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Building Powerful Presentation Skills

A Practitioner's Workshop Series Event

If you search for “top product management or product marketing skills”, you’ll find communications skills listed in the Top 10. Excellent communication skills are vital to you (and your product’s) success.

You need to persuade, negotiate, evangelize, advocate, sell, and train to diverse audiences in different contexts. Are you fluent and comfortable presenting at user conferences, analyst briefings, company meetings, customer training, industry groups or even TEDx or is there room for improvement?

Your key role in influencing strategy, decisions, and execution will depend on your ability to communicate in a confident and authentic manner. Building Powerful Presentation Skills is a custom designed workshop for members of the Boston Product Management Association who want to enhance their presentation effectiveness using techniques based on the latest research and real life. The goal of this training experience is for both novice and experienced presenters to build a toolkit of messaging and delivery techniques they can use immediately to communicate more clearly, concisely, and powerfully.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

Strategies for handling stress and nervousness
The formula for a high impact talk
Timing and pacing
Best practices in oral and nonverbal delivery
How to prepare and practice for a key presentation
Below are some selected quotes from previous workshop participants:

"I want to thank you for a very informative and enjoyable seminar. All of us have become better communicators as a result of your expertise and will continue to work on the many topics. We look forward to staying in touch!"
”I have attended your presentation on “Building Powerful Presentation Skills” and found it to be extremely comprehensive, dynamic and beneficial. Your interactive style enables executives with a solid foundation in basic presentation skills to ascent to a new level. In my position, effective communication skills are essential. I offer your course with the highest recommendation."
"Thank you for addressing our group. Your presentation was very enlightening and informative. I don’t remember having such an interactive workshop – it was really wonderful!"


Fees include a copy of the workshop materials and a mid-morning snack.

$99 for BPMA Premium members
$149 for BPMA Basic and non-members

Special group rates are also available. Please contact Alexis Schuette at alexis.schuette@gmail.com for more information.

To keep the workshop as interactive as possible, attendance is limited to 25 attendees and will not run with fewer than 14.

About the Presenter:

Dinneen Grably
The Speech Improvement Company

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Dinneen Grably is a coach/trainer with The Speech Improvement Company and has over 20 years of experience in the field of communication.

She began her career as Press Assistant and later Assistant Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Secretary of State, where she was awarded Press Person of the Year by the State House Press Association. She has experience in executive coaching, business and communication skills training, and as a marketing and communications strategist.

She has trained and coached international business professionals and executives in Fortune 500 companies and organizations including Hewlett Packard, Pegasystems, Perdue Pharma, Caterpillar, and Northeastern University.

Dinneen has experience working in international organizations, including the Government of Quebec, in addition to training and working with culturally diverse teams. She has taught cross-cultural communication skills to international executives to help them operate effectively in the global marketplace and build successful international teams. Dinneen spent over five years living and working in France and is fluent in French.

She has been a visiting lecturer at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts and taught at the Grenoble School of Management and the University of Stendhal both in Grenoble, France.

In addition to her expertise in the field of communication, Dinneen received her undergraduate degree in Business Management from Bridgewater State University and received her MBA from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, a top ranked business school in Europe.

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