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Make the most of your week without breaking the bank with our picks for 115 FREE things to do in Boston this week -- and don't forget TBC is teaming with Lyft to provide 50% off a ride up to $10 to the SoWa Open Market on Sunday. Redeem your discount via this link.

1) Martin's Park Grand Opening (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8pj
2) SoWa Open Market (Su) http://bit.ly/--sowa
3) Night Market @ Ball Square (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ei
4) Sailing Open House (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8pi
5) Salsa In the Park (Mo) http://bit.ly/---5oi
6) Joe's Jazz & Blues Festival (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ki
7) Fenway Porchfest (Sa) http://bit.ly/---9ai
8) Fresh Pond Day 2019 (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8si
9) Red Sox on the Common (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ui
10) Boston Lyric Opera (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8tj
11) Canines & Cocktails (We) http://bit.ly/---7ui
12) Concert in the Park (We) http://bit.ly/---7yi
13) Opera in the Park (Su) http://bit.ly/---8xi
14) Irish Music Seisiún (Tu/Sa) http://bit.ly/---6xi
15) Boston Startup Showcase (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4u
16) Community Nite @ HI (We) http://bit.ly/---7wi
17) Wine Tasting @ Owl’s Nest (Th) http://bit.ly/---6vi
18) Pizza & Sex Ed Picnic (Mo) http://bit.ly/---6fi
19) Spanish Convo Workshop (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5gi
20) DJ at ISGM Museum (Sa) http://http://bit.ly/---8oi
21) Concert + Farmers' Market (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5qi
22) Concert in Kendall Sq (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5wi
23) Concert @ Macy's Dwtn (Th/Fr) http://bit.ly/---6ri
24) Concert @ BPL (We/Fr) http://bit.ly/---7vi
25) Art Gallery Reception (We) http://bit.ly/---7xi
26) DayCon Science Conference (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8di
27) Quincy Market History Tour (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ai
28) Dancing on The Row (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8zj
29) Live Soul Music (Tu-Th) http://bit.ly/---4qj
30) Movies by Moonlight (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8lj
31) BOS Calling Block Parties (Th) http://bit.ly/---8sj
32) ‘Love, Simon’ (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8qi
33) ‘Moonlight’ @ Trident (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8wi
34) LA LIVE debut! (Th) http://bit.ly/---8uj
35) Tree House Beer Garden (Th) http://bit.ly/---8hj
36) FUNK Boston Pre-party (Th) http://bit.ly/---8gj
37) Fitness in Chestnut Hill (We) http://bit.ly/---7di
38) Fitness on WeWork’s Roof (We) http://bit.ly/---7ri
39) Opening Art Reception (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8yi
40) Portrait Painting Demo (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8gi
41) Pride Wk @ GA: ‘Kiki’ (Mo) http://bit.ly/---5yi
42) Outdoor Swing Dancing (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8mi
43) Moves on the Roof (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5hi
44) Thursdays on the Lawn (Th) http://bit.ly/---6qi
45) HIIT Tabata Outdoors (Mo) http://bit.ly/---6si
46) Berklee in Kendall Center (Th) http://bit.ly/---8fj
47) Concert on Atlantic Wharf (Th) ​http://bit.ly/---6yi
48) HIIT on a Rooftop (We) http://bit.ly/---6ki
49) Courtyard Yoga (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ji
50) CorePower Yoga Outside (We) http://bit.ly/---7hi
51) Yoga with lululemon (Su) http://bit.ly/---8ni
52) Equinox Bootcamp + Bites (We) http://bit.ly/---7ni
53) Seaport Sweat (Mo-Su) http://bit.ly/---3jj
54) Boston Parks Fitness (Mo-Su) http://bit.ly/---2xj
55) Live Music in Charlestown (We) http://bit.ly/---7bi
56) Final Cut Pro 101 (Th) http://bit.ly/---6iei
57) Social Knit Night (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8xj
58) MFA Free Wednesdays (We) http://bit.ly/---7pi
59) Michelle Wu Office Party (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8fi
60) Tea & Tranquility (We) http://bit.ly/---7oi
61) Cape League Baseball (We) http://bit.ly/---7so
62) Salsa Night + Lesson (Th) http://bit.ly/---6oi
63) Salsa Dance @ Casa Caña (Th) http://bit.ly/---8mj
64) Stories from the Soul (Mo) http://bit.ly/---6ai
65) M​INDBODY Popup (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5ei
66) Fitness on the Greenway (Mo-Su) http://bit.ly/---1jj
67) Harry Potter Trivia (Mo) http://bit.ly/---5ui
68) Liquid Art Tap Takeover (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5si
69) Arboretum Guided Tour(Th) http://bit.ly/---6ci
70) Social Media Marketing (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4rj
71) Farmers' Market @ Harvard (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5ri
72) BollyX @ Faneuil Hall (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5fi
73) Harmonica Lesson (Mo) http://bit.ly/---5pi
74) Chestnut Hill Concert (Th) http://bit.ly/---8aj
75) Kick It By Eliza (Tu) ​http://bit.ly/---5di
76) Charles River Report Card (We) http://bit.ly/---6ji
77) Hobos & Hot Rods (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5ki
78) Fitness Class at Athleta (Th) http://bit.ly/---8yj
79) Sunset Tai Chi (We) http://bit.ly/---7gi
80) Yoga @ Assembly Row (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8ij
81) Fitness w/ Club High-Rise (Su) http://bit.ly/---8bj
82) 'Froca Dance Class (We) http://bit.ly/---7ji
83) Yoga @ CambridgeSide (We) http://bit.ly/---7ei
84) FIT on the Garden (We) http://bit.ly/---7ki
85) Tea w/ Hazelton House (Th) http://bit.ly/---6ei
86) Nov. Project: Dest. Deck (Mo) http://bit.ly/---4q
87) Nov. Project: Stairs (We) http://bit.ly/---6zi
88) Nov. Project: Summit Ave (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8vj
89) Women's Running Club (Mo) http://bit.ly/---4w
90) Patagonia Yoga (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4e
91) Author Lecture/Signing (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4r
92) ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4t
93) Stride for Stride Run Club (We) http://bit.ly/---7fi
94) 10k Boot Camp Run (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4y
95) Vibram Run Club (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5ji
96) She Runs Boston (Tu) ​http://bit.ly/---4o
97) Butt-Kickin’ Bootcamp (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8oj
98) Cambridge Run Club (Th) http://bit.ly/---8ej
99) Brookline Run Club (Th) http://bit.ly/---8qj
100) MIT Swing Dancing (We) http://bit.ly/---7ai
101) Fun Run & Brews (Tu) http://bit.ly/---4p
102) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) http://bit.ly/---8dj
103) Drawing in the Galleries (We) http://bit.ly/---7zi
104) Duolingo Spanish Meetup (Th) http://bit.ly/---8wj
105) Venture Cafe in Session (Th) http://bit.ly/---6mi
106) CouchSurfing Meetup (We) ​http://bit.ly/---6pi
107) Stargazing (We) http://bit.ly/---7si
108) Adult Coloring Book Night (Tu) http://bit.ly/---5dii
109) Spanish/ENG Exchange (We) http://bit.ly/---6hi
110) Sewing Group (Th) http://bit.ly/---6ui
111) Tamale Popup (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8kj
112) Reiki Energy Healing (Fr) http://bit.ly/---8nj
113) Trident Sci Fi Book Club (Th) http://bit.ly/---8rj
114) Mestiza Concert (Su) http://bit.ly/---8ci
115) Concert of Circa Harmonie (Sa) http://bit.ly/---8li

All FREE events this week: http://bit.ly/2I6kCny

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