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Sunday, Mar 10, 2024 11:00p

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A rainy week in Boston doesn’t mean you can’t still adventure! Here’s your list of 73 FREE things to do in the city this week regardless of the weather. 

1) Trident Oscars Party (Su) bit.ly/4g-0

2) Women’s Month @ TimeOut (Su) bit.ly/3-Zi

3) Free Gardner Museum (Th) bit.ly/3T-g

4) Black Brew Talk (Tu) bit.ly/4-0o

5) Oscars Trivia Night (We) bit.ly/3f-t

6) Bourbon Whiskey Launch (Th) bit.ly/f-4i

7) Female Artists Karaoke (Fr) bit.ly/3f-q

8) Oscars Watch Party (Su) bit.ly/48-v

9) Tech on Tap @ Night Shift (Th) bit.ly/30-o

10) Spanish Wine Tasting (Th) bit.ly/w-4i

11) SoWa Sundays (Su) bit.ly/nx4w

12) Women + Finance Talk (Th) bit.ly/4f-h

13) Tabletop Game Night (Sa) bit.ly/3uLs

14) Barbie and Identity Talk (Th) bit.ly/49w-

15) FemAle Sam Adams Release (Fr) bit.ly/49Si

16) Queer Book Club (Mo) bit.ly/d9-a

17) The Liberty Fashion Show (Th) bit.ly/3Iku

18) Winteractive Art Exhibit (Mo-Su) bit.ly/IkP

19) Graphic Novel Talk (Mo) bit.ly/3TiI

20) Craft and Chat (Tu) bit.ly/3wA-

21) ‘Wander Woman’ Book Launch (Fr) bit.ly/3I-i

22) Day Lark Bazaar (Sa) bit.ly/43-u

23) 9 Unique Boston Book Clubs bit.ly/l1-I

24) Coffee Tasting (Fr) bit.ly/3uNa

25) Lord Hobo Vagabond Wk (Mo-Su) bit.ly/4dc-

26) Tai Chi Class (Th) bit.ly/4c0E

27) Live Music @ BPM (Sa) bit.ly/3T0j

28) ‘Into Her Own’ Movie (Th) bit.ly/4-Cd

29) Netflix and Knit (Tu) bit.ly/49I-

30) ‘90s Karaoke @ Lily’s (Fr) bit.ly/49-p

31) RuPaul’s Drag Race Party (Fr) bit.ly/4f-2

32) Mighty Squirrel Beer Wk (Mo-Sa) bit.ly/3-Tq

33) Som Winter Farmers Mkt (Sa) bit.ly/4c2-

34) Women’s Day: Porter Sq Books (Fr) bit.ly/3Ik-

35) D&D @ Aeronaut (Sa) bit.ly/3T9e

36) Dojo Community Jam (Sa) bit.ly/3P1b

37) 20+ Live Music Nights in Bos bit.ly/-bbk

38) 5 Places to Work Remotely bit.ly/iy-i

39) Creating Writing Class (Th) bit.ly/4-9cu

40) BPL Art & Arch Tour (Mo-Su) bit.ly/3NS-

41) ‘Bachelor’ Watch Party (Mo) bit.ly/4b-6

42) Recital @ King’s Chapel (Tu) bit.ly/3g-0

43) Star Gazing @ BU (We) bit.ly/4-4s

44) Self-guided Graffiti Tour (Mo-Su) bit.ly/f-4v

45) Hvd Plaza WinterFest (We-Su) bit.ly/f-5w

46) BPL Library Card Perks (Mo-Su) bit.ly/-l-k

47) Bingo @ Kowloon (We) bit.ly/3g-l

48) Comedy @ GrandTen (Su) bit.ly/3-sb

49) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) bit.ly/4f-b

50) BPM Tour & Tasting (Tu/Fr) bit.ly/3uf-

51) Poetry Open Mic (Su) bit.ly/4f-p

52) Harvard Art Museums (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-5Yw

53) Trivia @ BPM (We) bit.ly/v-Zi

54) Jazz at a Brewery (Th) bit.ly/3-0b

55) Boston Walking Tour (Su) bit.ly/3us-

56) Friday Night Trivia (Fr) bit.ly/3I-w

57) Freedom Runners (Tu) bit.ly/Bcl-

58) Afrobeats Dance Class (We) bit.ly/3Io-

59) Bingo @ Fenway CC (Fr) bit.ly/3ImF

60) Comedy @ Union Tavern (Tu) bit.ly/48Ea

61) Nov Project: Harvard Stairs (We) bit.ly/48z0

62) 30+ Trivia Nights in Boston bit.ly/-BAZ

63) Trivia @ PKL (We) bit.ly/3Tm-

64) Irish Music Seisiúns (We/Sa/Su) bit.ly/4c0-

65) Meditation Gathering (We) bit.ly/48-c

66) Porch Jam Sundays (Su) bit.ly/4c0y

67) Karaoke @ Roxy's (We) bit.ly/4-z0

68) Live Music @ PKL (Sa) bit.ly/4-Gk

69) Venture Cafe Gathering (Th) bit.ly/43i9

70) Seaport Smalls (Sa) bit.ly/4-1O

71) Make with MAAM (Sa) bit.ly/4bW-

72) Jeff Jam Sing-a-long (Fr) bit.ly/3g-j

73) Drop-in Playgroup (Fr) bit.ly/3uJ-

All FREE experiences this week: bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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03/04/2024 07:00:00 03/10/2024 23:00:00 America/New_York 73 FREE things to do in Boston this week: Mar 4–10, 2024 <p>A rainy week in Boston doesn’t mean you can’t still adventure! Here’s your list of 73 FREE things to do in the city this week regardless of the weather. </p><p><br></p><p>1) Trident Oscars Party... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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