Sunday, Jul 15, 2018 10:00a -

lululemon Prudential Center
776 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02199


Sports & Active Life

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Wake up your Sunday mornings at lululemon at the Prudential Center - join us for complimentary community workout classes!


Gianna will lead a powerful all-levels vinyasa flow yoga class designed to facilitate inner and outer transformation. This class will begin with pranayama, grounding poses for self-reflection, core connection, and detoxifying sun salutations that warm up the body, leading into a series of powerful sequences that will include warriors, standing poses, twists, and heart openers. Class will end with a restorative hip opening and back release series, followed by meditative postures for a blissful internal experience in savasana. You will leave feeling deeply connected to yourself, stronger in your body, and fully transformed from the inside out.

This class is an all-levels/vinyasa style yoga class for ALL body types! Gianna believes yoga is for ALL bodies and that we show up different in our practice every day. Modifications will be offered to either up level or down level the asanas depending how you are feeling in your body and mind when you arrive on your mat.


About Gianna:

Gianna Contillo is a passion driven Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Enthusiast, and Clean Eating Advocate. After years of crash dieting and radical fitness regimens as a bikini competitor, Gianna developed a very unhealthy relationship with her body. Her obsessive focus on her external image took over her life, becoming the base of her happiness and dictating almost every decision she made. But that was all until she was dragged (kicking and screaming) to her first yoga class. It was in that class that she felt at ease and empowered in her body for the first time in her life. Ever since, she was hooked on all things yoga; the practice, the philosophy, and the history. As she continued to deepen her study and practice, she continued to transform her life from the inside out. Her focus shifted from looking externally to internally for health & happiness, AND that was the game changer. About one month after her first yoga class, she was already enrolled in her first yoga teacher training, and has been teaching yoga ever since. This was about six years ago and since then, Gianna has completed two, 200-hour level vinyasa yoga teacher trainings and completed an intensive 30-day study with Ana Forrest, becoming a Certified Forrest Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. She has also traveled to India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Tibet to study all things yoga, meditation, mindfulness, buddhism, and eastern spirituality and has studied with various Master Teachers at workshops all over the world.

Gianna’s believes that yoga is a spiritual dance with ourselves, that moves blocks of stuck energy out, and clears the pathway back to our true self. From this place we can live in our power from our most authentic place of truth in the present moment, in as moments as possible. Gianna’s classes are powerful vinyasa flow yoga classes, focusing on mind-muscle connection, and infused with the teachings she has gained throughout her journey as a teacher and student of this transformative practice. Her goal is guide her students through their practice in a way that inspires personal growth, empowers strength, releases tension, and facilitates healing in their mind, body, and life.


Join us afterwards for complimentary samples of David's Tea!

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