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Make the most of the weekend with our picks for 64 things to do around Boston -- and don't forget to enjoy 50% off a ride up to $10 to the Boston Women's Holiday Market, courtesy of Lyft and The Boston Calendar. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Boston Women's Holiday Market http://bit.ly/---ztz
2) Boston Beer & BBQ Fest http://bit.ly/--zt9
3) Boston Comedy Festival http://bit.ly/--zt0
4) Sweat for a Cause http://bit.ly/--ltz
5) Boston Antiquarian Book Fair http://bit.ly/--ztj
6) A Taste of Kenya http://bit.ly/--zt2
7) Friendsgiving at the Zoo http://bit.ly/--ctf
8) Shore Leave 1-Year Anniversary http://bit.ly/--ctj
9) Meet & Greet w/ Rob Ninkovich http://bit.ly/--ztn
10) Dorchester's Own @ DBC http://bit.ly/--zth
11) Holiday Popup @ The Godfrey http://bit.ly/--ztd
12) Holiday Grand Wine Tasting http://bit.ly/--ztw
13) Urban Grape Grand Tasting http://bit.ly/--ctg
14) Ski & Snowboard Expo http://bit.ly/--atz
15) Commuter Rail $10 Weekends http://bit.ly/--ztx
16) $1 Bluebikes on Weekends http://bit.ly/--dtz
17) 1st Annual Cultural Festival http://bit.ly/--ctq
18) Whiskful Popup @ EHChocolatier http://bit.ly/--ztl
19) Tito’s Flick Football Challenge http://bit.ly/--wtz
20) BODYTRAFFIC @ ICA ​http://bit.ly/--ntz
21) BostonHacks 2019 http://bit.ly/--ctd
22) Create Your Own Jewelry http://bit.ly/--ztf
23) Restaurant Fest @ Eataly http://bit.ly/--mtz
24) S*** Ballet w/ Sugar Dish http://bit.ly/--etz
25) Skip the Small Talk @ Aero http://bit.ly/--rtz
26) Transgender Day of Remembrance http://bit.ly/--ct
27) Have a Hart Day http://bit.ly/--ztr
28) Nourish Your Soul Juice Popup http://bit.ly/--ztt
29) Fun & Figure Drawing http://bit.ly/--ctb
30) Canning Mulled Cider Jelly http://bit.ly/--ztg
31) Magic, Comedy & Drinks http://bit.ly/--otz
32) Live Music @ Canopy Room http://bit.ly/--clt
33) Drunk Shakespeare: 'Macbeth' http://bit.ly/--zt4
34) Book Sale in Southie http://bit.ly/--ztv
35) Affordable Spanish Classes http://bit.ly/--ftz
36) Art, Beer & Immigration Justice http://bit.ly/--ttz
37) OnPoint Improv http://bit.ly/--cta
38) A Way Back To Heaven http://bit.ly/--ctm
39) Comedy Party @ DB http://bit.ly/--zt5
40) Ultimate Tango Costume Ball http://bit.ly/--cts
41) Sasha Velour's ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ http://bit.ly/--zt6
42) Podcasting 101 http://bit.ly/--ztu
43) Jazz/R&B @ City Winery http://bit.ly/--ctn
44) Make a Stone Turtle http://bit.ly/--zta
45) Down the Hatch Yacht Party http://bit.ly/--zt3
46) Tipsy Chocolate Crawl http://bit.ly/--ztq
47) Skegss @ Brighton Music Hall http://bit.ly/--ptz
48) Create a Star Trek Ring http://bit.ly/--zte
49) Friendsgiving Brunch http://bit.ly/--jtz
50) Queer Lady Speed Dating http://bit.ly/--ztp
51) Terrible Ppl Farewell Show http://bit.ly/--xtz
52) ‘The Matrix’ http://bit.ly/--utz
53) Lizje Sarria @ The Beehive http://bit.ly/--zt8
54) Pavlo Live in Concert http://bit.ly/--zt1
55) ‘Esto es Puerto Rico’ http://bit.ly/--zt7
56) LiveIrish Music http://bit.ly/--zto
57) Brunch w/ Larry Kukers Trio http://bit.ly/--ztb
58) “We Design” Exhibition http://bit.ly/--stz
59) Camp Harbor View Citython 5k http://bit.ly/--ztc
60) Learn to Knit http://bit.ly/--ztk
61) Oyster Fest @ Lansdowne Pub ​http://bit.ly/--qtz
62) Happy, Healthy, Holidays http://bit.ly/--ktz
63) Roald Dahl's ‘Willy Wonka’ http://bit.ly/--vtz
64) ‘Shrek the Musical’ http://bit.ly/--zti

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2QmMbgU

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