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Sunday, May 05, 2024 11:00p

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It’s the end of April. Now, it’s time to welcome May with all its festivities – art markets, seasonal festivals, and 101 FREE things to do this week.

1) 39th Harvard Sq Mayfair (Su) bit.ly/-Fby

2) SoWa Open Market 2024 (Su) bit.ly/3Uj-

3) Open Streets Boston (Su) bit.ly/3l-h

4) Greenway Food Truck Fest (Sa) bit.ly/4f-l

5) Seaport Sweat (We-Su) bit.ly/-3KO

6) Asian Street Food Fest (Su) bit.ly/-Cup

7) Boston Design Week (Mo-Su) bit.ly/lw1-

8) Public Garden Meetup (Sa) bit.ly/3Wc-

9) Boston Open Market (Sa) bit.ly/3JB-

10) Boston Calling @ Night (Fr) bit.ly/v-jh

11) Sound Bar @ Satellite (Th) bit.ly/-Uyr

12) Somerville Open Studios (Sa) bit.ly/3Jw-

13) Italo Disco Roof Party (Sa) bit.ly/4a-T

14) Brookline Open Studios (Sa) bit.ly/1Ui-

15) The Sunday Bazaar (Su) bit.ly/lUk-

16) Derby Party @ City Tap (Sa) bit.ly/3fN-

17) Remnant 6-Yr Anniversary (Sa) bit.ly/Uj-l

18) Derby Day Whiskey Tasting (Th) bit.ly/4-fl

19) Eastie Art Market (Su) bit.ly/3JI-

20) Dorchester Derby Party (Sa) bit.ly/l4i-

21) REI Mural Bike Ride (Sa) bit.ly/3xT-

22) Small Mart @ Aeronaut (Su) bit.ly/4ax-

23) DTX Cinco de Mayo (Fr) bit.ly/1xU-

24) JP Wake Up Earth Fest (Sa) bit.ly/14j-

25) 20s/30s Portico Social (Fr) bit.ly/4aS1

26) SoWa First Friday (Fr) bit.ly/3lb-

27) Kendall After Party (We) bit.ly/4aP-

28) 56th Walk For Hunger (Su) bit.ly/7wl-

29) Central Sq Block Party (Sa) bit.ly/3v-i

30) Faneuil Summer Market (Su) bit.ly/4aBQ

31) Beer Garden Grad Party (Sa) bit.ly/3oJ-

32) WBUR Movie Trivia (Mo) bit.ly/4aWl

33) Rowes Wharf Tour (Mo) bit.ly/-emq

34) SoWa Art Walk (Su) bit.ly/3Jx-

35) Boston Picnic Spots bit.ly/-3Bj

36) Spring Blooms Around Boston bit.ly/-l1K

37) Star Wars Cosplay (Sa) bit.ly/4aS-

38) Fenway’s Got Talent (Th) bit.ly/-La4

39) Fenway Art Crawl (Th) bit.ly/3Qi-

40) Free Gardner Museum (Th) bit.ly/44i-

41) Bollywood Dance Sesh (Sa) bit.ly/hw1-

42) Vintage Clothing Sale (Fr) bit.ly/vUg-

43) House Music @ Zuzu (Fr) bit.ly/3c-i

44) Bakery Popup @ Curio (Sa) bit.ly/-hoW

45) JP Community Concert (Sa) bit.ly/3Wf-

46) Lion Dances @ JFK Library (Sa) bit.ly/3UC-

47) Zine Making Sesh (Sa) bit.ly/3Id2

48) Derby Party in Quincy (Sa) bit.ly/l4c-

49) Remnant Poetry Open Mic (Su) bit.ly/3xn-

50) TSwift Trivia (Mo) bit.ly/3vZ-

51) Free Dance Lesson (We) bit.ly/3wj-

52) ‘Love You, Mean It’ Talk (Th) bit.ly/4bc-

53) Disasterpiece Movie Nite (Mo) bit.ly/3xi-

