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A message from The Boston Calendar team

The Boston Calendar’s mission has always been to operate the best event discovery site in Boston with little to no ad interruptions. Event listings have always been free to post -- tens of thousands of them over our seven years. Events are displayed chronologically instead of based on ad spending, and our weekly picks make a special effort to shine a light on local artists and businesses.

Due to coronavirus-related event cancellations and temporary venue shutdowns, income from our business models of live events, ticket sales, and social engagement campaigns has quickly been reduced to zero.

On March 11, The Boston Calendar was the first local events source to make the decision not to publish our usual weekend event recommendations. We’ve encouraged social distancing by publishing a daily list of virtual and live streaming events (subscribe for free here). We know we are far from the only local small business that’s suffering right now, and we look forward to the day we can help local artists, venues, bars and restaurants, shops, and other local businesses publicize live events and get back on their feet. But to get there, we need your help to weather this storm.

Would you be willing to make a small contribution to help The Boston Calendar cover our operating costs as we struggle through this disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic?

If The Boston Calendar has helped you make the most of your time in Boston in any small way, this is your chance to show your appreciation and help keep us going.

As always, thank you for reading, and stay safe.

-The Boston Calendar team

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