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Happy February! We’ve rounded up the 73 best things to do around Boston this weekend, so you can start your month off on the right foot.

Friday, 2/4: 43º 🌨
Saturday, 2/5: 26º 🌤
Sunday, 2/6: 29º 🌤

1) Jennifer Garner Parade in Hvd Sq http://bit.ly/-oit
2) Lunar New Year Festival http://bit.ly/-wou
3) Sam Adams Taproom Anni. https://bit.ly/-Ki5
4) Chalet Marlowe Popup http://bit.ly/-Hff
5) Jason Bateman Roast http://bit.ly/--cSI
6) SoWa First Friday https://bit.ly/-Rhf
7) Lunar New Year @ MFA http://bit.ly/-uhy
8) Ramsay’s Kitchen Now Open http://bit.ly/-ZZv
9) Visit the MAHH http://bit.ly/-Kj5
10) ‘T: An MBTA Musical’ http://bit.ly/-hg9
11) Irish Music @ The Druid https://bit.ly/-gy3
12) Chef Pop-up Series https://bit.ly/-09t
13) Black Heritage Trail https://bit.ly/344EiGb
14) Lunar New Year in Boston https://bit.ly/-bh2
15) Fabiola Mendez Live @ WBUR http://bit.ly/-kii
16) Somerville Farmers Market https://bit.ly/-7t2
17) Love Hurts Movie Series https://bit.ly/35Dm4Mv
18) Boston Athenaeum Tour http://bit.ly/-oat
19) Boston Run Show http://bit.ly/-oy4
20) Nov Project: Friday Hills http://bit.ly/-i8t
21) BAA Rocks http://bit.ly/-ys5
22) Le Vent Du Nord Performance http://bit.ly/-gh4
23) Lights in the Necklace http://bit.ly/-7td
24) Immersive Van Gogh https://bit.ly/-BH14
25) ‘Mr. Parent’ Premiere https://bit.ly/-ng5
26) Art Gallery Reception https://bit.ly/-5rx
27) BIPOC Wine Tasting https://bit.ly/-Fgb
28) Yoga Shabbat http://bit.ly/-Jkk
29) Chinese Cooking Class http://bit.ly/-Zvv
30) Snow Tubing @ Nashoba http://bit.ly/-Vb1
31) Friday Night Flow http://bit.ly/-fgg
32) BU Hockey Game http://bit.ly/-ei5
33) Queer Comedy Night http://bit.ly/-kjg
34) Free Evening Meditation http://bit.ly/-dhg
35) 90s Karaoke @ Lily’s Bar https://bit.ly/-Yur
36) Bill’s Bar Comedy http://bit.ly/-pgg
37) New Members Art Show https://bit.ly/-O9t
38) Myra Wilson Exhibit https://bit.ly/-F4f
39) Tattoos in Japanese Prints https://bit.ly/-BH37
40) Tracing Female Ancestors http://bit.ly/-ht5
41) Lookout Rooftop Igloo Bar https://bit.ly/-BH40
42) Ice Skating on the Frog Pond https://bit.ly/-BH33
43) Esplanade Winter Activities https://bit.ly/-Yu6
44) Apres Skate Bar @ 401 Park https://bit.ly/-BH41
45) Frost Fit Fitness Series https://bit.ly/-nL5
46) BCM’s Winter Games http://bit.ly/-xph
47) Edible Art Exhibit https://bit.ly/-TY6
48) Robert Freeman Exhibit https://bit.ly/-LK4
49) 26 Winter-ready Patios https://bit.ly/-I7t
50) The Arnold Arboretum https://bit.ly/-BJ6
51) Meditation Workshop http://bit.ly/-bll
52) Yoga in the Beer Garden http://bit.ly/-ytc
53) Knit and Chat https://bit.ly/-xg3
54) Built to Win Shipbuilding http://bit.ly/-6tc
55) Learn to Curl in Seaport https://bit.ly/-hj3
56) Paradise Dance Journey http://bit.ly/-uht
57) Poetry Slam http://bit.ly/-Yu4
58) Berklee Performance http://bit.ly/-iux
59) Tap Dance Performance http://bit.ly/-poi
60) Comedy @ the Dugout Cafe http://bit.ly/-iyx
61) Himalayan Art Exhibit https://bit.ly/-xh4
62) Free Harvard Art Museums https://bit.ly/-jh3
63) Yoga @ Night Shift Brewing http://bit.ly/-2re
64) SoWa Sundays http://bit.ly/-Aky
65) Roslindale Farmers Market http://bit.ly/-ahh
66) Craft Food Halls Sunday http://bit.ly/-Tan
67) Boston Philharmonic Orchestra http://bit.ly/-woy
68) Poetry Open Mic @ Trident https://bit.ly/-gh9
69) Beacon Hill Pub Comedy http://bit.ly/-ghf
70) Social Fabrics Exhibition http://bit.ly/-oir
71) Kick It! @ Nightshift http://bit.ly/-oyu
72) Trivia Night @ Trident http://bit.ly/-yut
73) Bebop Blues Jam http://bit.ly/-ous

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/3dmCgmu

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