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Taking it to the Next Level – Winter/Spring 2019

We do yoga for many different reasons. For those of us that it turns into a passion, we know all that care, dedication, focus, humility, and sense of humor that makes us return to our mats day after day, week after week, year after year. O2 Yoga owner and founder Mimi Loureiro says, “I like to teach people yoga because it makes them nicer.” Time spent on your mat can be centering. Moving this way on the inhale and that way on the exhale is the key to a successful practice — that is all. Giving yourself the gift of 60, 75, or 90 minutes to focus on yoga and nothing else is what calms your nervous system and, indeed, makes you nicer.

What a 200-Hour Teacher Training can offer is the chance to learn more about the other side of practice: the teaching! Being a student is extremely different from being an instructor and getting the chance to learn the nuance of how to sequence a leveled class (Basics, Intermediate, Power) with care and attention and then how to get up and lead students through that sequence while doing hands-on adjustment will transform your own experience on the mat forever. Whether your goal is to be a yoga teacher or simply delve more deeply into the how’s and the why’s, our Teacher Training program is for anyone interested in learning about the full 360-degree view of a yoga practice.

Our training begins with a strong focus on the Primary Series of Astanga, both because it is the foundational influence of O2 Yoga-style classes and because it offers a consistent and predictable sequence for new teachers to learn the language of yoga. After that, we move on to the more creative aspects of planning an O2-style class with the goal of the training that all graduates of the program have a strong understanding of yoga-anatomy, sequencing, and hands-on adjusting. To put it simply: by the end of the training, you will have the knowledge and the confidence to stand up and teach a yoga class.

Join Mimi, Elliott, and other senior O2 instructors to explore, expand, and completely change your life. This is a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered Teacher Training program.

Already 200-Hour certified? We open up the first two Astanga-based weekends to certified teachers as continuing education.

Teacher Training Program Curriculum

-Astanga Primary Series, Intro to Adjustments, Sanskrit
-Astanga Eight-limbed Path, Yoga Philosophy, History of Yoga
-Level One O2 Yoga, Modifications for Injuries and Pregnancy, Teaching Basics
-Working with Props, Cuing and Communication Skills, Adjustments
-Level Two O2 Yoga, Advanced Postures, Anatomical Focus, Yogic Diet
-The Business of Yoga, Building Sequences, Adjustment Review

You must also complete 25 volunteer or community service hours.

Winter/Spring 2019 Teacher Training Dates:

Our training runs on weekends — Friday evenings from 5pm-9pm/Saturdays & Sundays from 9am-7pm.

Weekend # 1: February 8, 9, 10
Weekend #2: February 15, 16, 17
Weekend #3: February 22, 23, 24
Weekend #4: March 8, 9, 10
Weekend #5: March 15, 16, 17
Weekend #6: March 22, 23, 24
Weekend #7: April 5, 6, 7
Weekend #8: April 12, 13; Potential for Sunday, April 14th, if need be (Practicals Weekend)

$3190.00 non-members
$2850.00 monthly members of O2 Yoga Studio (must be a member for 6 months prior to registering for program)

We require a deposit of $997 to reserve your spot and can offer a very flexible payment plan for the balance.

Email sarah@o2yoga.com with questions!

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