Sunday, May 05, 2019 12:00p -

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue
Somerville, Massachusetts 02144

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Somerlele, the first Somerville Ukulele Festival, is an afternoon and evening of workshops and performances, open to all ages and skill levels. Space is very limited, so advance registrations are recommended!
All-Day Pass (EARLY BIRD) $50.00
Workshop-only pass $40.00 ($42.39 w/service fee)

Anne Ku, Danno Sullivan, Tim Mann, Kenny Raskin and Amy Kucharik will teach hour-long workshops on a variety of topics (participants choose 3) tailored to players of all skill levels. Workshops include:

Uke 101 - with Anne Ku
For the complete beginner, youll learn how to hold, tune, strum and play your first songs with the easiest chords. For the self-taught, come to this session to make sure you're doing it right and weed out bad habits before they take root. We'll learn a few fun two, three and four-chord songs to get you strumming in no time.

Defeat the E - with Danno Sullivan
Finally, wrestle the uke's most-hated chord into submission. Don't skips songs just because they use the E chord! Learn the "by the book" way to play E -- and why that's not ideal. More importantly, let's learn better methods that make the awful chord easier and faster to get to, so you need fear it no more. Bonus -- works with D and E-flat, too!

Fingerpicking on the Uke - with Kenny Raskin
The ukulele is an extremely versatile instrument; every day, players reach into different genres and styles of music, and techniques that are popular on the guitar can be readily transferred to ukulele. Fingerpicking has become a popular skill for exploring these styles. We'll cover some picking technique and fundamental patterns, then apply those skills to learning a rag and an iconic flamenco tune.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (and Beyond) - with Anne Ku
Iz's famous song is for ukulele players what "Fur Elise" is for pianists. Every uke player wants to know how to play it. We will learn the song and play it together, covering chord changes and strum patterns. We'll also compare it to the original version in the Wizard of Oz and give some background on the Hawaiian ukulele style and its cultural significance.

This Uke Goes To Eleven (Classic Rock Uke) - with Tim Mann
Tim Mann will show you how to turn your ukulele from the instrument of the Hula to the instrument of The Who! Join Tim as he breaks down several classic rock hits from the 60s and 70s, and demonstrates through chord shapes. strum patterns (and a little feedback!) how to rock out on the uke and summon memories of teenage wastelands past. No amps required.

Uke Songwriting - with Amy Kucharik
How does songwriting on the ukulele differ from any other instrument? Do you need to be a virtuoso to begin composing intros or hooks for your original songs? This workshop explores how the deceptively simple ukulele can help unlock or enhance your songwriting potential. Well cover a few concepts and techniques (such as chord relationships, hammer-ons, moveable chords and ukulele picking patterns) and experiment with how any of these might trigger or cultivate a new song seed. Students will come away from this workshop with a few new techniques under their fingers and ideas for incorporating those into songwriting projects.

Miranda's Hearth Jam & Swap Room
Concurrently with the workshops, our friends from Miranda's Hearth will host an open-format room where participants may jam, practice, swap skills or gear.

Also during the event, local artist Sarah Dudek (who created our posters) will be selling some of her prints and ukulele-themed merchandise. There will also be Somerville Open Studios happening upstairs, so you can browse artwork during our breaks!

After a dinner break (dinner not included, but food is available in the Armory Cafe), there will be a participant open mic and a performance by Gratefulele, Amy Kucharik, Danno Sullivan, Somerville Ukulele Club, Chocolele Ensemble, and Kenny Raskin.

Participants must bring their own ukuleles; you may also find it useful to bring a music stand.

Due to capacity concerns, concert-only tickets will only be available day of show at the door, subject to availability.

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