Friday, Apr 27, 2018 5:00a -
Sunday, Apr 29, 2018 11:30p

Boston +
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Boston, MA


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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 70 things to do around Boston:

1) Independent Film Festival http://bit.ly/---zjk
2) ArtWeek http://bit.ly/---skh
3) Japan Festival Boston http://bit.ly/---eqb
4) Power Beer Festival http://bit.ly/---ybf
5) Boston Tattoo Convention http://bit.ly/--oxd
6) Guac Off @ Painted Burro http://bit.ly/---gck
7) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---ezn
8) Big Apple Circus http://bit.ly/---ufx
9) Independent Bookstore Day http://bit.ly/---yzs
10) ICA After 5: Wine Night http://bit.ly/---cgt
11) Boston Sailing Open House http://bit.ly/---evu
12) Courageous Sailing Open House http://bit.ly/---ifb
13) Taste of the North End http://bit.ly/---psg
14) Thirst Boston Cocktail Fest http://bit.ly/---dxh
15) Harvard ARTS FIRST Fest http://bit.ly/---skn
16) Boston International Cat Show http://bit.ly/---unp
17) Boston Jazz Week http://bit.ly/---jxk
18) 'On Your Feet!' http://bit.ly/---ysp
19) 'Much Ado About Nothing' http://bit.ly/---oxr
20) Lyric Stage Co: 'Anna Christie' http://bit.ly/---ose
21) Company One: ‘Wig Out!’ http://bit.ly/---fni
22) 'First Love is the Revolution' http://bit.ly/---pzj
23) 'Women Who Mapped the Stars' http://bit.ly/---knz
24) Mateo Ballet Theatre bit.ly/---rcd
25) Astronomy After Hours http://bit.ly/---pzz
26) Colonial Tavern Night http://bit.ly/---ahe
27) Oompa @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/---yxg
28) Art in Bloom @ the MFA http://bit.ly/---udn
29) Brookline Open Studios http://bit.ly/---kxr
30) West Medford Open Studios http://bit.ly/---uxt
31) ‘To the Front’ Photo Show http://bit.ly/---zlf
32) Brunch Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---pkt
33) Historic Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---okt
34) Harbor Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/---zlr
35) Arlington Jazz Festival http://bit.ly/---ixj
36) Spring SweatCon Rally http://bit.ly/---tdk
37) Yoga @ Short Path http://bit.ly/---skv
38) Piers Park Sailing Center http://bit.ly/---lzr
39) Boston College Arts Festival http://bit.ly/---lzn
40) Dorchester Art Open House http://bit.ly/---zjb
41) ARTS FIRST Allston http://bit.ly/---nbf
42) 'Antigone' at Harvard Stadium http://bit.ly/---sdg
43) '6 Playwrights...' http://bit.ly/---yxd
44) Boston Children's Chorus http://bit.ly/---ubw
45) Ruckus Dance http://bit.ly/---oxg
46) They Might Be Giants http://bit.ly/---zod
47) Peter Hook & The Light http://bit.ly/---oze
48) Oldjack's Last Saturdays http://bit.ly/---uzb
49) Somerville Symphony Orkestar http://bit.ly/---ucg
50) Everytown Benefit Show http://bit.ly/---yxn
51) Break the Chains Dance Party http://bit.ly/---yxh
52) Haley House Slam http://bit.ly/---zfy
53) Level Up @ Good Life http://bit.ly/---uze
54) Soulelujah @ ZuZu http://bit.ly/---ihc
55) '80s Costume Party http://bit.ly/---jxr
56) Wrestling + Drag Extravaganza http://bit.ly/---dbc
57) The Groove Gallery http://bit.ly/---zpf
58) Pickling + Pints @ Castle Island http://bit.ly/---uzj
59) Int'l Tabletop Games Day http://bit.ly/---yxv
60) World Tai Chi Day http://bit.ly/---uxm
61) Chinatown Mural Tour http://bit.ly/---uxd
62) Run of the Charles http://bit.ly/---usk
63) Color Fest in Davis Square http://bit.ly/---zjr
64) B&G Oyster Invitational http://bit.ly/---dbx
65) Boston Chocolate School http://bit.ly/---uzx
66) Comedy + Beer Tastings http://bit.ly/---yxp
67) Sheapshearing Festival http://bit.ly/---uxq
68) Neuroscience of Music http://bit.ly/---zkc
69) Improvised History: The 1920s http://bit.ly/---ujd
70) Comedy Festival All-Stars http://bit.ly/---idh

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2r4J1zY

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2r2K5VX

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