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Make the most of the first week of fall 2023 with our picks for 67 FREE things to do around the city. And don't forget to download our brand new app for an even better way to discover Boston's best experiences & things to do.

1) Cambridge Science Fest (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-Um8

2) Oktoberfest @ Bow Market (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/i-IIi

3) Open Boston Athenaeum (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-eJ

4) Southie Street Fest https://bit.ly/3-c7 POSTPONED

5) Secret Garden Vintage Market (Sa) https://bit.ly/3r-a

6) Harvard Art Museum at Nite (Th) https://bit.ly/48-4

7) CollegeFest @ Fenway (Su) https://bit.ly/-UHz

8) Pumpkin Palooza (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-Ot

9) Somerville Fire Festival (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-Lf

10) Robot Block Party (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-jA

11) Oktoberfest @ Time Out (Sa) https://bit.ly/3P-C

12) Roslindale Porchfest (Sa) https://bit.ly/4-hr

13) Chinatown Arts Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-2H

14) SoWa Open Market (Su) https://bit.ly/3-YZ

15) Open Newbury Street (Su) https://bit.ly/3-lj

16) ICA Free Thursday (Th) https://bit.ly/3-sK

17) ICA Art Lab Session (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-5n

18) Lexington East Village Fair (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-d0

19) Wine Mixer @ Athlete's Park (Th) https://bit.ly/ij-I

20) Smarter than a MIT Grad? (We) https://bit.ly/l1-i

21) Jug Band Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/-dwK

22) MICE Comics Expo (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/3-bK

23) 20+ Trivia Nights in Bos (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/I-ij

24) Seaport Smalls (Sa) https://bit.ly/t-Q2

25) More Life Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3r-E

26) Movie Night @ Kendall/MIT (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-TZ

27) Falling Into Rhythm & Blues (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-0y

28) Venture Café Gathering (Th) https://bit.ly/4-it

29) Reel Fun Fishing Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-5q

30) ‘Bachelor’ Watch Party (Th) https://bit.ly/3t-d

31) Health & Wellness Fair (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-AD

32) Free Arts & Science Night (Th) https://bit.ly/t-Q6

33) Live DJ @ Lamplighter CX (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-Dq

34) Meditation Mondays (Mo) https://bit.ly/4-3f

35) DTX Boston Arts Market (Th-Fr) https://bit.ly/4-bS

36) Full Moon Yoga (Th) https://bit.ly/3Z-q

37) Harvest Moon Market (Th) https://bit.ly/3-4e

38) The Druid Irish Sesh (We/Sa/Su) https://bit.ly/t-Qi

39) Multicultural Beach Fest (Sa) https://bit.ly/t-Ql

40) Greenway Artisan Mkt (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/3-Am 

41) Seaport Sweat (Mo-Sa) https://bit.ly/-3KO

42) Free Outdoor Fitness (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-9uo

43) Free Outdoor Concerts (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/-V9s 

44) SoWa Sundays (Su) https://bit.ly/3L-q

45) Roller Skating Party (Th) https://bit.ly/3-rI

46) Jack's Abby Oktoberfest (Tu-Su) https://bit.ly/48-W 

47) Wicked Retro Night (We) https://bit.ly/4t-e

48) Rooftop DJ Weekends (Fr-Sa) https://bit.ly/46-V

49) The Fenway Flea (Su) https://bit.ly/3t-f

50) Nike Inspiration Run (We) https://bit.ly/t-Q1

51) Comedy Show @ Lucky’s (Mo) https://bit.ly/4-d6

52) Live Music @ Cider Hill (Sa-Su) https://bit.ly/t-Q3 

53) Jamaica Pond Parkrun (Sa) https://bit.ly/3-Wt

54) Yappier Hour @ Liberty (We) https://bit.ly/3E-H

55) Concert @ The Tall Ship (We) https://bit.ly/3E-m

56) Open Memorial Drive (Su) https://bit.ly/t-Q4

57) Aeronaut Spelling Bee (We) https://bit.ly/t-Q5

58) Organ Concert (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-lq 

59) Gallery Night Tuesdays (Tu) https://bit.ly/3s0Z

60) Arcade Radio @ Harvard (Mo) https://bit.ly/3-3r

61) Art Talk @ The ICA (Th) https://bit.ly/3-Sc

62) Harvard Art Gallery Talk (Fr) https://bit.ly/3-bI

63) Mid-Autumn Lantern (Mo) https://bit.ly/4-Bc 

64) Bi-Monthly Poetry Reading (Th) https://bit.ly/3-kA 

65) Treasure Chest Paint Party (Tu) https://bit.ly/4-R4

66) Umbrella Sky Exhibit (Mo-Su) https://bit.ly/it1-

67) Sewing Meetup (Mo) https://bit.ly/3-xn

All FREE experiences this week: https://bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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