' http://bit.ly/--r4h
72) Marathon Bowl-a-thon http://bit.ly/--b8t
73) Odds Bodkin Storytelling http://bit.ly/--x6k
74) Somerville Farmers Market http://bit.ly/--b4e
75) Cambridge Farmers Market http://bit.ly/--x7y

All 300+ events: http://bit.ly/2jCIdBI

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