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Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and the return of the massive Boston Calling festival. Here's 70 things to do around Boston this weekend:

1) Boston Calling Music Festival http://bit.ly/--byj
2) Free MFA Open House http://bit.ly/--uhx
3) Free ICA Admission http://bit.ly/--ihz
4) Boston Pops: 'Jaws' Live http://bit.ly/--njy
5) Club Passim Campfire Festival http://bit.ly/--O_j
6) Craigie on Main Burger Lunch http://bit.ly/--pjq
7) Tony Williams Ballet http://bit.ly/--i_H
8) Memorial Day Garden of Flags http://bit.ly/--r_V
9) A Run to Remember http://bit.ly/--y_S
10) Whitney @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/--i_F
11) Lucy Dacus @ Great Scott http://bit.ly/--huZ
12) White Buffalo @ HOB http://bit.ly/--y_C
13) Piebald @ the Sinclair http://bit.ly/--s_F
14) SoWa Open Market http://bit.ly/--s_Q
15) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/--hue
16) Star Trek Burlesque http://bit.ly/--hgy
17) Pier Pressure Party Cruise http://bit.ly/--yvk
18) Colonial Tavern Night http://bit.ly/--hdu
19) Boston Architecture Cruise http://bit.ly/--c_Q
20) Pirate Ship Harbor Tour http://bit.ly/--trz
21) Boston Harbor Sunset Sail http://bit.ly/--Q_b
22) Boston Harbor Day Sail http://bit.ly/--s_G
23) Sunset Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/--zqq
24) Boston Harbor Brunch Cruise http://bit.ly/--xjo
25) Lyric Stage Company: 'Camelot' http://bit.ly/--b_G
26) ART: 'Arrabal' http://bit.ly/--scj
27) ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ http://bit.ly/--f_Z
28) 'Chapter and Verse' http://bit.ly/--tze
29) Boston Cupcake Crawl http://bit.ly/--ygP
30) Golden Girls Drag Parody http://bit.ly/--hdz
31) Theatre Festival http://bit.ly/--n_G
32) Liberation Kitchen Fundraiser http://bit.ly/--u_F
33) Youth Poetry Fundraiser http://bit.ly/--K_q
34) Boston Pride Pageant http://bit.ly/--w_F
35) Brazilian Country Festival http://bit.ly/--s_Z
36) Weird Folk Fest http://bit.ly/--y_Q
37) Greenway Open Market http://bit.ly/--A_O
38) Ott @ the Middle East http://bit.ly/--t_H
39) HEROES '80s Night http://bit.ly/--m_D
40) Level Up @ Good Life http://bit.ly/--a_V
41) Afrojack @ Royale http://bit.ly/--w_H
42) Soulelujah @ ZuZu http://bit.ly/--pdi
43) Free DJ Workshop http://bit.ly/--f_V
44) Tales of the Back Bay Tour http://bit.ly/--spm
45) Brunch Fit @ Everybody Fights http://bit.ly/--q_h
46) Yoga Hike @ Blue Hills http://bit.ly/--d_O
47) Hip Hop Yoga http://bit.ly/--E_D
48) Sunrise Yoga http://bit.ly/--dpK
49) Free Yoga @ Assembly Row http://bit.ly/--k_D
50) Cotopaxi Questival http://bit.ly/--c_B
51) Lunch Break on D http://bit.ly/--u_D
52) Union Sq. Donuts Beer Brunch http://bit.ly/--kbj
53) Stevie Nicks Brunch http://bit.ly/--phy
54) Reunion Week @ the Brattle http://bit.ly/--y_F
55) Ogilvy Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/--P_B
56) Multimedia Art Show http://bit.ly/--h_O
57) Farmer's Market Brunch http://bit.ly/--o_G
58) Sundaes on Saturday http://bit.ly/--r_F
59) Eating New England http://bit.ly/--d_c
60) Judy Garland Tribute http://bit.ly/--p_e
61) Paint Nite @ Aeronaut http://bit.ly/--k_Z
62) Charles River Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/--x_O
63) Boston Harbor Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/--h_Q
64) Harbor Bluegrass Cruise http://bit.ly/--y_X
65) Harbor Funk Cruise http://bit.ly/--O_g
66) Harbor Islands Cruise http://bit.ly/--b_O
67) Lebanese Festival http://bit.ly/--tdo
68) Standup Throwdown http://bit.ly/--r_G
69) Big Attitude Comedy http://bit.ly/--q_N
70) Street Art Walking Tour http://bit.ly/--f_I

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2rl5cF0

Image via @thebostoncal on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2r0TK05

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