Saturday, Jul 21, 2018 10:00a -

Massachusetts DCF Boston Office
600 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111


Meetup, Social Good

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Many of you may have probably recently read about the thousands of missing children in DHS custody. This issue is FINALLY being taken seriously. However it's not just children coming to this country for a new life who are being abused, raped, or just plain missing in CPS custody.......

Millions of American children face this grim reality every day and have been for decades.

Every time DCF makes a mistake and a child is lost, injured, or murdered we hear the same things from our government officials no matter where you are in the country - "We will fix this with money." But things never change.

Many good parents find themselves helpless in secret courts where the normal rules of law no longer apply and the truth is rarely considered in a "child's best interest."

Women fleeing DV situations are often targeted in unfair, unrealistic cases where children are taken in the middle of the night in traumatizing situations and cut off from all the family they so dearly love and need.

Persons of color or foreign ethnic backgrounds, and those in poverty are also targeted and rarely understand their legal rights or how to advocate for themselves or their children.

Those taken and placed into foster care under the age of 5 are 96% more likely to be neglected or abused than if left in their biological home settings, a statistic pulled from the states on documents. Reports of rape or abuse in foster care settings rarely in ever are taken seriously.

Our Office of the Child Advocate has been fighting for children for years, but rarely does DCF or Gov. Baker take their findings seriously or effectively work with them. We have reached a stalemate as far as fixing the issues that plague not only DCF, but the courts held in secret and the foster homes.

We hear the call for reform from all sides. Social workers, Foster Parents, and Biological Parents - all calling on the need for change.

We are failing our children. We can do better.

Please take a moment to consider joining us in our mission. We must make Gov. Baker hear us loud and clear. We need to give social workers better tools, education, and fewer cases. We need our amazing parents, educators, physicians, and therapists of this state to have a say in this reform. We need Foster Parents engaged and aware of the children in their cares background and needs. We need parental rights and the rights of children to be respected and upheld.

We used to be a beacon of high quality education - a place to raise children and grow a family. But we have neglected those values in the face of this great problem which seems impossible to fix. But we can fix this and we will. Starting with your voice on July 21st.


We are totally new to this protesting thing! However we have applied for a permit and reached out to some groups that are well know for organizing successful protest events in Boston. However, we are still very much looking for group leaders that can commit to participating in this event and helping attendees during the event stay safe and organized. If you would like to become part of the event planning process or become a group leader you can contact us on Facebook or using the contact info on our website page.



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