Saturday, Jun 08, 2019 8:00p -

Outpost 186
186 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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Music, Nightlife

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10801 (Portland, ME)


Ryan Nolan (Dirty Love), Thomas Meehan (Five of the Eyes), and Zak Bigelow (The Heated) comprise this trio from Portland, Maine. Playing what comes to heart andmind, their music touches on Rock, Jazz, Folk, Funk, and Latin influences. Starting in 2016, the band has seen some lineup changes with Zak and Ryan remaining the core. In May of 2018, Tom came into the fold and the band entered a new phase. Quickly coalescing as a unit, this new dynamic enabled the band to produce a more tight, refined, and exploratory sound. Debut album coming Summer 2019.

The Womps (Boston, MA)


“It's really exciting to hear a band like The Womps bring a refreshing sound to the masses.” -From The Depths Entertainment

The Womps are a rising Boston-based alt rock jam band, dazzling audiences with fiery performances that draw on influences including funk, progressive rock and roll, fusion jazz, punk and folk. Formed around a shared love for all things weird and impossible, they strive to make each show unique through collective improvisation, finely-tuned harmonies, and carefully crafted songs of all shapes and sizes.

The Womps are Kailey Zercher on violin and vocals, JP Goldman on bass and vocals, Jason Lilly on guitar and vocals and Enguerran “OG” Altmayer on drums. Since starting at the Berklee College of Music, The Womps have played over 90 shows in more than 25 cities in the US and Canada.

Kooked Out (Boston, MA)


Kooked Out has crafted their sound by taking influences from the likes of instrumental surf music, 70s punk rock, psychedelic rock, and the blues. The guitar tones are similar to those found on the records of surf greats, such as, Dick Dale and The Ventures. The groovy surf beats compliment the driving bass.

Artists like The Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash have influenced our aggression and energy on stage and in the studio.Our wacky live performance and vocal attack reflects that of The Black Angels while maintaining catchy pop hooks like The Beatles. The feel and grit of authentic American blues artists like Son House and Robert Johnson gives our sound passion and soul.

Follow on Twitter @kookedout and Instagram @kookedoutmusic

Christopher Jacques Trio (Portland, ME)


CJ3 Brings full circle the influences of Christopher Jacques being brought to stage with the powerful rhythm section of Samuel Belanger (Drums) and Benjamin Siwak (Bass). Instrumental primarily in nature, the genres touched upon gear towards progressive rock, psychadelia, punk and jazz. Improvisation being a cornerstone of each musicians background the theme's are embellished upon in a live setting where high energy performances are geared towards a true listening experience for the audience member.

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