54) Filmmaker Mingle (Mo) bit.ly/3w9-

55) Drag Trivia @ Roxy’s (Mo) bit.ly/4aQ-

56) Silent Book Club (Mo) bit.ly/3-ZW

57) Head Wrap Workshop (Tu) bit.ly/44A-

58) Stretch and the City Class (Fr) bit.ly/3-gI

59) Climate Chat @ Curio (We) bit.ly/jwa-

60) Remnant Trivia (Mo) bit.ly/44j-

61) DJ Felix @ BPM (Fr) bit.ly/3Qm-

62) Moving in Community (Mo) bit.ly/4be-

63) NEC Philharmonia (We) bit.ly/4dl-

64) Beacon Hill Art Market (Fr) bit.ly/3JH-

65) 19 Famous Movie Locations bit.ly/Th-0

66) Famous Boston Literary Spots bit.ly/jI1-

67) 20+ Live Music Nights in Bos bit.ly/-bbk

68) 5 Places to Work Remotely bit.ly/iy-i

69) Make Friends in Boston P1 bit.ly/Fr-i

70) Make Friends in Boston P2 bit.ly/2-pt

71) BPL Art & Arch Tour (Mo-Su) bit.ly/3NS-

72) Colonial Society Open House (Su) bit.ly/3aU-

73) Gardening Workshop (Sa) bit.ly/1-gt

74) Poetry Open Mic (Su) bit.ly/3Qjx

75) Bracelet Making Sesh (Th) bit.ly/49R-

76) 9 Unique Boston Book Clubs bit.ly/l1-I

77) Coffee Tasting (Fr) bit.ly/-x4M

78) Latin Dance Fiesta (Sa) bit.ly/49Vr

79) Open Mic @ Bros & Sisters (Th) bit.ly/4v1-

80) Star Gazing @ BU (We) bit.ly/4fuw

81) Self-guided Graffiti Tour bit.ly/f-4v

82) BPL Library Card Perks (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-l-k

83) Comedy @ GrandTen (Su) bit.ly/c3xp

84) Boston’s Best Street Art bit.ly/Ar-t

85) ICA Free Thursdays (Th) bit.ly/3Ud-

86) Harvard Art Museums (Tu-Su) bit.ly/-5Yw

87) Karaoke @ Fenway CC (Tu) bit.ly/3w4-

88) Trivia @ BPM (We) bit.ly/lT-H

89) Jazz at a Brewery (Th) bit.ly/5xsD

90) Friday Night Trivia (Fr) bit.ly/3df-

91) Karaoke @ Phoenix Landing (Su) bit.ly/4aU-

92) Chat & Chowder (Th) bit.ly/41d-

93) Comedy @ Union Tavern (Tu) bit.ly/44gU

94) Nov Project: Harvard Stairs (We) bit.ly/v4j-

95) 30+ Trivia Nights in Boston bit.ly/-BAZ

96) Trivia @ PKL (We) bit.ly/-4fx

97) Karaoke @ Roxy's (We) bit.ly/3Ql-

98) Live Music @ PKL (Sa) bit.ly/3Uk-

99) Venture Café Gathering (Th) bit.ly/wUg-

100) Make with MAAM (Sa) bit.ly/3Uf-

101) Jeff Jam Sing-a-long (Fr) bit.ly/3Ux-

All FREE experiences this week: bit.ly/3tsEkRG

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04/29/2024 07:00:00 05/05/2024 23:00:00 America/New_York 101 FREE things to do in Boston this week: Apr 29 – May 5, 2024 <p>It’s the end of April. Now, it’s time to welcome May with all its festivities – art markets, seasonal festivals, and 101 FREE things to do this week.</p><p><br></p><p>1) 39th Harvard Sq Mayfair ... Boston, Boston, MA false MM/DD/YYYY

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