Sam C.

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A penguin had broken out of the Mountain View Zoo and was apparently shooting randomly anything that wasn't on the trees at three and looked like SEO. This event was later given the name Penguin Update.

The penguin made headlines. On all channels, from social to multimedia, he became the star of the shows and news programs. And it wasn't long before not only was the penguin, the perpetrator and the supposed gunman written and thought about his motives, but the first press and blog experts pounced on the victims and made assumptions about the causes of death. With surprising to strange results. The victims were not only shot, many had stab wounds and broken bones and were also said to have been poisoned after being suffocated.

Ok, I don't want to get free on appstore download. Some Penguin articles have proven to be quick shots, due to the close proximity of Panda and Penguin Update, misinterpretations occurred. Most of them have cleared up. But again and again I am amazed at the wisdom and reasoning that some Seo experts give. Really usable results will take some time. When Penguin's second update follows, when first pages come back, when tests and random observations reveal the lever of the Algos.

It would be really funny if Google played both updates (Panda & Penguin) at the same time, then the chaos would be big in Seoland. Or if Google would link the ingredients of the algorithms together. Shooting a page for a keyword when CTR & dwell time & serp return rate together with bad links and even bad anchor texts from bad bad neighborhoods exceed an unknown threshold. And I'm afraid we are not that far from such a Panduin update.