Friday, Nov 24, 2017 8:00p -

2 Arrow St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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A Live Music and Burlesque Tribute to David Bowie
Instead of shopping on Black Friday, come worship at the church of Bowie.
All the Burlesque you want, all the Bowie you need

Ticket Link
or go to www.cluboberon.com

"Luparelli's Bowie tribute show must be seen to be believed” -Telegram.com

It's the 6th Annual Oh You Pretty Things/David Bowie Black Friday (aka "David Boobie") with a bonus Thanksgiving slice of Sweet Potato Bowie Pie on Black Saturday!

Friday's show is for the biggest Bowie fans with around 3 hours and 30 songs featuring Burlesque and Aerials from some of Boston's best and most notorious performers
FRIDAY ONLY- Bowie Costume Contest with $100 Cash Prize

Saturday is "Just the Hits! Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma'am"
The Reader's Digest Condensed Version with a jam packed 90 minutes featuring the legendary Lipstick Criminals and featuring Mary Widow

Covering David Bowie while beautiful burlesque performers uncover their bodies is a Niki Luparelli holiday tradition.

Black Friday is approaching once again, which means it's time for the glorious return to Cambridge of Bowie-flavored striptease. Niki "Stardust" Luparelli and her Total Blam Blam David Boobie Band bring back to Oberon their lascivious tribute to the Thin White Duke and the female form.

Lipstick Criminals
Mary Widow
Bettysioux Tailor
Malice in Wonderland
Landis Darling
Fem Bones
Jessicalee Skary
And aerials by Fonda Feeling and Alex Jackson
Featuring Amy Macabre as the Black Friday Fairy
Guest Singer Butch Sassidy

Rather than pushing through the market square on Black Friday, driving like a demon from station to station, and running wild through a million dead-end streets in search of Christmas bargains, you should instead spit in the eyes of fools, put on your red shoes, and run to the centre of things—Club Oberon, that is—where each table offers a seat with the clearest view, and femme fatales emerge from shadows, disrobing to the best of Bowie, all night long.

The Bowiest showgirls & the showiest Bowiegirls await.

18+ to Enter

21+ to Drink

Tickets are $25-$45
Doors 7:30pm
Show 8pm

All Bowie covers played live by Niki “Stardust” Luparelli and her Total Blam Blam David Boobie Band!
Niki Luparelli, Lead Vocals, queen bitch
Davina A. Yannetty Jr.- keys, vocals
Shaina Mikee Keiths- Drums
Kris Somers - guitar, vocals
Jenn Murphy - Sax
Sophie Potrykus- Bass
Backup singers Susan Catinski-Kaplinski and Natalie Jackson


"Marilyn Monroe impersonator and jazz chanteuse Niki Luparelli has been doing Bowie tributes since 2009, and this is her second time bringing the enchanting show to the Metropolitan Room. Also a standup comic, Luparelli peppers her sets with jokes and asides that put her in the top tier of nightclub performers" -Village Voice

"Some of us are looking for something a little more glamorous to do on Friday. Take a trip through the eclectic songbook of David Bowie with Niki Luparelli and The Gold Diggers" - Boston Magazine

“Chanteuse Niki Luparelli and her Gold Diggers kick off the post-Thanksgiving weekend with some wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am…This tribute will be somewhere between 3 and 3 million times more fun than circling a mall parking lot.” - Boston Herald

“Whether you are a young American or in your golden years; a diamond dog pull out of an oxygen tent or a cat person putting out the fire with gasoline; the prettiest star or a spider from mars; a scary monster or a super creep; you would be a lad (or lassie) insane if you didn't experience the sound and vision of Niki Luparelli as she tears through the David Bowie songbook. “ -Telegram.com

“Want to see Bowie done cabaret style? We’re pretty sure that no one’s better for that than Niki.”– BostonBandCrush.org

"Mamma Mia! meets Moulin Rouge, with ABBA's disco replaced by Bowie's glam-rock tunes. Let's Dance" -Stuff Magazine

"’Boston's bustiest chanteuse' trains her headlights on dear David Bowie (backed by her retro band, the Gold Diggers) in an evening of cabaret-rock crossbreeding." - Time Out New York

What Actual Celebrities are saying about Niki!

"Wow, you smell really good." Davy Jones, the Monkees, RIP

"You're !@#$% hilarious." Steven Wright, comedian

“She’s !@#$% Hilarious” – Mickey Dolenz

"Amazing!...YES REALLY!" - Jane Lynch

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