Monday, Sep 11, 2023 7:00a -
Sunday, Sep 17, 2023 11:00p

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Enjoy the final week of summer 2023 to the fullest with our picks for 72 FREE things to do around the city from Monday to Sunday 🥳 And don't forget to download our brand new app for an even better way to discover Boston's best experiences & things to do.

1) Assembly Row Riverfest (Sa) https://bit.ly/-7tY

2) Open Streets Dorchester (Su) https://bit.ly/4-1s

3) Boston Local Food Fest (Su) https://bit.ly/-Ea8

4) Oktoberfest @ Bow (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/-It2

5) Boston Common Block Party (Th) https://bit.ly/5d-S

6) Grand Wine Tasting (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/3-v1

7) South Boston Street Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-c7

8) Kendall Community Night (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-7D

9) One Day Only Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3P-T

10) ‘Willy Wonka’ Outdoors (We) https://bit.ly/-BaF

11) DOT Brewing Oktoberfest (Fr-Su) https://bit.ly/-Gl8

12) Trillium Oktoberfest https://bit.ly/--IjO

13) BU Global Music Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3r-P

14) SomerStreets Music Fest https://bit.ly/--jIq

15) Climapalooza Festival (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-f2

16) Harvard Sq Block Party (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Ty3

17) Films on the Green (Fr) https://bit.ly/-tY2

18) Fiesta En La Plaza (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-o2

19) Oktoberfest @ Time Out (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-Lq

20) Revere Beach Arts Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Kui

21) Open Memorial Drive https://bit.ly/--juI

22) Lawn On D Open Market (Su) https://bit.ly/3-PZ

23) Thursdays on the Lawn (Th) https://bit.ly/3Z-G

24) Gallery Night Tuesdays (Tu) https://bit.ly/3-fK

25) Yappier Hour (We) https://bit.ly/4-3d

26) Open Newbury Street (Su) https://bit.ly/3-4Q

27) SoWa Open Market (Su) https://bit.ly/3-Su

28) Riverfest Women’s Market (Sa) https://bit.ly/4-gA

29) The Night Bazaar (Th) https://bit.ly/3-yg

30) Remnant Brewing Trivia (Mo) https://bit.ly/-Ty1

31) Live Music @ Sam Adams (Su) https://bit.ly/-tY3

32) Harvard Sq Open Market https://bit.ly/--Iqj

33) Mystic Music Fest https://bit.ly/-jiU

34) Outdoor Jazz @ Herter Park https://bit.ly/--iIP

35) Boston Women’s Market JP https://bit.ly/--iEi

36) Summer Artisan Market (Sa) https://bit.ly/4-s1

37) Soulful Bliss Music Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-L2

38) Cheeky Monkey Oktoberfest (Sa) https://bit.ly/II-i                 

39) ‘Beyond Walls’ @ Starlight (Th) https://bit.ly/3P-0 

40) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) https://bit.ly/4-wi

41) SoWa Sundays (Su) https://bit.ly/3r-c

42) Sunflowers in Boston (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-T7p

43) Concert @ Starlight Sq (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-M2 

44) The Fenway Flea (Su) https://bit.ly/3-EV

45) The Lawn on D (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-3km 

46) Seaport Sweat (Mo-Sa) https://bit.ly/-3KO

47) Free Outdoor Fitness (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-9uo

48) Free Outdoor Concerts (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-V9s 

49) Free Outdoor Movies (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-lB1

50) Retro Video Game Night (Mo) https://bit.ly/4-rZ

51) Celebrating El Salvador (Su) https://bit.ly/3-UF

52) 20+ Trivia Nights in Bos (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/I-ij

53) Starlight Sq Screenings (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-J1 

54) Karaoke @ Roxy’s (We) https://bit.ly/3-t2

55) Yoga @ Starlight Sq (Su) https://bit.ly/3-BH

56) Concerts in the Common (We) https://bit.ly/3-8L

57) Lucky’s Standup Comedy (Mo) https://bit.ly/4-p1 

58) Potluck BBQ + Dance Party (Sa) https://bit.ly/-Tj9 

59) Ted Lasso Trivia (Tu) https://bit.ly/-iIE

60) Arboretum Meditation (Mo) https://bit.ly/3E-7

61) Rooftop DJ Weekends (Fr-Sa) https://bit.ly/4-sN

62) Babes in the Woods Hike (Tu) https://bit.ly/3-I5

63) Nov Project: Harvard Stairs (We) https://bit.ly/45-2 

64) Brewery Book Club (We) https://bit.ly/3-pQ

65) Funktoberfest Fun Run (Su) https://bit.ly/3-Qi

66) Outdoor Meditation (Th) https://bit.ly/-siP

67) Amateur Comedy Contest (We) https://bit.ly/3E-R 

68) Art Lecture @ Harvard Art (Th) https://bit.ly/-Ae3 

69) Arcade Radio @ Harvard (Mo) https://bit.ly/4-QX 

70) Arboretum Family Hike (Su) https://bit.ly/4-3u

71) Watercolor Workshop (Sa) https://bit.ly/3P-W

72) Download our new app https://apple.co/44SaYfo

All FREE experiences this week: https://bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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