Saturday, Dec 09, 2017 11:00a -

More Than Words
242 East Berkeley Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02118

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Welcome to the fourth annual ugly sweater party! A gathering where we all come together to start celebrating the holidays and dedicate one of those days to our nerd family.

Date is final! Make your plans accordingly. YES THE LOCATION HAS CHANGED THIS YEAR!!

The theme doesn't have to be Christmas, but wearing an ugly sweater is a must. (I won't tell you to go home and change if your sweater isn't "ugly" enough so don't worry about that.) AND ALL COSPLAYS ARE WELCOME.

Below are the rules I have gathered in past years and are still pretty solid but things may be added as I work with the rental for their own policies. That being said, these WILL change, so please review them the night before you come. Everything should be finalized no later than a week before the event.

1. Absolutely no props of any kind. If you're worried about part of your costume being considered a prop, it probably is. We’re working with a small space this year, I don’t want anyone getting hurt, or props getting damaged. It’s in everyone’s best interest.
2. Absolutely no body paint of any kind. This goes for gory looking face make up and everything. It's the holidays, not Halloween anymore. Leave the scary at home. We don't wanna spook the people that work here.
3. This event is for all ages so try to keep it PG13. Swearing is alright as long as you're not loud about it.
4. IF YOU HAVE FOOD THAT YOU'RE BRINGING, PLEASE HAVE A LABEL. Often I am left with food at the end of the day with seemingly no owner. That's all fine if you leave it for us, but we need to know what's in it. We will have a fridge, microwave and power outlets this year so please message me if you bring anything that needs to stay hot or cold.
5. We will have speakers for music and we will have something going on in the background at most all times, I will take requests but again PG and we have to be curteous to everyone else also making requests.
6. No sprays of any kind, please. No silly string, no glitter spray. If you need to be glittery do that before you come. These things can damage costumes and photo equipment and the fumes can make others dizzy.
7. KEEP WALK WAYS CLEAR, ONLY SIT ON CHAIRS. We were VERY close to getting kicked out of City Place one year because of people sitting and standing on tables and ramps. We will have plenty of chairs for those who need to take a break from standing.
8. No drugs or alcohol, weed, etc at the meet. THIS IS A POLICY BY THE PLACE I AM RENTING OUT AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!!! This is a youth safe space in the Boston community and I will not tolerate anyone blatantly drunk or high attending.
9. MINORS CAN KISS. for the love of- YES I need to say this, I'm sorry but I've gotten this complaint a lot, and unless you KNOW the minor that is kissing and you KNOOOOW that they're not okay with it, don't come to me about it. We all played kissing games in middle school, don't act like you didn't (mistletoe is typically brought to the meet in the spirit of the holidays, but you can ABSOLUTELY refuse to kiss). If it is legit harassment I take that 100% seriously and I will take action, otherwise, let them have their fun. But again I take this topic VERY seriously, please don't be afraid to talk to me if anything happens.
10. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING OF ANY SORT. I 110% do not tolerate any of that stuff. People who come with malicious intent will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY. I'm renting it personally and don't need a legal reason to ask you to leave, it's up to me, so don't test me.
11. Dogs are allowed in the bookstore! Just please don’t bring dogs that will incessantly bark as it can make others feel uneasy. And for the safety of them dogs themselves, please make sure they’re alright with other dogs as well as crowds so they don’t get stressed out.
12. Invite whoever you think would have a good time, and you have fun too!

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