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Boston +
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Boston, MA

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You only get one weekend a week. Make the most of it with our picks for 65 things to do around Boston:

1) St. Anthony's Feast http://bit.ly/---jgn
2) Films at the Gate Festival http://bit.ly/---quj
3) Fermentation Festival http://bit.ly/---kfj
4) African Festival of Boston http://bit.ly/---dks
5) Dorchester Beach Festival http://bit.ly/---pdq
6) Free Fun Fridays http://bit.ly/---fkc
7) Independent Film Festival http://bit.ly/---djc
8) Boston Jazz Fest http://bit.ly/---ohb
9) 'The Sandlot' @ Lawn on D http://bit.ly/---dsj
10) 'The Life Aquatic' http://bit.ly/---onk
11) 'The Book of Mormon' http://bit.ly/---wjz
12) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---ezn
13) SoWa Open Market http://bit.ly/---nfe
14) Boston Harbor Sunset Cruise http://bit.ly/---ucm
15) Tall Ship Harbor Tour http://bit.ly/---qtn
16) Boston Architecture Cruise http://bit.ly/---uhr
17) Shine Esports Tournament http://bit.ly/---dhn
18) Dashboard Confessional http://bit.ly/---kjt
19) Aubrey Haddard http://bit.ly/---hjm
20) Actor | Observer http://bit.ly/---jxm
21) ICA DJ Night http://bit.ly/---ofm
22) Midnight Movie: 'Purple Rain' http://bit.ly/---pcr
23) 'Thor: Ragnarok' http://bit.ly/--okg
24) 'A Wrinkle in Time' http://bit.ly/---sje
25 )'Dr. No' @ Harbor Hotel http://bit.ly/---pds
26) Bone Up Turns Two http://bit.ly/---hrw
27) Trillium Garden http://bit.ly/---rfg
28) Downeast Back Porch http://bit.ly/---wdb
29) Night Shift Beer Garden http://bit.ly/---ihy
30) Boston Harbor Sunset Sail http://bit.ly/---aeq
31) Boston Harbor Day Sail http://bit.ly/---edr
32) Harbor Brunch Cruise http://bit.ly/---pkt
33) Historic Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---okt
34) Barbecue & Brews Cruise http://bit.ly/---hvx
35) City Lights Harbor Sail http://bit.ly/---zke
36) Sunday Evening Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/---zlr
37) Irish Music Cruise http://bit.ly/---jsz
38) Boston Women's Market http://bit.ly/---jde
39) Off the Grid Theatre http://bit.ly/---cmk
40) Festival@First Play Festival http://bit.ly/---ogn
41) ESCO Boat Cruise http://bit.ly/---ojh
42) Dorchester Heights Concert http://bit.ly/---aje
43) Bands in the Bay http://bit.ly/---pdn
44) Grain Thief http://bit.ly/---dsk
45) Jazz on the Porch http://bit.ly/---ifv
46) Union Improv Festival http://bit.ly/---dkb
47) Wizards Assemble Pub Crawl http://bit.ly/---kde
48) Greenway Open Market http://bit.ly/---pkw
49) Cambridge Food Festival http://bit.ly/---ofc
50) BPL Courtyard Concert http://bit.ly/---djn
51) Star Trek Burlesque http://bit.ly/---jdy
52) Fenway Fridays http://bit.ly/---oju
53) Central Flea http://bit.ly/---jvm
54) Somerville Flea http://bit.ly/---ihf
55) Street Art Walking Tour http://bit.ly/---iyr
56) Namaste + Frose http://bit.ly/---pge
57) Spectacle Island Yoga http://bit.ly/---fku
58) Assembly Row Yoga http://bit.ly/---oef
59) Castle Island Yoga http://bit.ly/---djv
60) Soulelujah @ ZuZu http://bit.ly/---pfo
61) Off Mic Comedy http://bit.ly/---ode
62) Astronomy After Hours http://bit.ly/---yfn
63) Drag Race Extravaganza http://bit.ly/---pdy
64) David Bowie Experience http://bit.ly/---zkp
65) Beyonce Experience http://bit.ly/---rju

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2MIRPZk

Image via @bretclancy on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2PxYiVp

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