Monday, Feb 06, 2023 7:00a -
Sunday, Feb 12, 2023 11:00p

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Take advantage of warmer weather this week with 75 of the best free things to do in Boston. 

1) Disco on Ice Show (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Ysb

2) Black Boston Stories (Th) https://bit.ly/-Osz

3) Romance Novel Fair (We) https://bit.ly/-8dE

4) Harpoon’s Birthday Party (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Kdi

5) Art Gallery Reception (Th) https://bit.ly/-Iud

6) Frost Fit 2023 (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Psu

7) Super Bowl @ City Tap https://bit.ly/-iII

8) Black History Month Mkt (Sa) https://bit.ly/-md7

9) Valentine’s Popup @ BPM (Fr-Su) https://bit.ly/-Fg7

10) Spread Love Market (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Tqi

11) Black-owned Biz (Th-Fr) https://bit.ly/-Wek

12) Rom Com @ BPL (Th) https://bit.ly/-dk3

13) VDay @ USS Constitution (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Usk

14) Small Mart Valentine’s Mkt (Su) https://bit.ly/-Kdj

15) Feminist Valentine’s Mkt (Su) https://bit.ly/-KdE

16) Galentine’s Day Bash (Sa) https://bit.ly/-wka

17) In the Making (Th) https://bit.ly/-KdZ

18) Love Pong (Fr-Sa) https://bit.ly/-Kds

19) Speed Dating (Sa) https://bit.ly/-vhv

20) Annual Winter Walk (Su) https://bit.ly/-Vsk

21) Concerts @ the Crane (Su) https://bit.ly/-cks

22) Poetry of Reggie Gibson (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Eki

23) Gallery Night (Th) https://bit.ly/-Skb

24) Music and Movement (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Dig

25) Plant-Based Eating (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Xkd

26) SoWa Sundays (Su) https://bit.ly/-Ude

27) ‘Bounty’ Screening (Tu) https://bit.ly/-deu

28) Philosophers of Freedom (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Tby

29) Pinball @ The Sil (Su) https://bit.ly/-Cak

30) Six Nations @ PJ Ryans (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Vdi

31) Disappeared Disabilities (We) https://bit.ly/-fk8

32) Local Artist Showcase (Th) https://bit.ly/-DkW

33) Public Speaking Workshop (Th) https://bit.ly/-27d

34) ‘Twyla Moves’ Screening (Th) https://bit.ly/-Gwu

35) Free Wine Tasting (Th) https://bit.ly/-lsu

36) Free Thursdays @ the ICA (Th) https://bit.ly/-Sjr

37) Climate Action Discussion (Th) https://bit.ly/-Qke

38) Sleep & Mental Health (Th) https://bit.ly/-VjU

39) Six Nations Rugby (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-Sb7

40) Thought Leadership Series (Th) https://bit.ly/-Jdu

41) Teen @ the Museum (Sa) https://bit.ly/-lyI

42) Young Blood Exhibition (We-Sa) https://bit.ly/-SEd 

43) New Members Show (Tu-Sa) https://bit.ly/-BkJ

44) Composer Showcase (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Yg7

45) Neponset River Talk (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Cks 

46) Nichols House Tour (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Os7

47) Refugees in Spain (Fr) https://bit.ly/-kd8

48) Teen Poetry Class (Sa) https://bit.ly/-wvw

49) Coffee & Crafts (Su) https://bit.ly/-Qub

50) Sunday Baseball (Su) https://bit.ly/-dnE

51) Snowshoeing Walk (Mo) https://bit.ly/-7du

52) Artist Talk (Mo) https://bit.ly/-dlk

53) Music @ the Liberty (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Wke

54) Comedy @Thirsty Scholar (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Fsk 

55) Trivia @ Cunard Tavern (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Wbk

56) Textiles & Fibers @ ACA (Th) https://bit.ly/-Edp

57) Money Matchmaker (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Ivs 

58) Shut Up & Write (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Xcf

59) Frost Fit Tuesday Walks (Tu) https://bit.ly/-Kdu

60) Book Talk (Tu) https://bit.ly/-g7c

61) Nov. Project: Stairs (We) https://bit.ly/-Hed

62) Vinyasa Yoga Flow (We) https://bit.ly/-7dW

63) Sip N’ Stitch (We) https://bit.ly/-Mgs

64) Studio Production Class (We) https://bit.ly/-ev7

65) Trivia @ BPM (We) https://bit.ly/-fke 

66) Trivia @ PKL Bar (We) https://bit.ly/-Qud

67) Photography Reception (Th) https://bit.ly/-kof 

68) Simpsons Trivia (Th) https://bit.ly/-Gfs

69) Organ Concert (Fr) https://bit.ly/-ms0

70) Trivia @ Trident (Fr) https://bit.ly/-vk3

71) Book Release (Fr) https://bit.ly/-esa

72) Live Music @ SKYBOKX (Fr) https://bit.ly/-Ods

73) Jamaica Pond Run (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Q7b

74) Morning Yoga (Sa) https://bit.ly/-md8

75) Stand-up Comedy (Su) https://bit.ly/-Mdi

All FREE experiences this week: https://bit.ly/3tsEkRG


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02/06/2023 07:00:00 02/12/2023 23:00:00 America/New_York 75 FREE things to do in Boston this week <p>Take advantage of warmer weather this week with 75 of the best free things to do in Boston. </p><p><br></p><p>1) Disco on Ice Show (Sa) <a href="https://bit.ly/-Ysb">https://bit.ly/-Ysb</a></p><... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY