Friday, May 04, 2018 5:00a -
Sunday, May 06, 2018 11:30p

Boston +
Surrounding areas
Boston, MA


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Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Derby Day parties, street festivals, open studios, and lots more to do around Boston this weekend:

1) Harvard Square Mayfair http://bit.ly/---szy
2) Somerville Open Studios http://bit.ly/---pxe
3) SoWa Open Market http://bit.ly/---rch
4) Boston Taco Festival http://bit.ly/---cse
5) The Patios at City Hall http://bit.ly/---str
6) Cinco de Mayo @ Lawn on D http://bit.ly/---shc
7) ICA First Friday http://bit.ly/---xus
8) MFA First Friday http://bit.ly/---fxj
9) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/---ezn
10) Big Apple Circus http://bit.ly/---ufx
11) 'Jagged Little Pill' @ ART http://bit.ly/---fxh
12) SoWa Art Walk http://bit.ly/---dbf
13) Greenway Food Truck Fest http://bit.ly/---icr
14) Cinco de Mayo Yacht Party http://bit.ly/---uxfv
15) Cinco de Mayo Bar Crawl http://bit.ly/---obq
16) Brunch Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---pkt
17) Historic Harbor Cruise http://bit.ly/---okt
18) Harbor Jazz Cruise http://bit.ly/---zlr
19) ArtWeek http://bit.ly/---skh
20) Taza Chocolate Block Party http://bit.ly/---sba
21) SoWa First Friday http://bit.ly/---sxz
22) Wake Up the Earth Festival http://bit.ly/---szb
23) 'Much Ado About Nothing' http://bit.ly/---oxr
24) Lyric Stage Co: 'Anna Christie' http://bit.ly/---ose
25) Company One: ‘Wig Out!’ http://bit.ly/---fni
26) 'First Love is the Revolution' http://bit.ly/---pzj
27) 'Women Who Mapped the Stars' http://bit.ly/---knz
28) Chocolate 101 http://bit.ly/---ufb
29) Cinco @ Dorchester Brewing http://bit.ly/---uxb
30) La Boum Queer Dance Party http://bit.ly/---dnz
31) Aeronaut Pindrop Sessions http://bit.ly/---rhm
32) Lake Street Dive @ Sinclair http://bit.ly/---rxb
33) Klingande Boat Cruise http://bit.ly/---ebz
34) Polish Fest Boston http://bit.ly/---ryj
35) Astronomy After Hours http://bit.ly/---pzz
36) Step Afrika! @ ArtsEmerson http://bit.ly/---mqb
37) Company Wayne McGregor http://bit.ly/---sny
38) Body Music @ Sanders Theatre http://bit.ly/---nts
39) Sasso & Company Dance http://bit.ly/---ixz
40) Unbound Visual Arts Expo http://bit.ly/---zdn
41) ‘To the Front’ Photo Show http://bit.ly/---zlf
42) Star Wars Trivia http://bit.ly/---dxc
43) Rozzie Sq Theater Opening http://bit.ly/---anh
44) Central Flea Market http://bit.ly/---odn
45) Greenway Open Market http://bit.ly/---gze
46) Smoke Shop Derby Party http://bit.ly/---exg
47) Coppersmith Derby Party http://bit.ly/---yzd
48) City Tap House Rosé Garden http://bit.ly/---mxd
49) Pier 6 Waterfront Derby Party http://bit.ly/---fnz
50) Loretta’s Last Call Derby Party http://bit.ly/---ebc
51) Rosebud Derby Day http://bit.ly/---eaj
52) Bantam Cider Derby Day http://bit.ly/---usx
53) Cambridge "Human Library" http://bit.ly/---oxb
54) E-Som Market: May http://bit.ly/---pbm
55) AREA Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/---sbb
56) Global Arts, Eats & Beats http://bit.ly/---wbt
57) Boston Theater Marathon XX http://bit.ly/---yxm
58) Jim's Big Ego @ Passim http://bit.ly/---vsr
59) Boston Roller Derby http://bit.ly/---dju
60) CultureShock! @ MassArt http://bit.ly/---spa

All weekend events: http://bit.ly/2HPnvLb

Image via @thebostoncal on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2wgNmpA

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