Friday, May 13, 2016 6:00a -
Sunday, May 15, 2016 11:30p

Boston +
Surrounding Areas
Boston, MA

$ ~Varies~

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Somerville celebrates the tiny and nautical, Harvard Square takes another shot at Mayfair, plus everything else happening in and around Boston this weekend...

1) Harvard Square Mayfair http://bit.ly/--vfe
2) Tiny Tall Ships Festival http://bit.ly/--nko
3) Together Boston Opening Party http://bit.ly/--nki
4) Revere Beach Kite Festival http://bit.ly/--pzi
5) Film Shift Film Festival http://bit.ly/--prg
6) Chicken & Rice Guys Olympics http://bit.ly/--nqq
7) Night Shift Spring Fling http://bit.ly/--xdt
8) ART: 'In the Body of the World' http://bit.ly/--nkq
9) Garden Mixology http://bit.ly/--lmc
10) Cambridge Arts Open Studios http://bit.ly/--ok2
11) Boston Bubble Festival http://bit.ly/--jnf
12) Boston Bike Party: Science! http://bit.ly/--kns
13) Somerville Local First Market http://bit.ly/--sdx
14) Free Yoga on the Charles http://bit.ly/--nxx
15) South End Open Market http://bit.ly/--cxp
16) Bridge Rep: 'Mud Blue Sky' http://bit.ly/--lwe
17) Theatre on Fire: BOWIEOKE http://bit.ly/--kxu
18) 'We're Gonna Die' @ ZUMIX http://bit.ly/--jnz
19) 'We': Dance + Music http://bit.ly/--rqp
20) 'Eyes Shut. Door Open' http://bit.ly/--mrt
21) Walid Raad @ the ICA http://bit.ly/--plz
22) Boston Dyke March Music Fest http://bit.ly/--njc
23) Old 97's @ Royale http://bit.ly/--lxd
24) Grass Stains Music Outdoors http://bit.ly/--njf
25) OnStage Dance Art Marathon http://bit.ly/--acj
26) Boston Ballet: 'Mirrors' http://bit.ly/--uir
27) Rogue Burlesque http://bit.ly/--obe
28) RoosevElvis @ Oberon http://bit.ly/--kqs
29) Dann Webb and The Spiders http://bit.ly/--okv
30) Tsunami of Sound http://bit.ly/--rto
31) Black Box Sounds http://bit.ly/--mzq
32) Mind Games: 'Inside Out' http://bit.ly/--kzz
33) Namaste Saturday @ the MFA http://bit.ly/--hux
34) Break the Chains Dance Party http://bit.ly/--vgr
35) No Scrubs: A '90s Extravaganza http://bit.ly/--pl5
36) Boston Roller Derby http://bit.ly/--kn4
37) Fernet Branca Tiki Party http://bit.ly/--kn3
38) Oysters and Craft Brews Cruise http://bit.ly/--bfj
39) Downeast Cider Bar Crawl http://bit.ly/--jhr
40) Cornhole for Charity http://bit.ly/--nzp
41) Boston Cupcake Crawl http://bit.ly/--ooi
42) City Natives Plant Sale http://bit.ly/--bxo
43) SoWa Open Market http://bit.ly/--zs4
44) Spring Fever @ Inner Sanctum http://bit.ly/--bns
45) Buster Keaton Silent Film http://bit.ly/--lwy
46) Art on Brewery Walls http://bit.ly/--fgw
47) The Big Mouth Off http://bit.ly/--aep
48) Barry's Shop http://bit.ly/--sxi
49) Know No Truth: Brush and Blade http://bit.ly/--qwo
50) Cyberarts Gallery Opening http://bit.ly/--rg9
51) '1000 Days of Drawing' http://bit.ly/--nsj
52) Live Printmaking Event http://bit.ly/--knx
53) Malpaso Dance Company http://bit.ly/--nzi
54) Lorelei Ensemble: 'Masqued' http://bit.ly/--cdw
55) Latino Theater: 'Premeditation' http://bit.ly/--ns8
56) Golden Girls Live http://bit.ly/--xri
57) 'A Great Wilderness' http://bit.ly/--jgn
58) 'This Is Treatment' http://bit.ly/--vnz
59) Fred and Ginger Night @ BCA http://bit.ly/--cxl
60) Vellumsound @ the MFA http://bit.ly/--kuy
61) Duxbury Oyster Festival http://bit.ly/--bfh
62) Franklin Park Kite & Bike Fest http://bit.ly/--jni
63) Better Bagel Brunch http://bit.ly/--bvo
64) Owen Benjamin http://bit.ly/--ios
65) Lingerie Comedy Show http://bit.ly/--kmc
66) Music at Gallery 263 http://bit.ly/--mwr
67) Dirty Disney http://bit.ly/--may
68) Drunk Shakespeare http://bit.ly/--jqo
69) 'T: An MBTA Musical' http://bit.ly/--kn5
70) G'Day Mate Coffee Cruise http://bit.ly/--nbz
71) Sweat and Superfoods http://bit.ly/--jbd
72) Yoga at Assembly Row http://bit.ly/--skg
73) Glow Yoga Fusion http://bit.ly/--kny
74) Mariachi Serenade http://bit.ly/--kpr
75) Bantam Cider Tastings http://bit.ly/--jbp

All 300+ events http://bit.ly/1TJxqeD

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