These Boost Advertising Terms ("Terms") govern any order placed through the Boost Advertising Interface ("Interface") on the TTMYS network of properties.

1. Order Placement: You can increase the exposure of your event listings on our network by selecting the desired locations and specifying the date range for their appearance.
2. Availability: While we strive to fulfill all orders, we cannot guarantee the availability of ad placements on specific dates. In such cases, we will offer you a refund or work with you to create an alternative plan.
3. Ad Compliance: Your ads must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines, as well as our Terms of Service. Failure to comply may result in ad cancellation and account termination.
4. Ad Approval: We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad for any reason.
5. Payment Terms:
a) You must pay all specified amounts in each order, along with any applicable taxes.
b) The amount owed will be calculated based on the selected locations and duration.
c) You may cancel an order at any time, but you are responsible for paying for all ads that run for up to 48 hours after notification.
6. Taxes: You are responsible for bearing and remitting any applicable taxes related to your transactions and will indemnify us for any claims arising from your failure to do so.
7. Performance Guarantee: We do not guarantee the reach or performance of your ads, including the number of views or clicks.
8. Ad Clicks: We cannot control the generation of clicks on your ads or the number of clicks generated.
9. Reporting: At the conclusion of your campaign, we will provide you with reports on the performance of your ads.
10. Agency Representation: If you are placing ads on behalf of someone else, you must have permission to do so and agree to:
a) Bind the advertiser to these Boost Advertising Terms and our Terms of Service.
b) Accept responsibility for any violations by the advertiser.
c) Allow us to provide campaign reporting information to the end advertiser.
11. Dispute Resolution: Any claim, cause of action, or dispute arising from these Terms is subject to the dispute resolution clause in our Terms of Service.